Too Dark a Night

(Own CreepyPasta Story))
Two serial killers, both infamous for their dark skills, on the run from justice and in thirst of new blood. Clashes of the two blades could not only scar one man for life, but possibly take such life from him.
Who will be victorious, when Jeff meets Beyond...?


1. Too Dark a Night


Killers, though brutal and in many cases, ghastly in their work, are people too. When you hear, of all these stories, horrors, made to advertise their names... It chills you.. But misguides you. 


Jeff the Killer was infamous across the states for his brutality and nightmarish smile. The smile cut deep into his burnt cheeks. 

Beyond Birthday was a skillful, intellectual, capable of confronting the mastermind that was the worlds greatest detective. 

Both were killers.

Both killed with intention.

For a goal. 

Both needed to do so. 

Both... monsters.




((A/N: Okay, so instagram wants a Creepypasta for these awesome two xD Beyond says he's gunna whoop Jeff's ass, but we'll see shall we beautiful? 

Anyway, I hope you guys like this, as when I'm done, I'm hoping to either find a way for the amazing MrCreepyPasta to narrate this, after doing so myself:3 

Don't wet the bed. Jeff does the dirty work. 

Don't hide in places 'unknown'. Beyond's too smart for that. ;)

Enjoy! BeyondLawliet))

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