summer love

Amanda is an 18 years old girl,she loves 1D and one day she get to meet the love or her life would they be together when the summer ends ? or they wont even get together like a couple because of a problem with the other boys ? read to find out Niall Horan story.

hi guys this is my first fanfic so no hate please, and some of the gammar maybe wrong beacuse i'm latin so sorry i try my best <3


8. the kiss & explanation

i felt my lips touch nialls, they were soft and warm, our lips were moving in sync i didn't wanted to stop kissing him it was the best feeling ever, but louis was being his annoying self and started screaming to us to stop kissing, so we had to stop.

i felt my cheeks burn, i look at niall and he was blushing too i think he liked it i hope. "ok guys that was enough i wanna sleep know, i'm tiered" i said closing my eyes "aww the baby wanna go to bed" harry said in a baby voice "mhh" i said putting my hands up for he to carry me to bed "carry me" i told harry "ok baby lets go to bed, you'll have to sleep wih me because we don't have enough beds" harry said " yeah whatever i don't care" i said i really don't care i was to tiered to think about that,  "goodnight boys i luv ya all" i said with a funny accent, i think they found it funny too cause they laugh "goodnight mandi" they all said "hahaha i like that bye  bye" harry carried me upstairs and put me in his king size bed, "umm thunk ya hurry" i said yawing "haha you are really tiered" "umm yeah" i said going inside the warmness of harrys bed "mandi can i ask you something" harry said "yes tell me" i said closing my eyes "d-did you umm liked the kiss" "whats kiss" i said almost sleeping "the kiss that just happend 5 minutes ago, you and niall kissed ? don't you remember?" harry said i little irritated "oh that kiss a little" i said "oh thats umm great" harry said "can we please talk abut this wakard momment in the morning cause i wat a explanation" "explanation ? what are you talking about mandi ?" harry said "i want you to explain why are you acting so weird BUT in the morning cause um rally tierad" i said yawing again "hahaha ok we'll talk abut this now lets sleep" hary said "goodnight harry" "goodnight mandi" te next thing i now is that i'm dreaming about that kiss with niall, i can't believe that i kissed niall horan, i'm so happy.



hi guys it's better ha but i know its short but i updated so it's ok i'll update aging soon.

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love you guys bye <3

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