summer love

Amanda is an 18 years old girl,she loves 1D and one day she get to meet the love or her life would they be together when the summer ends ? or they wont even get together like a couple because of a problem with the other boys ? read to find out Niall Horan story.

hi guys this is my first fanfic so no hate please, and some of the gammar maybe wrong beacuse i'm latin so sorry i try my best <3


6. kiss niall


wait what no i mean i like him but i don`t wanna kiss him he's my friend just that, but it's just a kiss so it's not big deal "ok i'll do it"



oh god i don't think she'll do it i mean i want her to do it " ok i'll do it" wait what she'll do it yes thats great !!



no i don't want her to kiss niall i want her to kiss me, i need to kiss her so she'll see that i'm better than niall i need to win her trust then she'll want to date me instead of niall.



hi guys i know it's short but i have no inspiration today i'll update soon i promise, i have a new computer yaaaay.

i'm gonna write a new fanfic it would be with imagines so yeah read it.

don't forget to favorite/like love you bye. <3

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