Too Dark a Night

(Own CreepyPasta Story))
Two serial killers, both infamous for their dark skills, on the run from justice and in thirst of new blood. Clashes of the two blades could not only scar one man for life, but possibly take such life from him.
Who will be victorious, when Jeff meets Beyond...?


2. CreepyPasta


((A/N: Just a warning kiddies, there will be swearing and some gory scenes, I'm going all out on CreepyPasta style, so enjoy, but be warned:)  Also realise, all you fans, that I have changed the story for both Beyond and possibly Jeff to fit into this Pasta as best I could! Enjoy! BeyondLawliet))


Beyond Birthday, alleged killer and young genius crouched on the edge of an open window. The smashed glass from the night before, sharp, like daggers in its former hold. He crouched, his knees up close to his chest, and pressed a bloody thumb to his lip in concentration. The killer had set out on such a different mission, and accomplished nothing but a streak of terrifying murders. He lugged the severed limb of his last victim to his side and questioned what he was really doing now. LA, Los Angeles, a bustling city, cramped and full of awaiting victims for slaughter. 

"If only I could see the death of the world." He muttered blood sober. His voice, gentle in the early morning. Beyond came to his feet and wiped the knife that had been resting on the floor, on the front of his white, bloodstained shirt. 

"I'll have to clean it again." He muttered again and twisted the knife in his hand. "You were no fun." He said over his shoulder at a lifeless and bloody corpse. Limbs hacked from it and hemorrhaging clear on its blotchy skin. 

"No ones fun anymore." Beyond whispered and dragged the arm along with him as he dragged his heavy feet. He stopped momentarily, to pick up a jar full of red stuff. Stuff, what it could be leads the imagination to insanity. "Mhm." Beyond licked his lips and dug his bloody hand into the jar. "Jam." 




On the other side of town, resided another killer. A brutal young man, who's face left scars on survivors brains. That was, if there were any survivors. 

"Huh." The killer huffed in a gruff voice. "You were reluctant to sleep." He awkwardly turned his cracking neck to inspect the now dead couple on the floor behind him. He edged to the window, open, curtains flapping vigorously in the wind. 

"They're all the same." He muttered, a slight sadness in his voice, though his devilish smile hid his sadness well. "No one think's I'm beautiful mommy." The edges of the deep cuts in his cheeks stretched a little as the true smile underneath peered through.

"No matter." He huffed again, leaving the gutted corpses for the arriving police officers. 

"The next one better be fun." He said with a gruff laugh, exciting the building and off into the coming morning. 



The bodies of the Mr and Mrs Morgan have been found in the early hours of Tuesday morning, both gutted and bloodily murderer. The wound suggest to investigators of knife crime, and suspects have already been brought to light. Police are now insisting a stronger search in the capture and sentence of the murderer, 'Jeff the Killer'. Any information concerning the killer or his whereabouts will be kindly accepted by the police force. 

In other news, another killing, again of knife work, was found in the city. Police believe the attack to have been done by the same killer, though investigators question otherwise. The times of death for the victim, Bella Brighton, 13, seem to have occurred at the same time, or close enough. Again, any information concerning the killers identity or-

Beyond cut the radio from his report. He laughed lowly and took another slurping handful of jam from the jar in his hands. 

"Jeff the Killer..." He huffed another laugh, sarcasm and disgust riddled in his voice. "You bastard." Beyond came to his feet and fingered the radio's dials. "Murderous bastard!" Beyond threw the radio across the room and it smashed into pieces on the wall. He steadied his lanky body and ran a hand, not covered in jam, through his messy hair. Darkest black, and crazily styled. 

"All this.." He continued. "And to think someone got to you first." Beyond ran a jammy hand, leaving a blood like jam stain over a wall filled with photos and notes. Addresses and locations. "Well Lawliet.. Seems I have a new opponent now." Beyond chuckled darkly to him self and sat in front of a laptop, bringing up a search engine once he was sure his device was secure. "Now." He said, typing on the keys with the non jammy hand. "Where are you Jeff?" 



"Another killer?" Jeff's head snapped up as he over heard a pair of boys talking outside the window of the old ramshackled house he had taken residence in. He crept in the shadows and peered over the edge to inspect the conversation. 

"Yeah! The police haven't caught on yet! But my mom knows otherwise!" Jeff cocked his head at the child. What information could this woman have that is non available to the police. Jeff's smile itched to grow as he watched the boys discuss the topic, their rebellious nature seemed petty compared to his own. 

"Tell me more!" The other boy jumped closer to the younger one, as he tried, and failed to whisper into his ear. 

