Torn(One Direction)

Madison Cooper is just your average, everyday teen waiting for her moment to shine. She wishes everyday she could travel the world instead of being stuck in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. When her best friend, Molly Strauss, forces her into going to a One Direction concert, her wishes may soon come true.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


I blinked my eyes a few times, wondering what he was talking about. The blonde headed boy laughed at my expression and lifted me up and placed me back on my feet. He didn't remove his hands from my waist until I cleared my throat. "Sorry," He mumbled and then glanced over my shoulder. "She's good, she's with me!" He shouted at the oncoming security guard.


"But-" The tough looking man that was wearing all black began to protest.


The boy raised his eyebrow at him and the security guard quickly turned around, leaving me and the unknown boy alone. I looked over his face, a grin nearly escaping my lips when I noticed his crooked smile. My eyes kept on flicking back to his, though, they were just so hypnotizing. "Hey!" I gasped, realization suddenly dawning over me. "I know who you are!" Excitement bubbled through my body, not because I knew who he was, but because I figured it out without the help of Molly. "You're... that dude from One Direction." Okay, maybe I still did need Molly because I couldn't remember their names for the life of me.


He rolled his eyes at me but ignored what I said and grabbed my hand and began walking farther down the hallway. "Hey, where are we going?" I questioned him, glancing over my shoulder in hopes that Molly would be at the end of the tunnel. I was out of luck, because I didn't see her. The silent boy ignored me once again when he opened a door and quickly closed it behind him. I looked at him questioningly before looking inside the room. "Hey, it's One Direction!" I shouted.


"No, I thought this was The Fray." The one who, oddly enough, looked like he belonged on a fishing boat said and sarcasm was lacing his every word.


"Sorry," I mumbled, gnawing on my bottom lip. "But uh... I hate to inform you, but that's all I know about you. Usually, my friend Molly is with me and tells me all about you because she's the one who’s obsessed..." I trailed off.


"So," The one who had brown curly hair began. "You don't know who we are?" He asked me, an incredulous look upon his face.


"Well," I sighed out. "I think you’re Harry, but-"


I was cut off by the curly headed boy standing up and running over to hug me. I blinked from shock as the air was knocked out of me. "Yay! She knows me!"


When I felt the air come back into my lungs, I looked at the room full of guys once again. "Don't tell me your names, I've got this." I instructed them with a glare as the others almost opened their mouths. I trailed my mind back to what Molly had told me, and I recalled a few hints she gave me about each boy. "I think my friend said that Niall was the one who was always eating, Zayne was Daddy Direction, Liam was the vain one and Louis was the one who dressed like he belonged on a boat...?" I trailed of, unsure.


All of them busted out into fits of laughter and the one with tattoos looked at a brown haired boy with pure shock. "Well, you got a few of them right, love." The sailor looking one said. "I am in fact Louis and Niall, the one you’re standing next to," He pointed his finger towards the blonde headed boy next to me. "Does like food a lot. But Liam is Daddy Direction and Zayne is the vain one."


"Damn," I cursed under my breath with a snap of my finger and then I let out a small laugh. "I was close." I turned towards Niall as his earlier words came back onto my mind. I was shocked when I found him already looking at me with his sky blue eyes that kept me captivated. "Uhm," I said, drifting my eyes downwards towards the ground. I laughed at myself because their blasted lyrics came into my mind. But when you stare at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you don't know, oh oh, you don't know you're beautiful. "Oh yeah," I mumbled, looking back up at Niall. "What do you mean 'so we meet again?'"


 I had to do a double take when I saw his face. An apple red blush crept up his cheeks and a cheeky smile crossed his lips. "Uhm," He began, fidgeting his fingers. "Well, the other day at the mall..." He trailed off.


I opened my mouth, but closed it when I came short of words. I blinked my eyes, wondering if the moment I was in was just a dream. To be sure, I pinched my forearm. The small amount of pain surged up my arm and laughter filled my ears. "That was you?" I questioned Niall.


"Yeah." His normal, crooked smile replaced his uneasy one and his eyes brightened. 


"No way!" I busted out, a large smile brightening onto my face. Despite not being a huge fan of the band, I couldn't help but feel a little giddy. I mean, I was in the presence of famous people and they were giving a normal, just out of high school girl their attention. "Shit!" I cursed when my mind drifted onto Molly. 


"What's wrong, love?" Louis' sweet voice echoed into my ears. I glanced at him, noting the concerned gaze that held on his face. 


"Well, the whole reason I came back here in the first place was for a dare... every time we go to a concert, me and my friend, Molly, dare each other to do something crazy and the first person to back out loses. Well, my dare was to sneak backstage and hunt you guys down and I just kind of forgot about her... last I saw she had security chasing after her." I said quickly, hoping they caught the words I was saying. When I got nervous, I tended to jumble my words together into one large sentence.


