People often ask the same questions over and over to us again and again."What is it like touring around the world?" Or "What's it like hanging out with so and so celebrity?" I used to get a little irritated by them but,I realize now that it's good they ask us again and again.So we don't forget how truly lucky we are to live this incredible life.Lyla,Ashley,Kayla,Kristine and, I.We have come so far together and I am still so grateful for the day that I met them.Being in this band wasn't something I wanted it was something that was meant to be.This is our story.~factor5~


1. Looking back/

Our first world tour had just begun.We were supposed to be happy,scared,nervous,and even a little stressed.It was what we worked for.All the months of being on The X factor,Opening for other bands like The Wanted,Little Mix and,One Direction.The arguments,The breakups,The fights,The music,The makeups,The love and all the other chaos that got us here.This was it.This was supposed to be our big time.However looking around our tour bus right now,you wouldn't think we were one of the most popular girl bands in the world.We acted like a bunch of miserable,tired teenagers all the time.Granted we had been through a lot but,you would think we could at least crack a smile.Instead I couldn't even get Ashley and,Lyla to even look at each other. Kayla was mad at Justin again and,Kristine was mad at Harry.I got up off the couch and went to the back room of the bus.Kayla and,Ashley were sleeping peacefully on the bed.I went to one of the cupboards for our scrapbook and walked back to the couch.I had only looked at this thing once before,when it was given to us by our rep Sally.On the first page their is a picture of us five ,first performing live on the X factor.It had only been a year and a half since then but, it went by so quick.It seems more like yesterday.I couldn't help but smile at us.My long blonde curly hair was pointing in all different directions.Lyla's then tight black ringlets were matted to her forehead.She has Blue hair now.It's true we have all changed and grown up so much without even realizing it.I wouldn't say I want to go back but,I want us to be happy again.I want us to remember these girls in the picture.I want Ashley to look back at herself.Her short black hair and,bright blue eyes mesmerized America.I think she is battleing a eating disorder.I want Kristine to look back and remember how Harry Styles.The Harry Styles,told her she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen on live t.v. In front of millions of people,her short curly brown hair and brown eyes had every girl jealous.I want Kayla to remember how when her and Justin went on their first date,he told her he loved her voice and her green eyes.She was so shocked that Justin Bieber,thought of her this way she cried when she got back to the hotel.We were all shocked for months.I mean one minute I was singing into my hairbrush the next I'm in one of the biggest bands in the world and,my new friends have swept sensations like Harry and,Justin off their feet.It was just crazy surreal at that point.Now it's life.It took us a little while to feel this way.Not to be fangirls that is.I closed the book and looked out the window.The headlights of oncoming cars on the other side of the highway blinded me but,I did'nt care because my tears made everything blurry anyways.We were normal girls.I even remember a time when I had Zayn's poster above my bed.I remember playing my guitar till my fingers bled.I remember wanting Simon to like me.I fell asleep in a world of memories that night.
