summer love

Amanda is an 18 years old girl,she loves 1D and one day she get to meet the love or her life would they be together when the summer ends ? or they wont even get together like a couple because of a problem with the other boys ? read to find out Niall Horan story.

hi guys this is my first fanfic so no hate please, and some of the gammar maybe wrong beacuse i'm latin so sorry i try my best <3


5. sleepover


Niall's POV I've decided to tell the boys what happened yesterday i'm sad but at least we are gonna be friends for now ;)  WITH THE BOYS... "So niall has a crush" louis says almost yelling "it's just that she so different" I say while i remember her face she's so beautiful "so are you going to try to get her?" Liam ask "obviously,but i need to make her trust me" i say "good luck lad" liam tell me, i saw louis looking at harry who was looking at the floor kind of sad? Why? does he fancy her too? No i don't think so, i just gonna forget about it "hey lads do you mind if i invite her over,so we can make a movie night?" "Not at all, thats a good idea"liam said i smile at him and get up and called amanda. *Ring* *Ring* "HI NIALLERRRR" " hi love how are you ??" I smile she's so cute "good you?" "Good, what are you doing today?" "Umm nothing why??" "I just thought it would be fun if we did a movie night with the lads, and i want you to come" "i'd love to thanks, i'll be there in 10" "do you want me to pick you up so you don't have to take your car with you?" I ask her, i really wanna pick her up and spend at least 10 min alone with her "yes that would be great thank you" "ok i'm going bye love see you in a bit" " BYE NIALLER" she said screaming like when she answered the phone she's just adorable "hey lads i'm gonna pick Amanda, can you buy food please??" "Sure nialler bye" zayn said "k bye" i said while starting the car, i'm really excited about this i really like her. AMANDA'S POV So i'm gonna pack a bag because i don't think i'm sleeping here today i just gonna call my aunt and tell i'll be at susy's cause i know she won't like the idea of me sleeping in a house with 5 boys and me being the only girl.  "Hola tia como estas??" (Hi aunt how are you??) "bien y tu ??" (Good you??) "good i just wanna tell you that i'll be at susy's so yeah" my aunt and I talk in english and spanish so is just normal if you heard both languages in our conversations "oh ok have fun sweetie" "k love you bye, diles a todos que los quiero" (tell everyone that i love them) "k bye, love you too" well thats was easy now i just need to wait for niall i'll just gonna pack my bag. What should o pack?? I'll pack sweatpants,my underwear, a shirt, socks, my cleaning supplies, and niall can lent me a sweater, oh and clothe for tomorrow. Today i'm wearing my high-wasted denim jeans and a captain america shirt, i love captain america he's so hot i want to marry him. A knock at the door took me out of my thoughts "coming nialler" i knew thats it was him "hi niall how are you" i say smiling, he looked sooo hot, thought he was just wearing sweatpants and a withe shirt " hi babe, you look beautiful" he say hugging me i pretty sure i was blushing "ready to go?" I was kind of lost in his eyes but not that lost so i could heard him "umm yes i packed a bag cause i don't think i'm coming here tonight, is ok with you if i stay in your house tonight?" I ask him hoping he would say yes "of course babe anytime, now let me help you with that" niall told me taking my bag it wasn't that big but yeah. "So what are watching" i ask him breaking the silence "um i don't know the boys are buying food and i think we'll chose there" we talked about everything in the ride he's very funny i laugh a lot with him probably the best ride ever "mine too" he says smiling "wait did i just" "say that out loud yes you did hahaha but it's cute" i was blushing like crazy but it's just that he make me blush like every five seconds . Finally we arrived "haha don't blush love it was mine too i loved that ride" "lets go inside please" i told him probably blushing. "Welcome to my lovely house" i laugh at his words "where is everyone the bags are there but where are them?" I ask "umm i don't know,lets see what they bought" ummm that is so weird. "Look they bought ice cream, chips, popcorn ,bread , cheese, peanut butter , candies and soda" niall said like it was nothing "OMG NIALL THATS A LOT OF FOOD" i tell him "haha not for me thats, enough for me" hahaha i roll my eyes this kid and his food it's like his true love. "So where are the boys lest check upstairs" i say "good idea" we went upstairs and saw them laughing at something "so guys lets watch a movie" i say, we went downstairs and pick a movie we picked the lucky one haha i choose it HA they where fighting but i just stood up and play it HA i'm so wise, i sat in the sofa and harry sat beside me i don't really know why but he did, i saw niall looking at my direction but i didn't pay much attention to that and continue to watch the movie i felt harry putting his hand in my shoulder i just looked at him and he was smiling down at me, i just put my head in his shoulder because i was getting a little tired. When the movie was over louis said that we should play a game like the obvious he choose 'truth or dare' i spin the bottle and it landed on Niall oh gosh "HAHA" louis screamed "oh shut up and ask" "truth or dare" louis asked "mm truth" i said feeling safe god i was wrong "theres no truth allowed anymore" louis said "WHATT THATS BULLSHIT" i said "language" liam said "sorry" i said louis, zayn an harry starter screaming something so i just accepted just to make them shut up, "ha i dare you to.... ummm.... To......... KISS NIALL" oh no.
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