Everything Happens for a Reason

Hannah isnt popular. She is very shy when you first meet her. She has always got picked on. She love this band, One Direction,who made her feel important. She had a huge crush on Niall. Her mom kept a secret from hannah which came back to bite her. Now Hannah is with The boys.


5. Travling

Hannahs POV: "What do you mean Im gong with Paul?" I asked. "I mean your going with paul." Mom said. Even though I didnt mind going with him because I get to be with Niall,but he hasnt been in my life ever. I had just met him. "What about school?" I asked. "Im going to hire someone to teach you.' Paul said. "Can I just have time to pack?" I said. Everyone left exept the boys. They helped me. We got everything I needed. Clothes,Shoes,hair brush, my makeup. Things like that into the van. I hugged and kissed my mom,grandma,and Grandpa. We all left Paul and Louis where in the frount Niall,Harry and I where in the middle and Zayn and Liam where in the back. I only talked to the boys never talked to paul. Niall nudged me. "are you OK?" He wispered. I noded yes. "who wants to play a game?" I asked. "what game?" Louis asked."well how about the alphabet game. where we find things that start with the letters in the alphabet in order." "Ok like how that sign says Alamon" Liam said I noded. "OH theres bigalow!" Harry screamed. Everyone exept Paul looked back at him. "Paul, who is gonna tech me for the next fewmonths?" I asked. 'A friend of mine who taught Harry when he was a minor. Her name is Ashley.She has a daughter your age. Her name is Chelo." i didnt say anything. I sat back and looked at Niall. He smiled at me. I got out my phone and texted abby and told her I was going to have to quite and why. She understood.

Nialls POV: The boys didnt hear when Hannah and Paul talked about school but I did. I coulnt tell if Hannah was still mad or not. She was good at hiding her emotions. She looked at me. Her eyes where an amazing blue. It looked like the sky when the sun was first rising up. I smiled at her. I looked to her lips. I wanted to kiss her so bad but I was scared at what Paul might do to me. I took the chance and Kissed her right then and right there. "HEY!" paul yelled. I pulled away. "What?" Hannah said. I could tell there what going to be a fight between them. "You two cant be doing that! Im your father you have to listen to me!" Paul said. "You are not my father!" Hannah said. I was shocked so was everyone else. "Hannah. Calm down" I said. "Im calm." She said leaning back to me. I kissed her cheek. Paul looked back at me. He gave me a death stare. I looked to Louis. "Well THE WHEELS ON THE BUS-" Louis said but everyone cut him off yelling NO. Hannah laughed. He layed her head on my shoulder. I kissed her head.

Harrys POV: When Paul yelled at Niall and Hannah I did get a little mad. I mean she isnt that much younger than me. and she is almost 18. He had no right to yell at them just for kissing. Thats just my opinion. But when she yelled back thats what suprised me the most. When Louis started to scream and Hannah laughed I saw Nialls face. He loved her already.

Hannahs POV: A few hours after I yelled at Paul I fell asleep on Nialls shoulder. He was warm. He was perfect.


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