Niall looked at me, his mouth opening and closing as he blinked his eyes. "Oh," He mumbled when he came out of his shock.


"No!" I heard Louis shout. "Finally a normal girl and she's got to leave so soon," He twisted his neck and leaned against Harry's shoulder, fake sobbing. 


I rolled my eyes at the overly large child. "How am I so normal?" I asked him, cocking my head to the side and scrunching an eyebrow in confusion. 


"Because," Liam piped in. He was sitting on the black chair glancing down at his phone. So far, he was the calmest out of them all. He looked up at me and smiled. "You're not a fan girl who screams at the mere sight of us. We don't find girls like you much anymore."


"So," I began. "That's good?" I asked, unsure of whether or not to take it as a compliment.


"It's amazing!" They all shouted. 


"Oh... well, thanks." I couldn't help but smile at the group of boys. They all acted like a bunch of children even though most of them where older than me... I think? Truthfully, it would be sad for me to walk away even though I've only known them for about thirty minutes now. I knew though, that when I did go away, they would forget all about me and go on with their famous lives and meet more and more people. I'll sit on the sidelines and watch them grow, because even though I'm not a One Direction fan, I know have a soft spot in my heart for them. "Uh," I coughed. "I should be going now..." I trailed off awkwardly. Thanks for not letting me get mobbed by the big security guard, Niall." I smiled at him.


"Anytime, love!" He smiled, but I saw an underlying sadness flash through his blue eyes. I thought nothing of it.


"Do you have a twitter or anything; we could follow you on there?" Zayn asked as he pulled his phone out of his pocket. 


Chucking, I shook my head. "Social networks have never really been my thing."


"Well then, that just won't do!" Harry shouted, standing up. Louis quickly pulled him back down beside him on the couch and pulled his legs up and laid them across Harry's legs. "Give me your phone." He ordered.


Widening my eyes at his command, I quickly walked towards him and handed him my phone. He pressed a few buttons and then passed it onto Liam and then he did the same before all the boys had had my phone. When my mobile reached my hands again, I scrunched an eyebrow in confusion at it before I scrolled through my contacts. I smiled cheekily when I realized they put their contacts into my phone.


"Now, if we ever see you again you can't use the excuse 'I didn't have a way to get a hold of you' or 'I forgot about you'" Louis said gleefully, a triumphant smile on his face. 


"Thanks guys," I laughed, shaking my head. It would be impossible to forget about this lot. Other than the fact that I will be surrounded by them at home or with Molly, they were just too sweet and funny to not remember. I glanced down at my phone and nearly gasped at the time. "I've got to go!" I rushed out.


I let out a shriek when I was bombarded with all the boys giving me a hug, but nonetheless, I hugged them all back and thanked them one more time for letting me stay back there with them. 


Niall walked beside me quietly. He kindly offered to walk me to the end of the hallway so I wouldn't get questioned by the security guards. Our hands where swinging beside each other, and every so often they would brush against one another. I made no move to make the distance between us wider. 


When we reached the end of the hallway, I turned to Niall and was surprised when he captured me in another hug. The shock quickly wore off and I wrapped my arms around his back and returned the favor. "Maybe I'll see you again, ginger." Niall said.


"Yeah, maybe," I said, my voice and mind were both in a daze. Blinking my eyes, his words came barreling into me. "Hey!" I gasped. "I am no ginger, gingers are orange, I have red hair." I snapped at him, cocking my hip to the right and placing my hand firmly on it. 


"Just kidding," He laughed, reaching his hand to my hair and ruffling it. I slapped his hand away and glared at him. More loud laughter bubbled from his chest. "I'll see you around, Madison." He said a small smile on his lips. I smiled lightly back at him and he turned around, not even bothering to say goodbye. 


In a way, I was glad he didn't say goodbye. Goodbye's mean that you're moving on and forgetting, I much preferred a 'see you around,' because there is still that chance that you could see them in your life again. What's the good in goodbye, anyway?


Sighing, I stepped out into the venue. I looked around the now empty arena in search for Molly, and I quickly found her leaning up against the railing, her fingers tapping away on her phone and her converse clad feet crossed over each other. I smiled at the sight of my best friend. "Molly!" I shouted.


She looked up from her phone, shock crossing her flawless features. Her shock was soon turned into a murderous glare as she stomped her way over to me. "Where the hell have you been?" She hissed at me.


I though back to only minutes ago and let out a small laugh. I remembered Louis childish banter and Harry's energetic, flirtatious manner. Liam's dad like sympathy and Zayn's vain and quiet persona. But most of all, I remember Niall’s cute, crooked smile and amazing blue eyes. I couldn't seem to get his adorable laughter out of my mind.


"It's a long story." I said, a secretive smile playing on my lips as I thought of what I was going to tell her.


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