Everything Happens for a Reason

Hannah isnt popular. She is very shy when you first meet her. She has always got picked on. She love this band, One Direction,who made her feel important. She had a huge crush on Niall. Her mom kept a secret from hannah which came back to bite her. Now Hannah is with The boys.


7. Stranger DANGER!!

Nialls POV: I woke up that morning at around 10. Hannah and the boys where in her room. I walked in. "Well Hello sleeping beauty." Hannah said. Thet boys laughed. I felt my cheeks get red. I walked over and sat down by Hannah. She was dressed in a black blouse and blue pants with high heels. She looked very beautiful. After a few seconds of seting down hannah and the boys gave me a look. "What?" I asked. "umm Go get ready." Hannah said. "For what?' I asked. "We have to go to a concerts remember? Thats why we are here." Zayn said. I got up and gave them a dirty look. I walked into my room and took a shower. when I was done and I had put on my after shave. I got dressed. When I was done I went back to Hannah and pauls rooom. When I walked in I heard a snap. "Gotcha!" Hannah said. She held up a camera. I smiled. "I would get you for that but then I would have to catch you and maybe break a sweat." She laughed. I started to run toward her. She turned around and ran behind The Boys. "Come on guys." I laughed. They let me threw but when Hannah was in view she had water guns. I ran to my room. They boys had some now too. I shut the door behind me. I found out Louis had his key. I was soaked from head to toe. I had to admit it was fun but we had to leave in 20 minuets. I quickly got changed.

Hannahs POV: Niall didnt suspect anything. When he saw me with the water gun his face was so funny looking. When he finally realized what was gonna happen he ran! It was funny. it was like the boys where my best friends.Honestly I could not believe any of this was going on. One minuet in a normal kid with parents that where inthe middle of a devorce. The next I find out Paul is actually my dad and Im dating Niall Horan and hanging out with my favorite band One Direccton. I couldnt believe it. Paul walked into our room while Lousi and I where talking. "Hey.." He said. He looked at me "Hey" I said smiling. I wanted to start fresh i didnt want to fight. I wanted to live life happy. "Your starting tour studies tomorrow." I noded. I went back to talking to louis. "So anyways.." I said. "Oh ok where were we? Oh YEA! ok so I think you would like El, she is really funny and so awesome!" I smiled. "When will she be in town?" I asked. "She is gonna meet us in toranto tomorrow." I had a huge smile on my face. So did louis. "I can wait to meet her she sounds amazing" I said. I hear Niall yell. "Guys we have to go!" Louis and I walked out of my suite. We put our suff in the van and drove to the stadiom. "I see you have new clothes on." I said to Niall. We laughed. paul looked confused. We didnt care. It was our little secret. When we got to the stadiom there was a small crowd of girls. I was a littl nervous. I didnt want to imbarres anyone. Turns out I didnt have to. when we walked to the doors Harry fell. They boys being the way they are fell so that he wouldnt feel embaressed at himself. Niall pulled me down with him. I landed on Niall. We where face to face. He smiled at me. "You messed up my jeans>" I joked. He laughed. Harry helped me up. When Niall got up He yelled  'ILL RACE YOU LAST TO THE DOORIS A ROTTEN EGG" We all ran toward the door. Liam won. I made it after Liam. "Pretty fast for a girl in heals.'' he said. When Niall finally made it to us he was breathing very heavy. I kissed his cheek. "You ok?" Louis asked. Niall noded. fans came up behind us. Three girls and one guy. "Can my friends and my brother get and autograugh?" They asked. They boys said yes and signed there shirts. The boy came up to me. "Hey." He tried to sound all cool. "Hi.'' I tried to sound like I didnt care. I was nervous he didnt seem right. "You want to go out sometime?" He leaned aginst the wall beind me with one hand. "No. I have a boyfriend." I said. With his free hand he felt me up and grabbed my boob. I grabbed his hand and looked at him. I took his hand off me. "Dont come near me again!" I said in a low voice. Niall and the other bos hadnt noticed what he had done. I walked over to Niall and locked around his arm. He kissed my head. I never let my eyes leave the boy. When we finally went inside. I tried to act as normal as I could. While the boys where practicing I sat on the edge of the stage. On the inside I wanted to tell Niall but I knew I couldnt it would just cause trouble.

Nialls POV: After the fans had left hannah acted weird. She looked frightened. I thought it was because she had never ben near that many people at one time before. When we went to the back room and got changed Hannah stayed on the stage. Harry left when he was ready. My hair stylest was still messing with my hair. I was kinda getting annoyed, She kept  pulling my hair.

Harrys POV: When I was ready i went out on the stage to help set up and do vocal exersizes. I saw Hannah sitting on the stage she had tears in her eyes. I went and sat by her. She wiped away the tears. "Hey" she said trying to hide away the sadness and fear in her voice. "Hey, Whats wrong?" I asked. She looked at me. "Nothing is wrong." She was lying. I was wondering what she was hiding. "Hannah, Im your friend you can tell me anything." I tried to assure her I was there for her as a friend. She smiled at me. I smiled back. I saw a tear slip out of her eye. "Harry. You know the 3 girls who came up to us with there brother or whatever?" She asked. "Yea what about them?" "There brother felt me up. and grabed my boob.." She wiped away more tears. I was shocked. I felt anger. "Oh my gosh Hannah im so sorry." I hugged her. "I need you to NOT tell Niall. Please." She pleaded. "Fine but eventually you have to." I said. "Where is the bathroom?" She asked. I pointed to it. I was so surprised. She was so scared. For a girl who has never been touched or done anything. She wasnt the first girl who told me things like that. But she was the most terrefide. Niall walked out on stage. He gave me this strange look. "Where is Hannah?" He asked. "I dont know. Bathroom maybe?" I said. I wasnt lying. Well sorda.

