Everything Happens for a Reason

Hannah isnt popular. She is very shy when you first meet her. She has always got picked on. She love this band, One Direction,who made her feel important. She had a huge crush on Niall. Her mom kept a secret from hannah which came back to bite her. Now Hannah is with The boys.


14. drunken mistake

Hannahs POV: I woke up and the nurse told me i was being relesed today. i called Niall. I had gotten his voicemail. "Hey baby im being relesed today call me when you get this. I love and miss you bye babe." I said. I left the hotel and wentr to the park. I didnt want to get a hotel just yet. Not till Niall called back.

Nialls POV: I woke up to my phone giving me the 'you have a voicemail' sound. I heard Hannahs voice on the other end. I got u and went to the bathroom. They door was shut i knocked on it. "One sec." A womans voice said. I was confused. Had someone brought home a woman and I was to drunk to realize. She opened the door. It was Amanda, A friend from high school. "Hey Amanda how did you get here?" I asked She looked at me a little funny. "You brought me back silly. dont you remember?" I freaked out. "What do you mean?! Did we do anything!?" I asked. "Niall? Are you ok?" She looked at me even funnier than before. "You didnt answere my question Amanda!" I said a little louder. "Yes Niall! We did." She said. I felt so mad and upset at myself. What was I going to do. What about Hannah? What would she do? How would she react? I sat down to think. "Whats the matter Niall?" Amanda asked. "Amanda.. I have a girlfriend and I care about her so much and I think I just blew it. I love her so much." I said with tears in my eyes. "I think I should go Niall." She said then she left. I had to go get Hannah. I had to tell her everything.I ran to Harrys room. He came to the door when I knocked. "Oh" He said. He looked mad. "What?" I asked. 'what do you mean what? You know what you did! nd so does the rest of the boys. And paul. When he sees you he is going to kill you!" Harry said angrly. "harry you dont understand." I said. He looked at me with the most hated look. I hated myself for what I did. I didnt blame him. Liam and Louis walked up to the door. "Oh its Niall.." They said. I looked a them a little teary eyed. "Guys you dont know what happened. I love Hannah. i really do. Ill tell her when I go get her today. They let her out early. But I have to explain to you that I dont think i did anything with Amber. I know I didnt. She said we did but I dont believe her. Please understand." They had more caring eyes than before. "Niall we know you didnt do anything with her. Other than kiss her and sleep in the same bed as her. Zayn slept in that room thats how we knew you didnt do anything more." Liam said. I was glad I didnt sleep with her, but I still did something wrong. "I got to go. Ill be back tomorrow at the latest. Bye guys thanks. And I am sorry," I said. "We are not the people you should be apologizing too."Louis said. I walked away and got my phone out and called hannah. As I walked outside I heard my phone dial.

Hannahs POV: My phone buzzed, it was Niall. I was so exited I answered almost instantly. "Hello?" "hey babe. Im going to get a plane and ill come and get you. We can spend the night there." "Ok fine by me." "babe I love you." I heard a sence of sadness in his voice. I was uneasy with him. 'i love you too. What wrong?" I asked. "Nothing is wrong. Are you ok?" He asked. "Yea Im fine. Are you sure your ok? Your acting weird." There was a long silence, "Niall?" I asked. I thought he had hung up. "Yea sorry im in a cab going to the airport. Im fine." There was a long silence again. "ok. Babe. I love you." I said. "I love you more." He said. It made me smile. I always smiled when I talked to him. "I guess we will just have to have this war later babe. Im at the airport i love you see you in a few hours. Go ahead and get a hotel room. I have to go bye baby." He said before I could start the war back up. "Ok ill see you later bye baby." then we hung up

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