summer love

Amanda is an 18 years old girl,she loves 1D and one day she get to meet the love or her life would they be together when the summer ends ? or they wont even get together like a couple because of a problem with the other boys ? read to find out Niall Horan story.

hi guys this is my first fanfic so no hate please, and some of the gammar maybe wrong beacuse i'm latin so sorry i try my best <3


3. The ex and harry


" you wanna be my girlfriend?" Omg what nooo i mean i like niall but it's too fast, i've had a bad experience with that my last boyfriend we met and he was sweet, kind , beautiful i loved him,after like 3 weeks he asked me to be his girlfriend and the first moth was the best month of my life but then he started hitting me i was so scared i run away. that was when i lived in orlando it was horrible. I know niall isn't like that but i'm just scared "are you ok ??" "What?? Yes of course why ?" "Because you are crying" i haven't notice that i'm crying a lot " umm is nothing" i clean my face with my hand "you don't like me do you ?" I can see sadness in his eyes and he sounded sad "no no no, Niall is not that, i like you a lot you are great , cute , super sweet and funny its's just t-that" "come on you can trust me" "t-that my last boyfriend was abusive and i'm scared" i can feel how my cheeks burn "don't blush i understand and i can wait just keep the swimsuit cause you're gonna need it for later" he winked at me and i think i blush even more "umm okay" i say giggling.   NIALL'S POV  omg i'm so sad but i understand she is scared she isn't ready, but how a "men" can hit a women thats just so stupid that makes me angry so angry. I'm in my flat watching tv well i'm not paying attention thought, its just that i mean i'm happy cause she said she liked me but i think she just need to know the real me, i won't tell the lads cause i just think they'll think i'm weird or something. I just have to show her that i'm a good person and that i wont hurt her and that i'm nothing like that jerk of herex-boyfriend.  HARRY'S POV "I think he likes her" louis told me "yeah i think so" i say  "are you ok lad ?" Louis ask me with concern eyes "umm yes its just t-that i think i like her too" what no i can't liked her noo niall like her and he looked so happy with her yesterday, but... She is so cute and how she is not afraid of being herself "oh hazz" louis said hugging me " i don't know what to do" "it's ok now just go to bed and think about it we'll talk in the morning" " okay thank lou"  A/N Hii this is a short chapter but hope you like it. And you like amanda to be with harry or niall let know In the comments <3 -salo  
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