Here Comes Forever

Lexi Lavone is a 19 year old girl who is best friends with the Lynch family. She is the closest to Riker Lynch, the oldest brother. She unexpectedly falls for him, she will do anything to make him happy, even if it doesn't involve her

Preview- Ever woner what it's like to fall for your best friend? It's a lot harder than you think....


2. Reuniting

Lexi's POV

I twittled my thumbs with excitement! Today was the day! I have waited 2 months for today. It was the day that my best friends came home from their first tour. Yes, my best friends are famous. R5 was the name of their band, there is Ross, the second to youngest who was the lead singer and the cheekiest of the bunch, then there is Rocky the third to youngest at the ame age as me 19 and he played the guitar, he was definetly the most flirtacious of the band. There is Ellington otherwise known as "Ratliff" , he wasn't biologically realated to the lynch's but still just like family, he plays the drums and is the funniest. Rydel, she is my best girl friend and I have been away from her for too long! She is genuinely the most trustworthy and nicest person ever. She plays the keyboard and I'm just throwing out the fact that I have a feeling she likes Ellington (which would be the cutest thing in the world!!). Last but certainly not least there is Riker Lynch, my best friend in the wolrd! I know everything about him and he knows everything about me. He is the oldest at the age of 21, but he certainly doesn't act like it! I love him so much (in the friendly way) and I can't wait to see him!

"Hello Sweetie!" I heard a sweet womans voice saying.

"Stormie! How are you?!"

Stormie Lynch is the mother of the Lynchs and the sweetest woman you will ever meet. She is basically my second mom. Mainly because my mom is her best friend and they are a lot alike.

"Oh I'm great! Where is your mother she is supposed to be here?"

"haha don't worry she is just running a few minutes late, where is Mark?" I wondered.

Mark is the dad of the Lynch family, also a very pleasant person to be around.

"He's at home getting everyone ready for the welcome home party"

"Oh that---"

"Sorry I'm late guys! I couldn't find a parking place to save my life!"

Ya my mom always interupts, sometimes it gets old but hey nothing can ruin my mood because their plane lands in 12 minutes. I sat their ignoring my mother and Stormie's visiting, and just watched the clock. Who knew that 12 minutes could last SOO long! I just watched all the people in the airport, it was actuallly quite interesting and I like being nosey. I was watching a couple kissing, ya know like the kind in the movies that always happen in the end, haha soooo cliche, when I heard "Lexi!!" I could recognize that voice anywhere. I turned around so fast that I almost lost my balance and saw my amazing best friend.

"Riker!" I screamed as I jumped in his arms.

He picked me up and spun me in a circle as I just enjoyed the scent of him that I missed so much.

" I missed you so much!" He exclaimed letting lose of his grip but still hugging me.

"You missed me? Are you kidding! I missed you!"

Riker has always been good looking but being away from him for two months made me realize how handsome he is. As Riker was greeting out mothers I coulnd't help but notice the rest of the Lynchs weren't there yet.

All of a sudden I felt two strong arms around me. I turned around and saw little Ross! I gave him a huge hug along with Rocky. Then I saw Rydel walking towards me with Ellington. I hope that she finally realized that she likes him!

"Lexi!! We have so much to talk about! I missed you so much" She said as we had our little bestie hug.

"Lexi! How are ya doll face?" Ellington said as I embraced his hug.

"I'm good! I missed you guys!"

We all visited for a while and then we figured we should go to the welcome home party. The parents were going to go out after dinner, so we could all have our alone time and party like teens do. I had a feeling this was going to be a very good night........

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