Hannahs POV: When that guy had done that to me it brought flashbacks. My past has never been Normal till my mom and dad split up. I thought it was normal untill i turned 13 then I stood up for myself. When It finally stopped I was so happy. But them my dad would do it to my mom. I know what your thinking. What the hell happened when she was young? Ill tell you. My dad felt me up and did things to me. No not sex. But he grabbed me. Then he would do worse to my mom. He actually did rape my mom. I was scared because if I hadnt told that guy to stop he could have took me somelace and done something to me. I was scared. I just didnt want to tell anyone. I was surprised I told Harry. I walked out of the bathroom. "There you are!" I heard Niall said. I looked over to him."Hi." I said. my voice was a little shaky still but he didnt noticed. "We are gonna start the concerts if you want you can stand on the sidelines or wait in the dressing room." "Ill watch from the side." I said. He smiled at me. "Ok. Be carful. People can be un predictable around here. A lot of people get in threw the back. A lot of perves so please be carful." He said. I noded. He kissed my nose. He turned around and started to walk toward the stage. He stopped and looked at me with a caring smile. "Your very beautiful." He said. I smiled. "Thanks babe." He walked to the stage. I walked to the side. They had just finished setting up when they where letting people inside to take there seats. the boys came over to where I was. "Ok we are going on soon." The boys got in a circle around me. "We are gonna find out if your our lucky charm tonight" Harry laughed. They called out "ONE DIRECTION!!" All the boys ran out exept Niall. "Be carful." Then he kissed me and ran off. I watched from the side. They where amazing.

Harrys POV: While I was singing my solo in WMYB. I didnt even care that the boys where screwing with me. All I could think about was, how I was gonna keep hannahs secret away from Niall. Eventually my train of thought was desterbed by a loud scream. Louder than all the fans. It came from backstage. I thought someone had got into the back. All us boys kept singing.Exept Niall.

Hannahs POV: The guy came through the back. He grabbed me and told me to be quiet. He had a knife. I kept quiet. When I kicked him in the nutts. I ran and screamed. He chased me. He grabbed me from behind,Pulled me into a dressing room. He had raped me. When he was done he looked at me. said "maybe next time you will keep quiet" then he ran. I laid there. When I finally got up and redressed myself I went to the bathroom. I started to cry. My make up was ruined. I heard another scream from outside the bathroom. I fixed my make up as good as I could. I ran out of the bathroom to see Paul with the boy who raped me. I was scared. The boys where done with there first act. When they came back and saw the boy in Pauls arms they didnt question. Harry saw my face. I tried to hide it. I was scared. I wanted to hide. I couldnt believe how my life was good for a while and now it was like a horror film. "You OK?" Harry asked. I shook my head no. "Whats wrong?" Harry asked. I started to cry. "He raped me! HE was the one who felt me up and them he raped me whe he snuck in from the back!" I was on the grounf now. Harry was on his knees looking at me with a shocked face.

Harrys POV: When she told me that again I was shocked. I felt more anger than before. I got up and looked the boy in the face. "Whats you name?" I asked. "Dylan" He said. "Well dylan your a bastered." After that I punched his face. I found out later that I broke his nose. I ran to the dressing room and looked at Niall. I had tears in my eyes. "What?" he asked. "hannah was raped." I said with tears falling down my face. He had the more hurt,angry,and shocked face ever. He ran past me. out the door.

Nialls POV: I ran down the hall to Hannah who was on the floor crying. I fell to my knees. I picked her up and wrapped her in my arms. She cried into my neck. I felt the tears gather up on my sleeve. I started to cry with her. "Im so sorry Hannah this was all my fault" I said with tears flowing out of my eyes. She never stopped crying.I felt her body shake. The boys came up behind us and proped themselfs on there knees. Louis touched her shoulder. Liam touched mine. Harry was still crying. "Niall when the fans where asking for autograghs the guy who rapped her felt her up.. She told me just before the show. I was going to tell you but she didnt want me too." More tears went out his eyes. Zayn and Louis where comforting him. "Its ok." "We will go talk to the fans for a while. Tell us if you want us to call it off." Louis,Zayn,And Liam walked onto the stage. Harry was crying right beside hannah and I. I touched his shoulder. "Its ok. It was my fault." I said. "No it wasnt it was no ones fault." he said. He ws right. He finally stopped crying. "im going to go onto the stage. Ill be back soon." I noded. Hannah had cried herself to sleep. I picked her up bridel style and brought her into the dressing room. I put her on the couche and with her still in my arms i looked at her face. It was so beautiful.Her skin was so fine. It was like porshlen. I brushed hair out of her face. She was so beautiful. Why did she have to be so un lucky. I was lucky to have her. I loved her. I didnt want anything else bad to happen to her.

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