"My mommy said he's another killer, she said, he's a mastermind!" The boy laughed with a high pitched children's tone. Jeff spat on the floor as he thought of such 'innocent' and fruitful times he'd had in his childhood. 

"A mastermind. What a load of shit." Jeff laughed to himself. "He's nothing more than curious, and stepping on someone else's grounds." His laugh darkened at this. 

"Yeah! Really! She says, he even went against the worlds greatest detective!" Jeff raised an eyebrow, well he would if he could. 

"No way!" The other child argued, but the first just nodded. 

"Yep! She said to me that he's pure evil." Jeff had heard enough. He pulled the hood of his grimy hoodie over his burnt hair and hid the knife in his front pouch, opening the door and walking towards the boys. 

"She said he called himself Beyond Birthday!" The boy whispered far too loudly as Jeff loomed over the two. The boys looked up to a white face covered in the shadow of his hoodie

"Beyond Birthday? Oh really... What a name." Jeff's smile deepened. The boys began to run away slowly. A thin woman, dressed in a leather coat and black jeans opened the door to the two running boys. Her hair, long, and ebony black floated over her face. Jeff dipped a little, in a bow like motion. 

"Thank you my dear, and please, don't be afraid to go to sleep." Jeff's smile was burning, the intensity of his challenge ahead excited him. "Beyond Birthday... Where are you?" 



Beyond slung his hands on his jean pockets and let his fingers dance over the knife hidden there as he slouched unnaturally. He looked around him at the floor of people in the city centre. 

"They say you have an... abnormal smile Jeff." Beyond whispered to nobody. The numbers of many peoples lifespans floating over their heads. He happened to look down and see a little girl, around 10, and he looked from her inquisitive eyes, to the numbers in her hair. 

"Tomorrow. Oh sweet dear tomorrow." The girl stopped to look at the man talking to her, and stopped the mother holding her hand also. Beyond glanced at the slim young woman's numbers. "You as well my dear, oh no. That isn't too good is it?" The woman looked at him with confusion glazed over her eyes. The girl smiled up at him from behind the finger at her lips. Beyond looked down gravely. "Make today the best of your life. Live like you'll die tomorrow young one." Though heartless and cold, it still cut at the murderer to think such innocence could be lost. 

"At least you wont have to see the world. Who, or whatever it is, may just be saving you." He muttered as the woman walked away, child in tow. Beyond sighed and began to walk around the centre, looking aimlessly for his new found opponent. 




Jeff watched intrigued by the young mans words. He watched as he had talked to the little girl, proposing she'd die tomorrow. Jeff's eyes widened, how, it may seem impossible, as they are always open, as he noticed the woman to man referred to also. The woman he had chosen to kill tomorrow. Jeff's deadly eyes wandered back to the man, wearing a thin white top, baggy and loose, with a mop of crazy hair on his head. He stood hunched over, and kept the same posture as he walked. Jeff eyed the pockets of his jeans, where his hands resided. Was that... A knife? Jeff glanced down at the knife in his pouch and played with the blade a little. 

"Is that you Beyond?" He smiled darkly under the cover of his hood. Just as he muttered what he believed to be his name, Beyond looked over at the man, his back straightening sightly. His hair, falling over his eyes. A glimpse of red in those eyes,  bright and wide, lined with dark circles of sleepless nights. Jeff recalled his own image, the dark, purple bruised looking areas around his eyes. Jeff's smile twitched again as the man stared. A dark smirk spreading over the pale and perfect features of the man. He stood up more straight, leaning more the other way now. 

"Is that you Jeff?" The man called, causing bystanders in the crowd to turn towards the hooded man as they recalled something of a killer named Jeff. The smile only widened. Jeff looked up, letting the singed hair fall over his face, hiding a lot of his eyes. He took a step towards the casual darkness of the man not far away and the man remained standing, laid back and relaxed. 

"You look like you don't sleep much." Jeff growled darkly. People were beginning to leave the area, fear spiking, causing the area to panic silently. 

"I choose to be this way." The man replied. Jeff looked him in his tinted eyes and pulled the hood down, allowing his face to show, causing children and adults to scream in terror, running for their lives as the killers stood in talk. 

"Perhaps then..." Beyond's eye twitched and his hand grasped the knife. The only thought that crossed his mind was Jeff. No hunger, no need for jam, or for the need to surpass his mentor, but only to kill this new found opponent. 

"Say it... If you dare." Beyond taunted to the ghastly man. 

"Go to sle-"

Jeff's all time favourite words cut off by the maniacal laughter of Beyond Birthday as he brandished his knife and looked him over with insanity in his eyes. 

