Torn(One Direction)

Madison Cooper is just your average, everyday teen waiting for her moment to shine. She wishes everyday she could travel the world instead of being stuck in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. When her best friend, Molly Strauss, forces her into going to a One Direction concert, her wishes may soon come true.


3. Chapter Three



Chapter Three


I sighed wistfully and fell back onto my bed, enjoying the soft, fluffy pillows that my head fell on. My ruby red hair cascaded around me and I hugged  my arms around my torso. Molly sat down at the end of my bed, her legs crossed as she stared at me. I ignored her penetrating stare as I continued to dream in my own thoughts. 

We had just arrived home from the concert, and I couldn’t get Niall’s cheeky smile out of my mind the entire ride home. For not being a big One Direction fan, I honestly couldn't wait until they came back to Dallas so I could see them again. 


My phone buzzed in my pocket and I squealed with shock at the tingling sensation against my skin. I rolled my eyes when I saw whom the message was from.


 The Sexy Irish One
   -Good night, beautiful. 


I couldn't stop the large smile that stretched across my face as I read over the text. I quickly sent him a reply back, telling him goodnight, too. I placed my phone on my nightstand, shifting up into a sitting position and staring back at Molly. She blinked. "Yes, I won!" I fist pumped the air.


Molly rolled her eyes at me. "You always win," 


I smirk. "I know."


Molly let out a large sigh, and I know the tension is building up inside her. I knew in a minute or so, Molly would bust and she would blurt out every question forming inside her mind. "You've got to tell me!" She shouted, throwing her hands up in the air. "Did you find One Direction? Where you almost arrested? Why where you back there so-"


I reached over and slapped my hand across her mouth, my eyes wide. "Molly?" I asked. She mumbled and nodded her head. "Shut up, please." Her shoulders slumped and she slowly nodded her head. I removed my hand, wincing and wondering if she was going to start talking again. When she didn't, I sighed and then began thinking of how exactly I would tell her. Start with simple, Madison. "Well, I got backstage and I ran into someone. There was this security guard chasing me, and well... the person I ran into was... Niall Horan." I couldn't continue because she let out a loud shriek. I snapped my mouth closed and glared at her and slapped her shoulder. Molly let out a small squeak and looked apologetically at me. "Well, he told the security guard that I was okay with him, and then he took me to their changing room where the rest of the band was. We talked blah blah blah, and well... I got their numbers." I finished and took a deep breath.


"Seriously!" Molly shouted, her eyes going wide. Due to the excitement, she flung her arms backwards and lost the balance on my bed. With a loud 'thump' Molly landed back first onto the floor. I stared blankly at the spot where she sat before. 


My lip twitched. I wasn't going to be able to hold this in for much longer. I rolled over and fell onto the palms of my hands. I crawled towards the edge of the bed and looked at Molly. Her arms sprawled across the floor and her brown hair cascaded in dark waves around her. Her large, chocolate orbs where wide with shock as she blinked her eyelids repeatedly.


My arms collapsed under me and laughter echoed from my chest. My eyes watered and I clapped my hands. I soon heard Molly begin to laugh and that's the only noise I heard in the room. The conversation of One Direction soon diminished, but I knew it would resurface soon. I was hoping though, rather than sooner, it be later.


Much, much later.


-     -     -     -



I woke up with a jolt, chills vibrating down my spine as the sun streamed into my room. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table, and was satisfied when it read ten-thirty. I had finally gotten the much needed sleep I have been lacking ever since Molly mentioned a One Direction concert. 


I tried to move my feet, but soon found that something was holding them down. Scrunching an eyebrow,  I lifted my upper body onto my elbows and glanced down at my feet. Molly lay sprawled horizontally across my bed, her head on my legs and her hands clasping my feet between her palms. I chuckled softly, hoping to not wake her. Molly turned into a bear when someone woke her. It wasn't a pretty sight. 


I wiggled my feet slowly and stopped when she twitched. A loud groan escaped her lips and she flipped her body over. I quickly removed my feet and jumped out of bed. I looked at her, a satisfied smile coming across my face when I saw that I succeeded in not waking her up. 


I grabbed a hair tie off my dresser and put my vibrant red hair in a messy bun. I reached out to open the second drawer down and grabbed a pair of PINK sweatpants. When I felt like this was going to be warm enough for now, I exited the room quietly and walked down the stairs. My quaint little townhouse was spotless from any mess and was decorated in a modern style. Most teenagers my age wonder how I afford this apartment in downtown Dallas, and I always tell them the same thing; I just have a good job. But that's just a white lie. Truthfully, my parents have so much money they don't know what to do with it, and they wanted to do one thing for me since they were never home. This is the only thing their money pays for; I refuse to let them pay for everything in my life. 


When my feet hit the tile of the kitchen floor, I gasped at the coldness. I briskly walked over to my favorite thing in here - my Keurig. If there was anything I loved other than traveling, it was coffee. I admit it openly, I am a coffee addict. 


When the raspberry chocolate truffle flavored goodness was placed in a large mug, I moved on to the fridge. I opened the double doors, and a dissatisfied look came across my face. I guess it was time for me to go grocery shopping. A half-gallon of milk was the only thing on the side shelf and a few strawberry yogurts where in the drawer. Sighing, I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed a yogurt. It'll have to work for now. I made a mental note in my head to go grocery shopping later today. 


I walked into the living room, and the second I sat down I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled it out of my pocket and glanced at the ID.


