Here Comes Forever

Lexi Lavone is a 19 year old girl who is best friends with the Lynch family. She is the closest to Riker Lynch, the oldest brother. She unexpectedly falls for him, she will do anything to make him happy, even if it doesn't involve her

Preview- Ever woner what it's like to fall for your best friend? It's a lot harder than you think....


8. The set of Glee

Lexi's POV

Riker picked me up at exactly7;45

"C'mon Lex! We can't be late"

"I'm coming!" I said running out the door.

We got into Riker's car and left to the set.

"I'm so nervous" Riker said as he looked at me with his deep brown eyes. I swear everytime he looked at me with those I lose track of my thoughts.

"You'll do great! I'm sure everyone will love you!"

He smiled at me.

We finally pulled up to the set and walked towards the doors, Riker found the casting director and he pointed us to his dressing room, I waited outside his dressing room, he told me I could go with him but I don't think that would've been good for my mental health.

As I waited outside I saw a blonde girl. She was pretty but seemed kinda snotty. She was argueing with what seemed to be another cast member. She had a cheeerleading uniform on. How fitting haha,


I turned around tto see Riker standing there in his warbler uniform. He looked really handsome,

"How do I look?"

he asked breaking my amazement of how good looking he was.

"You look great" I smiled up at him.

"Really?" he said looking straight in my eyes, the butterflies were killing me.

"Really! So where do I go while you act?"

"Right here" he pointed to s seat next to the tv that showed them filming.

"Okay good luck" I smiled at him.

He smiled at me and hugged me. His hugs were the best because you feel like you are the most important thing to him for that moment.

They finally shot his last scene of the day. He walked towards me.

"Hey we just finished up I'll go get dressed and we can leave"

"Take your time" I smiled

he came back in his t-shirt and jeans.

"You did great!"

"You think so?! You couldn't see my nerves?"

"Ha Riker you know you did ama-

All of a sudden I was cut off by the chearleader chick.

"Hi! Are you our new warbler?!"

"Yeah I'm Riker, Riker Lynch"

"Nice to meet you!" She hugged him and pulled away, "I'm Dianna"

I could see Riker's face and he seemed pleased. I knew he thought she was pretty...

"Oh I'm sorry is this your girlfriend?"

She said acknolegding me.

"No,no, that's my best friend Lexi"

She looked me up and down and once again turned towards Riker.

"We are gonna be great friends," She winked and walked away.

"Bye Riker! and Lisa or whatever...." she waved to him.

"Bye Dianna!" He said as he waved like a baby at a candy store.

He looked at me "I think I'm in love!"

I was heartbroken, but I played it off.

"Yeah she seems great...."

the rest of the way home all I heard about was Dianna and tried to keep tears from streaming down my face.

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