"No Jeff! Aaahhaha! You go to sleep!" Beyond jabbed the knife towards Jeff who just missed the blow, pulling out his trusty knife in the process. Jeff tried to inflict a blow, but the nimble feet of Beyond dodged his move and crouched mockingly on the bench not too far away. The way he sat, his legs hunched up high, seemed as if he was either in a stuck position, or was on the attack. Jeff hung the knife by his side, and walked towards the crouched man. Beyond's laughing only increased as the public began to scream more and more, searching for escape. He leaned over at an elderly lady, frozen to the bench with terror, and realisation of her older state. 

"Good day isn't it my dear?" He chuckled as the old woman almost collapsed on the spot. 

"Someone! Call the police!" The harassed voices of the woman and her child, the one from before rung out. She tried to retrieve a cell phone from her bag. 

"You shouldn't have done that sweetie." Beyond laughed with his thumb to his lip as the date above her head shortened, Jeff looked the same way and smiled back at Beyond who's smirk was almost as wide as Jeff's. "Go on Jeff." Beyond pointed to the woman. "I'm not doing it." Jeff ignored the last of Beyond's commands and rushed the woman forcing her to drop to ground as the knife pierced her skin and ripped open her flesh along with her clothes. She gaped and gawped for a while, as her clothing soaked a deep red, then was dropped to the ground as a corpse. Beyond's shinigami eyes shifted to the girl. She was crying, sobbing terribly, her whole body racking with fear. Beyond came to his feet and came behind her as she began to back away. He watched her numbers slowly shortening. 

"GET AWAY BEYOND!" Jeff screamed gruffly knocking the thin murderer back. Jeff's murderous gaze fell upon the girl before him. "Old enough now... Seen far too much... It's a rotten world." Jeff raised the knife, about to plunge it into the girls flesh as Beyond cut his wrist swiftly, causing Jeff to drop his weapon. Jeff screamed, though it became more of a snarl with his deep, raspy voice. Jeff's leathery white hands clutched his bleeding wrist and scampered towards the knife. 

"And I thought I was a monster." Beyond mocked, his smile on his pale face, decorated with the splattering off Jeff's blood. Jeff grasped the knife and placed it into the bloody mess that he called his hand and let the blood clog natural round his wound. 

"So your the good guy now?" Jeff cocked his head and shuffled towards Beyond who pushed the girl towards a woman who had yet to leave. 

"Oh no... Just 10 really isn't old enough Jeff. Now that's lowly." Beyond bit at the end of his knife. "By the way, you taste awful." His smile returning. 

"Then let me taste you!" Jeff ran, knocking Beyond off his guard, sending the knife into his gut. Jeff laughed as he pulled the bloody weapon from Beyond's body and watched him fall to his knees. 

"B-But.. There was only a 6% chance you'd rush me..." Beyond gritted at the pain in his stomach and rolled through Jeff's legs. 

"Bastard! Just die!" Jeff twirled around, screaming curses as Beyond came to his feet and dodged another fatal blow. Beyond forced his knife into Jeff's body and watched him convulse at the pain. Beyond took his hand, covered in his own blood and smeared it down Jeff's face. 

"Let's dance pretty boy." Beyond mocked, watching as Jeff's numbers began counting down more and more faster. He wondered what his were doing. If he died, so be it, but only if this monster died with him. 

Jeff snorted and stepped away. His smile stained with blood, and some of that diluted slightly. Beyond raised an eyebrow in question. 

"Aren't I beautiful mommy?" Jeff whispered staring right through Beyond. Beyond BIrthday had no idea what the man before him was saying, but knew, that something had sparked inside of him. 

"Just..." Jeff began, standing straight, his own blood and Beyond's on his hoodie

"Really?" Beyond mocked with his hair darkening his eyes. He wiped a bloody hand on his already stained white shirt. A mix of the killers blood on his shirt also. 





"SLEEP!" Jeff rushed and Beyond did the same, both weapons hit their target... Both monsters fell to the ground. 




From the hospital bed, Jeff awoke with a start. What was he doing here. 

Had he won? 

Part of him... Hoped not.



Beyond Birthday walked past the jail guard with a dirty smile on his face, his hands bound behind his back. 

"So, you say you were attacked." Beyond pulled him feet up without the assistance of his hands. 

"Well yes officer, but in your report, this time, don't forget, me." The officer looked over at the mad man before him. 

"I don't understand."

"The names Beyond." Beyond smiled darkly, assessing his situation. "Beyond Birthday, murderer. Want me to spell it?" He mocked before kicking over the desk, catching the officer behind it, and knocking out to officer restraining him, with a skillful kick of his feet. Beyond withered out of the cuffs and grabbed his knife from the evidence bag on the table. 

"You better be alive arsehole." Beyond mocked and set out, hoping to see his friend soon. 

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