Everything Happens for a Reason

Hannah isnt popular. She is very shy when you first meet her. She has always got picked on. She love this band, One Direction,who made her feel important. She had a huge crush on Niall. Her mom kept a secret from hannah which came back to bite her. Now Hannah is with The boys.


8. Keep This a Secret

Niall POV: I was still holding her in my arms. She was beautiful. Harry walked in. "we can try to do the show without you. I mean we have already started it and we cant just call it off.Its up to you if you want to go out or not." I looked to Hannah she had woken up. I kissed her nose. "What do you think babe?" She snuggled up closer to me. She didnt say anything. I looked at Harry. "Im going to stay here with Hannah." He noded then walk out of the room. I wished this hadnt happened to her. Then my next thought was 'Where is Paul?' I hadn't seen him in a while which was normal for concert days. But did he know about what happened. "Hannah?" I said trying to see if she was awake. She didnt speak but she looked up at me. "Please talk to me. I want tp hear your beautiful voice." I said pleading her to speak. She shook her head no. She was scared. I didnt want her to be scared. I held her tight. Finally when the boys came back too get dressd she talked. "Niall im so sorry. I should have told you what he did when he did it. When he grabbed me." She sounded like she was holding back tears. "No Hannah it wasnt anyones fault." I assured her. She went back to not talking. "this is our last set. Only 30 minuets do you want to come out with us?" Zayn asked. Hannah looked at me again. "Go Niall just keep it a secret ill be ok." Hannah said. I kissed her head. I got up and she layed back down and didnt say anything. "I took one last look at her before I left. I went on stage and tried to act as normal as I could. I dont know if it worked but I tried.

HannahsPOV: I was scared. It wasnt only because of what happened. He didnt put anything in me. I mean he did but not all the way. It was just i didnt know if i could still concider myself a virgin. I am a chiristian and I didnt want to have sex till I was married, I didnt know if I could still call myself a virgin. I layed on the couche and listened to the boys sing. They made me feel better when they did. i desided I would talk to Niall about it. Niall and I where not a lovedovy couple. I mean we had our moments but we loved eachother like a couple we protected eachother like siblings. We didnt do anything more than kiss and the beginner relationship stuff. I liked it actually. I think he did too. When the boys said there goodnights to the fans they came back to the dressing room.Niall was the first to me. I sat up. "Hey babe. You Ok?" He said setting down next to me. I didnt say anything. I cuddled up next to him. With his arm around me I felt safe. He was warm. I liked it. The rest of the boys walked in. Thye just stood there looking at me. I wouldnt look back i kept my eyes fixed on the floor. Harry was th first to sit by me. He rubbed my back. It felt nice to have Themm they where like brothers. "Does Paul know what happened?" I asked The boys all looked at each other. "I dont know." "Well if he doesnt I dont want him to know. I dont want anyone to know exept us." I said. Everyone noded. "We have to go." Louis said. We all got up. Niall and and Harry where beside me. Zayn and Liam where behind me and Louis was in front of me. We made it to the van where Paul was. "To the airport we go!" Paul said cheerfully. We all where silent. "so whats the matter now?" paul asked. I looked to harry and Niall. "we are just tired.' I lied. "Oh well we will be on the plane in 20 minuets then you can sleep," He said. the rest of the ride we didnt talk. I tried to sleep but I couldnt.

Harrys POV: If I had told Niall this wouldnt have happened. But I couldnt blame myself, no one was to blame. I felt like she was her brother. i wanted her to be with the right guy and I wanted her to be safe. She found the right guy I knew he was going to keep her safe. She was scared. she wasnt speaking which must have been normal for that kind of thing. I wasnt sure though,

Liams POV: She wasnt the luckiest person in the world. I felt like she was hiding something. It was ok though we had only just met a week ago. Everyone has secrets. I felt sorry for her. she was to beautiful to be this unlucky. I wish there was something I could do. But there wasnt.

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