Here Comes Forever

Lexi Lavone is a 19 year old girl who is best friends with the Lynch family. She is the closest to Riker Lynch, the oldest brother. She unexpectedly falls for him, she will do anything to make him happy, even if it doesn't involve her

Preview- Ever woner what it's like to fall for your best friend? It's a lot harder than you think....


4. What just happened?

Lexi's POV

"I get to kiss Lexi?! Haha" Ross Exclaimed with his boyish giggle.

What just happened?

That was the only thing running through my head. I can't kiss Ross! He's like a baby brother to me! I don't want to deny him and hurt his feelings..

"Uh Lexi??"

I looked over and realized Ross was now sitting next to me waiting. I don't think I have ever been so freaked out. He leaned in and placed his hand on my cheek, it was warm. He looked into my eyes and moved closer. I closed mine. Then his perfectly softened lips touched mine. It lasted for 6 seconds at most. When we pulled away he looked at me and gave me his smirk and winked. I'm sad to say but he was an amazing kisser, and I regretfully wanted to do it again. That thought quickly left my mind after I remembered that we were talking about ROSS, but I liked it....

Seriously, What just happened?!?!


Riker's POV

Haha the bottle landed on Ross! Lexi would never kiss Ross, they are like siblings. My Poor little bro is going to get denied!Ross moved next to Lexi and she just sat there, she looked confused.

"Uh Lexi??" He asked with an embarrased face.

"oh yeah sorry." she said as she turned towards him.

Wait, what??? Is she seriously going to do it??? NO! She can't!

As they both started leaning in I felt so much anger, I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!

Then....Their lips touched...

I was going to kill him!!!!! I don't know why I'm so mad!!

Why aren't they letting go?!?!

Finally they pulled away and I looked at her to see her grossed out expression.... but.....She didn't look grossed out. I think she liked it!! This is not good!

I can do way better than him!!!!! What if they start dating??

Why do I care??Do I like her?

No way...

 What just happened?!?!



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