 The Sexy Irish One
   -How are you today, love?


I ignored how my heartbeat doubled and acted like the blush forming on my cheeks was from the steam   the coffee was giving off. I pretended the giddy feeling in my stomach wasn't really there. 


 To: The Sexy Irish One
   -I'm just fantastic(: You?


Nothing wrong with a smiley face, right? 


I placed my phone down beside me and grabbed the TV remote and flipped it onto morning cartoons. What, can't a girl pretend she's still a little girl? I smiled when I saw sponge bob was on and quickly turned the volume up, but low enough that it wouldn't travel upstairs and wake Molly. My phone vibrated beside me and I quickly picked it up. 


The Sexy Irish One
  -I'm wonderful myself(: Can I ask you something?

 To: The Sexy Irish One


I wondered what he wanted to ask me when I glanced back up at the television and continued sipping on my coffee. A squeal of shock escaped my lips when my phone blasted loudly through the house. Fumbling, I placed my coffee on the side table and jumped to get my phone. Speedily I hit answer. "Hello?" I asked into the speaker. I blinked when I realized I didn't even look to see who was calling me. 


"Madison!" A cheery voice shouted. 


I scrunched my eyebrow in confusion, my mind going blank on who this could possibly be. I searched my mind for answers, but none came up. "Uhm... yeah?" I stated the questions I was dying to know the answer to.


"It's Harry."


"Oh!" I gasped. "I so knew that," I forced out laughter, hoping the famous pop star wouldn't catch my lie. "Uhm, what were you calling for?" I asked as I began to nibble on my bottom lip. 


"Well..." He drew out and I heard arguing the background. "Shut up, Lou!" Harry shouted. "Sorry. Anyway, Niall doesn't have to guts to ask you, but we're going to be in town for a week or so, and he... well we all kind of wanted to know if you wanted to hang out or something."


"Su-" My answer was cut off as someone pinched my sides and yelled 'boo' in my ear. A loud, vibrating scream came from the pit of my lungs and I threw my phone down onto the ground. I could faintly hear every ones voices through the receiver asking if I was okay, but my breathing was too heavy as I clutched my chest to bother picking it up. I turned around, finding my culprit standing directly behind me, her arms crossed over her chest and a smirk sitting widely on her lips. 


"I got you!" Molly shouted. "I finally got you!" She fist pumped the air and jumped over the couch to sit down beside me. "Who where you talking to on the phone?" She asked me. I ignored her question though and continued to murder her with my eyes. She raised an eyebrow at me, then glanced at the floor where my phone lay. 


Ignoring her, I reached down and picked up my phone. I was instantly bombarded with questions. "I'm fine. Promise. My idiot of a best friend decided to scare me, though."


Laughter echoed from the other end and an angry blush formed on my cheeks. I grunted and crossed my free arm over my chest. "Wait," I hear Harry say. "You never answered my question."


"Well, I was about to but I was so rudely interrupted," I turned to glare at Molly who still was looking at me, a quizzical look on her face. She mouthed 'who is it' to me, but I only rolled my eyes and turned my attention ahead of me. "I'd love to. Just text me when and where and I'll find myself there." I smiled. 


"Great! We'll think of something and text you in a bit." He didn't even say good-bye before he hung up.


 "Good-bye to you too," I grumbled, throwing my phone onto the couch. I picked up my yogurt and took a spoon full angrily. I felt a penetrating stare in the side of my head and I slowly put the spoon down. Blinking my eyes, I turned my head towards Molly who was glaring at me curiously. "What?" I growled. 


"Who was that?" Her eyes twinkled. 


"Harry Styles." I said nonchalantly. I glanced back up at the TV which was now on a re-run on American Idol. Sighing, I grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels before I found a movie channel and was satisfied when I saw that 'Honey 2' was on. I gnawed on my bottom lip, glancing at Molly from my peripheral vision. Her mouth hung open wide and she blinked her eyes furiously.


"H-Harry Styles?" She stuttered, closing her mouth and gulping. My best friend looked like she was about to have a panic attack.


"No, it was a colorful unicorn on the phone." I said, a blank look on my face. "Yes Harry Styles, you idiot." 


Molly scoffed, a scowl setting on her lips as she sunk down into the brown leather couch and crossed her arms over her chest with a huff. I smiled at her, knowing how much she hates my sarcasm. What can I say, it's my second language. "What did he want though?" She piped up, turning her head towards me. 


I sighed, turning the TV off knowing that as soon as I told her she was going to pull me up from my comfort to go get ready. "They were wondering... well actually, Niall was wondering if I wanted to hang out, but he was too shy so Harry called me and it turned into a group deal." Molly looked at me, her eyes full of confusion. "They want us to hang out with them." I said slowly.


Her brown orbs widened, her mouth once again opening in shock. I began to wonder if she was going to start hyperventilating. "Oh. My. God!" She screamed, covering her mouth with her hands. I winced at the pitch of her scream. "Get off your lazy ass Madi, we've got to get ready!"


Molly briskly stood up and grabbed my hand, and I begrudgingly followed her. "But we don't even know what we're doing with them yet, Harry was going to text me the deets in a little bit." I whined as she trudged up the stairs.


She stopped mid stride in the hallway towards my room and glared at me. I smiled innocently at her and she turned back around. As soon as we entered my medium sized room, she let go of my hand and dashed towards my closet. 


I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into.


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