I knew because next thing I knew the sun was shining and,Ashley was shaking me hard."Wake up Ker!We have a conference with Billy today."She said groggily like she just woke up to.The other girls,didn't even attempt to dress.A conference with Billy used to be fun now however,It's the bane of my exsistence.We were in front of SingeRecords already so I put on some sandals and,a big baggy sweater.SingeRecords did'nt look like this a year ago.It used to be about the size of of one trailer.Now it's a corporation having many all around America.Billy sat at the head of a long maple wood table.Again another thing he did'nt have a year ago."Girls,How are ya?"He asked with a ear to ear fake smile.Lyla nudged my elbow.She gave me a annoyed look.I turned back to face Billy."Come on girls,Take a seat.We got lots to talk about."I sat in the middle of Lyla and,Kayla.Kristine and,Ashley across from us.We all stare at Billy.Or Bill as we had to call him now."You girls want a drink?"Billy asked as he drunk his shot."Bill,it's only nine in the morning."Ashley said.Billy poured another."Cheers to another day."Billy raised his glass then shot it back.Ashley stared at us.Her and Lyla were mad at each other but,They both agreed on the annoyance of Billy."Alright,Girls.Tour just started.It's sold out.You got photos hoots,greetings,interviews and,fittings during the day and,you perform at night."Billy went on ranting as some lady's brought in breakfast trays and set them in the middle of the table.Lyla and,the girls dug in.Except for Ashley,She just stare at me.She knew I had been watching her food intake.I glared at her."Aren't you gonna eat?"I asked.The other girls and,Billy stopped to stare at us.The purple circles around Ashley's blue eyes turned black."I will later,Kerry."She answered through gritted teeth."I think you should eat now."I told her sternly."Girls!Hello!"Billy said waving papers around.I pulled the bottle of scotch next to me and,took a huge long sip.Kristine shoved me."What are you doing?"She almost shouted."Bill asked if we wanted a drink."I told her."Your only seventeen.He was talking to Lyla and Ashley.Theyre twentyone."Kristine replied annoyingly."I'm old enough to drink somewhere."I said smartly taking another couple gulps right from the bottle.Billy laughed."Good kid."He said taking another bottle from behind him.He popped it open and,poured another glass.He sipped it back fast.Kristine rolled her eyes at me.I did'nt look at Lyla.Unlike the other girls who I had become close to,Lyla was like my sister.I respected and,loved her.I took another gulp.While Billy kept on his rant.Just then two men and,Three teenage girls walked in they looked to be about fourteen."Mr.Banz,these are the girls you asked for."One of the men said."Oh-ma-gosh,it's Factor5!"One of the young girls squealed.I unnoticeably put the bottle down next to my feet so the girls couldn't see I was drinking from it.The girls were nearly shaking,smiles wide on their face."Come on in kids have a seat on the sofa next to the window."The girls did as he instructed.Billy then turned his attention back to us and,the two men left the room."Now you girls have a ton to do today and,I don't care about who's mad at who for doing god knows what with god knows who.You girls are putting on smiles and,acting like you love each other."I put my knees up to my chin.Billy would'nt have had to say that a year ago."Okay before you guys go into hair and,makeup I need three of you,to talk to Charlotte,Kaitlyn and,Lizzie over there.They are a new girl group I'm coming out with and,they look up to you."He explained.I put my feet back down and,nudged the bottle a little more under the table with my foot."Come here girls."He said waving them over."I want Kerry,Ashley and Kayla.To talk individually with you guys ok."Billy told them."Really,Omg."They said in unison.In that second I seen us in those girls.I seen their future.I flashbacked through the months.The good,the bad."So Lyla and,Kristine you can go now."Billy ordered."Kaitlyn who would you like to talk with?"He asked."Kerry."She answered quickly.I smiled and,stood up."Oh-ma-gosh!I can't believe this."Kaitlyn squealed."Hi,Sweet heart."She came up to me and,gave me a hug."Awww."I said into her blonde hair that reminded me so much of my own."We're gonna talk on the bus,Okay Billy ,I mean Bill?"I stuttered."Sure whatever suits ya kid."He said waving me on as he introduced the other girls.Kaitlyn and,I walked back out to the tour bus in silence.I could feel her excitement though."So how old are you?"I asked opening the bus door motioning her inside."Fifteen."She answered quickly.Billy had us talk to his upcoming artists a couple times before but,I never noticed how similar the girls and I were from them.How different was Kaitlyn from me when I met little mix.We sat down across from each other at the purple booth in the middle of the bus.I pulled out some skittles and,brisk from the cooler behind me.I passed one to her and,she thanked me shyly."You really are my idol,I'm sorry I just can't believe I'm meeting you."She said staring at her drink."Kaitlyn,Would believe me if I told you a year from now a girl will most likely be saying that to you."I told her out of nowhere.She looked up at me startled."What?"She was caught of by my words."Billy...I mean Bill never lied to us."I said taking a sip of the cold drink."What do ya mean?"I looked down at her."Why do you like me Kaitlyn?"I asked.She stared up at me her gaze hade some ware in it."Honestly,no matter what it is you can tell me."She then opened her drink and took a sip before answering."I like you because you have a pretty voice,And your pretty."
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