Everything Happens for a Reason

Hannah isnt popular. She is very shy when you first meet her. She has always got picked on. She love this band, One Direction,who made her feel important. She had a huge crush on Niall. Her mom kept a secret from hannah which came back to bite her. Now Hannah is with The boys.


4. Whats going on?

Zayns POV: Ive always been protective of Niall. I always made damn sure the girl he loved was right for him. She was so sweet and sokind to him and all of us boys. She was perfect for him. I knew eventually they would go out and get married.

Louis POV: She was crazy! in a good way. She did like Niall you could tell. Niall liked her too. Paul was acting strange. He was always looking at her. I didnt know if I was the only one that noticed but it was really weird.

Liams POV: All the boys where talking about Hannah. I have to admit she is very beautiful. Paul walked out with Niall and Hannah. Paul didnt look happy. Niall and Hannah did. They where finally talking. I have never seen Niall be that shy around girls. He has always been shy around them but never like that.

Nialls POV: issed me! Paul broke us up but those 15 seconds where the best of my life. We all walked to the park. There was a woman there, Paul didnt look so good when he saw her. "Hannah Marie! Get your ass over her young lady!" The woman said. I assumed it was Hannahs mum. "Mom? Whats the matter?" Hannah asked. "What the hell? Your suppose to be at work." Hannah turned around to us. "Guys this is my mom. He name is April." We all said hello. hannah turned to her mom. "Mom this is Niall,Louis,Zayn,Liam,Harry,and Paul." Her mom ddidnt look so well niether did paul. "paul?" April said. "April? I havent seen you since High school." paul said. "Mom? You know paul?! Dude thats awesome!" 'Hannah why dont you go hang out with your friends." "Uh OK?" Hannah said. We all walked over to the swings. we all where curious. Hannah sat down and looked at Paul and her mom. I think she was reading there lips but I wasnt sure.

Aprils POV: She was hanging out with Paul. I thought I would never see him again. I didnt want too. "Paul. I think you need to know something." I said. I was quiet. I didnt want to tell him. "what?" Heasked. "Paul, Hannah is your daughter. Thats why I didnt talk to you when you left for college. I didnt think you would want  her." Paul looked shocked. "I knew she looked like someone I knew. she is my daughter?"  I  Noded.

Hannahs POV: I tried to read there lips,but i couldnt. "Are you Ok?' Niall askd. "No. what are they talking about." "I dont know. The past.You.Maybe ther just catching up." My mother and paul walked up to me. "Hannah We need to talk to you.alone." she said. we walked over to a tree. "Hannah, Paul is your..." She wouldnt finish. "My what?" "Im your fauther." Paul said..  was shocked. I was mad. "so what mom you just wernt gonna tell me? My whole Life I was gonna think the man you said was my father was? You where gonna lie to me my whole life?" I said. I didnt give her time to answer. I ran Over to the boys. I was so mad I had tears in my eyes. "Boys umm do you want to come over to my house with me?" I asked. They all agreed. we walked the 3 blocks back to my house. Paul and my mother. stayed in the park.

Nialls POV: I wondered what was going on. I knew not to ask. because she had tears in her eyes. "whats wrong?" I let the question slip. "Nothings wrong. Why whould anything me wrong?" she said. A tear exaped her eyes. "Well for one your cying." I said. she didnt answer me. I walked past Louis and hugged Hannah from behind. I kissed her cheek and wispered in her ear. 'Its ok to cry. Sometimes the strongest of people cry.' She smiled. letting another tear fall. We made it to her house. She pointed to her room. It wasnt that big. I could tell she just moved here. Her bed wasnt made. "sorry its a mess." she said. someone walked into her room. It looked like her grandma. "Hannah? who are these young lads?" She asked. "Niall,Louis,Zayn,Liam,and Harry" Hannah said not looking up. "grandma, Did you know that my 'dad' wasnt my actuall dad? Did you know Paul Higgens was?" I was shocked. I looked to the boys who had the same factial expretion as I did. "Hunny. Yes I knew.' Hannah looked mad. "Fine" She said. I was surprised she didnt blow up then. she turned to us. "Where did you guys say you where going today?" We answered. "You guys do know that it is 6 hours from here right?" she asked. We didnt know. April and Paul walked in. "Hannah pack your things. I worked it out with paul. Your right you should know who your real father is. Your going with paul." Hannah didnt look happy.

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