Everything Happens for a Reason

Hannah isnt popular. She is very shy when you first meet her. She has always got picked on. She love this band, One Direction,who made her feel important. She had a huge crush on Niall. Her mom kept a secret from hannah which came back to bite her. Now Hannah is with The boys.


9. Where there is a Tutor there is a Friend

Louis POV: We got to the airport and to my surprise I saw Elonour was there. I ran to her. "How did you get here?" I asked. "I came with lizzy and her daughter." She said. Lizzy was Hannahs tutor and Her daughter,Chelo, who was Hannahs age was there. I hugged them both. "Its nice to see you again." I said. Making it though the fans to the plane was hard. but we made it. Hannah kept her head down. She didnt say a word to anyone not even Niall. we got on the plane and took our seats. I fell asleep along with El,Izzy,Chelo,Zayn,Liam,Harry,and Niall. Hannah was still awake. I didnt know where Paul was.

Hannahs POV: Icouldnt sleep. when I saw that everyone else was a sleep. I woke Niall. "Yes?" He asked. i could tell i anoyyed him a little."Can I talk to you?" I asked. "yea." "I am a virgin. He didnt take that from me. He didnt put it in me all the way. I think im still a virgin. What do you think?" I whispered. "I think he was wrong for doing that to you. I think that im proud of you for staying a virgin so long and I also think you are still a virgin. And even though this is an awkward topic. Im glad you came to me to talk about it instead of anyone else." I smiled at him. It wass a weird topic. But he was like my best friend so I felt ok when I told him. He kissed my nose. We went to sleep. I still had a hard time sleeping but eventually I did. when we landed and got off the plane we met a few fans. I stayed back while niall was signing autograghs. He kept an eye on me though. "Hey Im chelo." I heard a voice say. "Hi Im Hannah, Your Izzys daughter. My tutor." I said. She noded. "Yup. we start today when we gte to the hotel." I noded. "So I heard not only Paul is you dad but you and Niall are an item." She smiled. I noded. "Yea its been kinda all coming at me at once. I still can believe it." She smiled and noded. Niall came over to us. "Hey babe. Hey Chelo. Lets go.'' we walked through the crowd trying not to be seen. But that was an epic fail. When a few girls saw us we had to sun. Niall and I fell. I hurl my leg. we got up quick and ran.. Despite the hurt leg I ran as fast as I could. When we got to the car I completly forgot about it. We made it to the pent house. When we got out of the car i felt a bolt of pain in my ankle. "Ouch!" I said. "What are you OK?" "My ankle hurts. when we fell I must have hurt it." He turned around and crouched down. "get on my back." I laughed. "if you dont get on his back he will pick you up and put you on his shoulders" Zayn said. So I did. We went to the door and unlocked it. Niall sat me down at the table. "You have to study." He smiled. "Oh do I have too?" I giggled. "Yes but it would be worth it in time." He said. "Ill leave you to your studies, ill be in the living room when you done." I noded. Lizzy and Chelo came over to me. 'Hi Hannah im Lizzy. And you already met Chelo. Ill be teaching you both for a few months till you graduate." I shook her hand. 'Hi." I smiled. Sh egot out 3 sets of books for each of us, First math. Not my best subject.

Izzys POV: She was very bright. She was a fast learner faster that I was. She got done with all her work and got perfect grades within 5 hours.

Nialls POV: When Hannah was done it was 4:30 PM. I was watching a movie and she joined in. 'Hey babe." I said. "hey whatcha watchin?'' sh easked sitting down next to me. "im watching 'The Skeleton Key' Ive never seen it before" I said. "I have. Its awesome!" She snuggled up next to me. I felt her warm breath in my chest. When it got to be 5 we finally finished the movie. "Im a little hungry" She said "Well we can make something here or we can go out." I knew she wouldnt want to go out. "lets stay in tonight." I noded. The boys joined us. "Hey how about we all make a small dish like one of us can mame spagetti and the otheres could make a salad or something." harry said. They all looked at Hannah. "What?" She asked. 'Well its just you know the amarican food style and we just  need dirctions.' Liam said. "Oh well how about we eat Hamburgers and freach fries?" She said. It sounded good. "Ok race you all to the kitchen!" Liam said. We all made it there at the same time. Hannah got a pan out and some meat. She made them into pattys. "Ok harry get the sesoning." He tossed it to her. Ive never had Hamburgers with that kind of seasoning before. And I wasnt sure what kind of meat it was. "Umm Louis get the fries and a pan out." HE did so. "Ma'am yes ma'am." He joked. She put the same season on them. When everything was done we took one bte of the hamburger. It was diffrent. "what kind of meat did you use?" i asked. "Its deer meat." I had never tried deer before. It was good. When we where done we all went to the Video game room. Hannah and I played a video game called 'Heavy metel black' Sh ehad played it with her older sister when she was younger. She was really good.

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