Here Comes Forever

Lexi Lavone is a 19 year old girl who is best friends with the Lynch family. She is the closest to Riker Lynch, the oldest brother. She unexpectedly falls for him, she will do anything to make him happy, even if it doesn't involve her

Preview- Ever woner what it's like to fall for your best friend? It's a lot harder than you think....


3. The Party

We finally arrived to the Lynch house after a long drive of being nagged. Riker and Ross rode with me and Riker hates my driving, He is very over protective and doesn't like the fact that I have been driving for three years now. Ross didn't mind, he thought it was funny. He has grown up so much and he is so succesful with his Disney show, but he is still the little Ross he has always been, escpecially when he giggles he has the sweetest giggle. Anyways arrived at the Lynch house and the bands closest friends were there to greet them. The parents left and the real party began. The lighting went down and the music turned up. Everyone was having a good time. I was sitting on the couch with Riker just talking. I swear he is the most interesting person I know, nothing ever bores me when I am with him, he amazes me and I am so lucky to have him as my best friend. We were talking when we heard a knock on the door.

"Riker!!! Can you get that?!" Screamed Ross as he was pouring whip cream in his mouth.

Like I said he'll always be that little boy.

Riker got up and opened the door,


I heard his hesitation so I walked over to the door. It was his ex-girlfriend Mimi. She is the worst person I know, she doesn't care about anyone but herself. When she dated Riker he cared about her a lot and one day he went to her house and walked in on her cheating on him. He was devistated for weeks. I told him the right thing to do was break up with her because he deserved better. She hates me for that. He hates her now, but for some reason seeing her here opened up a lot of worries for me. Like what is she wants to get back together with him, and what if he gets feelings for her again? I went and stood next to Riker,

"Oh look it's the little best friend that ruined our relationship" She glared at me.

"Hi Mimi" I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"You ruined our relationship." Riker said with a smirk.

"Well I'm not here for you!" She said as she pushed by me.

Riker stood there confused. He must have seen my glaring towards her because he turned towards me, (did i mention he is like a head or two taller than me??) he looked down at me and said,

"Don't worry, ignore her, you are to good to be dealing with that"

I smiled up at him. Then their new song "Here comes forever" came on and everyone jumped up and started singing. It got really hectic so we went to Rikers room so he could change. As I was waiting in his room I started playing the Piano. I had known how to play since I was little and it was always really relaxing, He walked in,

"Want me to teach you how to play 'Here Comes Forever'" he smirked as he sat down next to me.

"Yes! That's my favorite song!" As he was teaching me it was kinda quite, then our hands touched.

Usually when this happens we just keep playing but this time it was much different. We turned towards each other no moving our hands and just looked into each others eyes as we slowly leaned closer and closer, are lips nearly touched when,

"Guys!!!!" Rydel slammed open the door and mad Riker and myself jump making a loud banging sound on the piano keys.

"Oh was I interupting something?" Rydel laughed giggling.

"No!" We both said franticly.

"Oh okay well, a lot of people left and the rest of us are going to watch a movie c'mon"

We got up and followed her, but my heart would not stop racing. I couldn't stop thinking about looking into his eyes and replaying  that moment. so much ran through my head at that moment thoughts like,

I like Riker!

have I always liked Riker?

He can never know!

I wanna kiss him!

This is my best friend!

It can't happen!

It can happen!

He might like me!

He will never like me!

It was so confusing. As I was thinkig all this sitting on the couch waiting for paranormal activity to come on this happened.

"Hey everyone get in a circle! We are gonna play spin the bottle" Mimi hollered.

everyone got in a circle. I was nervous because I know this always ends up weird...

"Lexi you go first" Rydel smiled at me.

"uhmm uh okay" I hesitated...

I spun the bottle and you will never guess who it landed on........

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