summer love

Amanda is an 18 years old girl,she loves 1D and one day she get to meet the love or her life would they be together when the summer ends ? or they wont even get together like a couple because of a problem with the other boys ? read to find out Niall Horan story.

hi guys this is my first fanfic so no hate please, and some of the gammar maybe wrong beacuse i'm latin so sorry i try my best <3


1. ice cream


Hi my name is Amanda i'm 18 years old, I live in tampa florida in the us, i love the us its just amazing i was born in orlando but my favorite aunt lives here so i just wanted to live here too, My house is next to her house she has too little twins a boy and a girl they are 3 years old they are amazing. I'm in summer break from college i'm studying dance i love it i'm almost done i plan on going to new york when i finish. My aunt and cousins are in colombia visiting my parents they are from there so I know spanish. "I hope she brings me some coffee" i say while grabbing a jacket and my car keys i'm going out for an ice cream cause i love ice cream. I decided to turn on the radio on cause is to quiet for me cause i'm a little crazy  'And live while we're young' "oh shit, i missed it" i curse when the last part of LWWY by 1D finished, i'm a big directioner i just love them my favorite it has to be niall he's so cute. AT THE ICE CREAM SHOP... When i arrived i see thats it's empty there is just one more big black car and Its weird cause this place is always full, i go out and lock my car y enter the door and go to order my ice cream i don't have to think the flavor cause i always come here the even know my name.  "Hi Amanda the usual ?" Mark ask he's so kind " yes please!" I tell him "so why is so empty today ?' I aks him "oh you dont know ?" "No what" i ask him "the police came and took everybody out" whattt "omg why?" I ask him "cause they were making trouble with the special guest" he say smirking "okay thats weird, JUST GIVE ME MY ICE CREAM" i yell searching for my money " okay okay just wait here i'm gotta go down stairs cause we dont have any more here just sit in your chair i'll be right back" he says laughing a little "okay thank you mark" i say smiling when i sit in my chair i feel like someone is watching me, i just don't pay attention and continue searching for my money " OH SHIT " i yell i didn't bring my money thats just great you stupid i think i hear laughing in my back I turn around and see a group of boys with hoods and sun glasses laughing at me well not all of them there was one telling them to shut up,one of them was being so loud his laugh was contagious but i didn't laugh thought cause i had to look pissed right ? I stood up and went to their table "what are you laughing at ?" I asked to the loudest one " oh nothing just that you were so funny" an tick irish voice said (suspicious) no it cant be right ? " are you alright love?" A husky British accent aks me " umm yes" i said "what is your name?" The dude with the irish accent ask me "Amanda" i said "and yours ?" I ask trying to be polite they look at each other like deciding rather to tell me or not " okay whatever i don't care any ways " i say going to get my ice cream "oh Amanda, here is your ice cream" mark told me "thanks mark but i have a problem i didn't bring my money can i pay you tomorrow ?" I ask super sweet "umm you know i would but my boss is being super stressful these days sorry" really thats perfect "oh :( okay well thank you anyways" i say starting to leave when i heard some one calling my name i turned around and saw the dude with the irish voice running after me ?? Like whattt "what do you want " i ask a little annoy by him "niall my name is niall" he said omg omg omg " you said WHATTT" i ask " my name is Niall" he said laughing a little oh how i love his laugh  Omg what i do now dont panic talk to him nowww  "Umm amanda" "Sorry what?" What he just said omg i must look like an idiot right now "i said if i can get your number" he said laughing "oh sure" omg he wants my number i gave him my number and he gave me his. i said bye but he grab my hand oh gosh his touch gave me goose bums "yes ?" I ask " well if you want i can buy you the ice cream and you can sit with us " he ask shyly oh how cute "yess thank you" i know most girls would be like 'no dont worry' or 'omg no' but if he wants to spend in me heck yes i would accept and more if its food,  when i went to sit on their table my ice cream was already there and they were all smiling "umm hi sorry for being rude early" i apologize looking at the floor when a hand pull my chin up and i see the most beautiful blue eyes it was niall i knew it "dont worry" his irish accent said again i smiled and didn't look away from his eyes i was lost in them and i can see that he was lost in my gray eyes too "ummm" a voice followed by giggles said, i started blushing, " oh she's blushing" louis yelled with that they laugh even more "oh shut up louis" niall said i just smile like a fool. FINISHES ICE CREAM... "Thank you very much guys i really liked my ice cream" i thanked them starting to get up they got up too and they all gave me hugs and then niall walk me to my car "umm so i guess i'll talk to you latter" niall said " sure!!! You have mi number" i said with a wink he just laugh "see you" with that he kissed me on the cheek and opened my car door "thanks niall bye" i said smiling. AT THE HOUSE... "OMG OMG YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY" my best friend ashley told me she was a dancer too she was spending the summer in new york with her mom but she is coming to my house next week " hahaha ok talk to you later love you " "love you mandi" Mandi it was how everyone at college called me i think its sweet  A buzz got me out of my thoughts i went to check my phone From: NIALLER <3 To: MANDI <3 Hi !! What u doing tomorrow ?? Xx To: NIALLER<3 From: MANDI <3 Nothing y ?? Xx From: NIALLER <3 To: MANDI<3 Oh just wondering, if you'll go on a date with me ? Xx To: NIALLER<3 From: MANDI<3 YESSS Xxx From:NIALLER<3 To:MANDI<3 Great i'll talk to you tommorrow for the details, goodnight beautiful Xxx <3 To:NIALLER<3 From:MANDI<3 Okay bye, you too handsomee Xxx "Oh that is not real" i fall asleep while thinking in niall. A/N Hii i hope you like my fanfiction if you like it let me know in the comments i'll love to know what you guys think <3
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