Beautiful Tragic

Natalie Craun has the hugest crush on Tristan Miller. They were once friends, but they grew apart when Tristan started Triple Threat ( acting, singing, dancing). She knew he liked to sing and dance. All she wanted was to let Tristan know how much she liked him. And with one stupid prank call, it slowly makes it way out.


2. Falling

My alarm went off and I got up quickly to turn it off.  I walked around and woke up the others.  They all groaned and got up and we headed into the kitchen.  After breakfast, we all got ready.

Emily straightened her hair, put on light make up, and was wearing a pink tank top with a denim jacket over it, blue jeans, and her brown UGG boots.

Madeleine put her hair into a ponytale, she doesn't wear make up, wearing her floral jeans, a black short sleeved shirt, and her black flats.

Sydney braided her hair, she doesn't wear make up either, wearing a blue and white striped jumper, jeans, and her black Converse sneackers.

As for me, I'm the hipster of the group.  I curled my hair letting my fringe lay arcross in a diagonal on my forehead.  I put on light make up and my favorite mascara.  I was wearing my 'Be Free' jumper that was a little too big, but I like it becuase it went a little bit past my hips.  I also wore my dark blue jeans, and my black combat boots.  I put on my grey beenie and my floral hipster glasses.

We grabbed our bags and our phones and headed out the door.  It was only a five minute walk to the school.  Once we got there we dipersed to our lockers.  Emily and I had the same schedual.  First, music history.  Second, guitar lessons.  Third, vocals.  Fourth, free period.  Lunch.  Fifth, acting.  Sixth, Ballet.  And Seventh, contemperary.

We all took First and Fifth period together.  And luch also.  On my way to third period, I was stopped by someone calling me.  They caught up to me.

"Hey, Natalie."  They said.  Was he actaully talking to me?  After two years of almost not talking at all?

"Oh, hey Tristan."  I replied back.  I was happy he was talking to me again, but at the same time, I wanted to deck him in the face.

"Can I talk to you for a second."  He asked.  His dark brown eys looked into my blue ones.  His brown hair was quiffed a little bit in the front.  He was taller than me, which I always liked, and he was wearing a black shirt, jeans, and his black Vans that he wore all the time.  He was strong but his muscles didn't bulge out of his clohtes or anything, and I liked that.

"Uh, sure.  Emily, go ahead to class.  I'll catch up."  She nodded and left.  Tristan led me to an empty spot in the hallway.

"What's up?  Why the sudden urge to talk to me?"  I asked a little sternly.  I crossed my arms and he slid his hands into his front pockets.

"I know it was you who called me last night asking about the party balloons."  How did he find out?  I forgot to diall the 2 numbers Madi gave me before his number.  Crap.

"How did you know?"  I asked shocked.  I wanted to see what he said.

"You're the only I know who can do a helium voice that well.  And I still have your number in my phone."  I felt so stupid right now.  Wait.  After two years, he kept my number?

"I have a question." I stated.

"Shoot."  He shrugged his shoulders.

"How come when you joined Triple Threat, you stopped talking to me?  Before that, we talked non stop.  Then when you joined, you stopped talking to me like I didn't matter anymore."  I felt a tear swell up and I let it fall.

"Well, it took up all of my time.  And I felt like that when I joined Triple Threat, you stopped talking to me.  Like were mad at me or something.  I thought that I didn't matter to you anymore."

"You always mattered to me.  You're my best friend."  Another tear escaped.  Curse myself for being so sensitive.

"And you're my best friend."  He wiped the tears off of my face and pulled me into hug.  I wrapped my arms around his torso and dug my head into his chest.  He wrapped me in his arms and we stayed like that for a few moments.  I loved his hugs.  We pulled apart.

"Best friends again?  We can talk now?"  I asked, giggling a little bit.  He smiled.  Gosh, his smile.

"Absolutely.  Best friends again, and we can non stop again.  Like always."

"Yay!"  I said putting my hands in the air, laughing.  He laughed too.

"I've got to get to class, see you at lunch."  I shouted as I ran down the hallway, waving at him.

"See you there."  He shouted, waving back at me.  I couldn't believe it.  I had my best friend back.  After two years, I had him back.



Hey there lovlies!  Hope you liked the chapter.  Let me know what you think of it.  More chapters to come.  It's about to get crazy.  Or is it?  Only one way to find out.

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