Everything Happens for a Reason

Hannah isnt popular. She is very shy when you first meet her. She has always got picked on. She love this band, One Direction,who made her feel important. She had a huge crush on Niall. Her mom kept a secret from hannah which came back to bite her. Now Hannah is with The boys.


2. Niall's POV

I woke up to louis jumping on my bed. "What are you doing mate?" I asked him. "we have to go were going to america today remember?" "Yea I do." I got up and got dressed. When I went down stairs I saw the boys and there girlfriends. "Hey Harry." I said. he was the only one with out a girl beside him. I wanted a girlfriend but I didnt know where I would find the right girl. "Hey Niall. Do you have your stuff?" "Yea. everyone ready?" I asked the boys. "Yea" They all said. Paul drove us to the airport. I slept on the plane. When we got to america it was 10 AM there time. I was a little tired but hungry most of all. "Paul lets get food." I said. He didnt look surprised that I said that. We stopped in a Dinner in a small town.

   Hannahs POV: I woke up and got ready. I walked to work. "Hey" I said to the girl with an apron on. "I called in yesterday and i was suppose to start work today." "Oh your hannah?" "Yea" she smiled then handedme and apron. I put it on. I already knew how to wait on people so I didnt need a lot of help. I heard the door open. I heard and Irish voice and a few british ones. I reconized them. I turned around to make sur I was right. I smiled real big. I looked to the other waitress,Abby, and told her I had this one. I didnt freak out because I knew they didnt like that. "Hey Boys!" I said. "Six of you?" I asked. "Yea." Niall said smiling. His Irish voice got me weak in the knees. I lead them to a booth and gave them there menus. "Hi im Hannah and ill be your waitress this morning." I said with a smile. "What can I get you to drink?" I asked. I got my pen and paper out. "Ill have a coke-a-cola' Louis and Harry said. "And for you?" I looked at Paul. When I had everyones order I looked to Niall. "Niall? What can I get for you?" I said surprised I actually said his name. "OH look boys we have a directioner" Louis said. I smiled. "Hi." I said. "Ill have a water." Niall said.

Nialls POV: We walked into the Dinner and there was this pretty girl there. Turns out she was going to wait on us. I was nervous I could tell she knew who we where. She didnt frakout like all the other girls. We sat down and she took our orders. I couldnt look at her I could feel my cheeks getting red. Louis joked around with her. I got a little jelouse. when she left I couldnt help but look at her.

Hannahs POV: I smiled and turned around to the kitchen. I got there drinks and brought them back. "Ok. Are you guys ready to order your food? Or do you need some more time?" I asked. I looked to Niall. "Well lads looks like this pretty young lady is hungry aswell." Liam said. I smiled. I was a little hungry. I didnt want to intrude in there breackfast. "Ok boys I love you guys to death. but your making it hard to work." I laughed. Louis made a funny face at me which made me laugh. "Ill have the pankackes." Niall said. He didnt look at me. It made me a little upset because I had the biggest crush on him. I looked at Louis. He put in his order. When I had everyones order I went to the kitchen. I over heard there conversation. "She likes you mate." Zayn said. "She is very pretty." Louis said. "Alright lads its the moment of truth... do you like her too Niall?" Liam asked. "She is very beautiful. But she wouldnt go for a guy like me." Niall said. I almost fell over when I heard that. I went back to them with there food. They all smiled at me. Of course I smiled back, i mean who wouldnt?

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