Torn(One Direction)

Madison Cooper is just your average, everyday teen waiting for her moment to shine. She wishes everyday she could travel the world instead of being stuck in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. When her best friend, Molly Strauss, forces her into going to a One Direction concert, her wishes may soon come true.


6. Chapter Six

Chapter Six


"So," I began. "When do you guys have to leave?" I questioned Niall with a raised eyebrow. I thought back to the previous week that they've been here, in my house, hanging out with two ordinary teenage girls.


Niall looked down at me, smiling. His cheeky smile sent butterflies flying crazy in my stomach and a grin to grow on my own lips. "Well, we've got Florida left to go to, and then we're heading back to London." As if a thought struck Niall's mind the smile disappeared a frown settled in. "We have to be in Florida by Thursday."


"Oh." Thursday was only two days away. Despite me not liking one direction at the beginning, the boys have a soft spot in my heart, and I could honestly call them all my best friends now. I had this feeling, though, that once they leave I'll just be a memory from one of their concerts, and I didn't want that feeling. I wanted to rip it out of my chest and stomp on it. 


I was surprised when Niall suddenly placed his hand on my cheek and his other under my chin, lifting my face to look directly into his eyes. I was suddenly aware of how close we were, so close that our breath were mingling together. "You know, Madison, you're a very special girl."


A slow blush crept up my cheeks and my eyes softened at his words. "Thanks." I whispered. 


"I know this is kind of sudden, but the lads and I have been thinking..." He trailed off, moving his hands off my face and walking over towards the park bench. I followed closely behind him and sat down beside him, crossing my legs over each other and twisting my body to face his. "You just graduated high school, right?" He asked me, and I simply nodded my head. I was anticipating what he was going to tell me. "Are you going to college or anything?"


A took a deep breath and exhaled loudly at this. Gnawing on my bottom lip, I fiddled with my fingers in my lap before looking back at him. "Well, I applied for colleges, but I didn't accept any of them." Maybe I should just tell him what I had planned to do with my life. "Ever since I was ten, I dreamed of traveling the world. I wanted to learn the different cultures of the world and understand how different people’s lives were. When I was ten, it was the first time I ever went on a plane. I remember looking dreamily at it. We were going to Paris. When I was there, that was the best time I ever had in my entire life." I took a deep breathe, looking at Niall to see all of his attention on me, and I quickly down casted my eyes again. "I feel so suffocated in this town, I've lived here my entire life and I planned this summer to be my escape, and maybe I could find out who I actually was. But nothing planned out how I wanted it too. I swore to myself I wouldn't use my dad’s money to fulfill my dream but I didn't save enough with my job so my plan was crushed."


Niall grabbed my hand, placing small, soothing circles on the back of it. I laughed humorlessly as I realized I had tears forming in my eyes. How pathetic was it that I was crying over something so stupid? He quickly, with a soft touch, wiped away the stray tear that fell down my cheek. He was about to speak, but I quickly cut him off as I continued. "One of my best friends, Kaylie, is a straight-A student with flying colors on her ACT and she gets a year to study in Europe. I'm so jealous of her and I feel so bad for it." Chuckling, I looked back up at Niall. "Sorry, I seem pretty pathetic, huh?"


Niall's eyes widened, as if in shock. "Not at all, everyone has dreams." Silence grew over us, not a awkward one, but one that was comfortable. I only knew him for a week and a half, but I felt as if I could tell him everything. "Come with us." Niall blurted out, shocking me. 


I looked up at him, eyes wide. "What?"


"Come with us, on tour! Well, actually, we only have one more stop on tour. But once we get back to London, we have a break, three months or so. Come with us." A large smile took over his face. 


I debated within myself, thinking of all the possibilities, and even the downfalls of me saying yes to this. I would leave everything here, for at least three months, but I felt that once I got over there, I would become grounded and wouldn't want to come back. "Can I maybe think about it?" I asked him.


"Of course!" He said quickly, his eyes widening. "Even if you don't come to Florida with us, we'll be glad to pay for your plane ticket to London."


I smiled and told him that they didn't have to do that, but he insisted that if I go, they would. I only rolled my eyes at him as the topic changed to many other things. We stayed in the park until you could see the sun setting and the orange of the sun fade into the sky and stars start to twinkle in the night. The moon was the only light around us. When the street lights began to flicker on, we decided it would be best to head back to my house.


~     ~     ~     ~



"Why didn't you say yes?" Molly shouted at me, her eyes wide as she flung her hands up in the air. She was pacing back and forth in my room, her brown hair crazy. Every few steps she would stop, turn her head to look at me and glare murderously at me. "How long have you dreamed of traveling, or visiting London. I'm honestly surprised you didn't invite yourself along with them!"


I winced at her loud voice, grabbing the pillow that was under my head and shoving it on my face. I groaned loudly into it, frustrated with myself. I bet Niall thought I didn't want to go. "I want to go, so badly M, but I don't know. Now that it could be reality, am I making a mistake and not going to college?"


"Mistake?" She snorted. "I haven't heard you shut up about traveling since seventh grade; I think it's your dream." Her face softened and she turned towards the bed in which I was laying on and walked over towards me. She sat down beside me, crossing her legs and placing her hands in her lap. "Sweet cheeks, this is your dream. You need to chase them or one day, you might regret it."


Silence formed between us and I began to fiddle with my fingers. I sat up with a sigh, leaning my back against he bed board and crossing my legs. My mind was torn, to go or not to go? I wondered when Molly became little Ms. Philosopher. But what she said was completely true, I needed to chase my dreams. One of the things I feared the most was not living my life how I wanted, I always tried to take life one step at a time but sometimes it became overwhelming, and this moment, this confusion and wondering, was one of those moments. 



I think secretly I made my decision long before I was ever asked, I think I made the decision the second I threw the graduation cap up in the air. No matter what, I would travel this summer, even if it was only to one different country. 


My decision was made a long time ago.


I stood up abruptly, rushing towards the mirror and briskly placing my hair in a messy bun. I stormed towards the door but stopped short. "Where are you going?" I heard Molly snap at me and I turned my head around to look at her over my shoulder. 


"Making my decision."



~     ~     ~     ~     ~


I glanced at each boy that sat in my living room. Niall, Liam and Zayn were sitting on the couch while Harry had his back against Niall's legs and Louis sat next to him. I kept taking deep breaths as they looked at me expectantly. I began pacing, crossing my arms over my chest as I became deep in thought. 


"What is she doing?" I heard one of them whisper.


I stopped and turned to look at them, smiling slightly. "So, I’ve thought over your offer..." I trailed off, wondering how to come out with this. "I..." I stuttered over the words once again, honestly not believing what I was about to say. "I'll go."


In the next second the air was knocked out of me as I was tackled in hugs. I felt my feet leave the ground. Shouts of joy filled the room and I wheezed for breath. "Guys... can't breathe." I managed out. 


They all scrambled around and eventually settled down around me. We all lay on our backs, staring up at the white ceiling. "I'm going to London..." I whispered out, my eyes wide and full of shock. 


"Obviously..." I heard Harry mutter out. 


I rolled my eyes and reached over to slap the boy that lay next to me. I laid my arm back beside me and felt his arm brush against mine. I smiled. "It's just now really processing though..." I muttered. 


"Wait," Louis said, sitting up abruptly. "Are you going to Florida with us?" He asked.


"You should, it'd be fun." I heard Zayn say. 


"Would you guys mind if I stayed here to pack? I can buy my own plane ticket, that's no problem." I winced. I dreaded telling them this part because I knew they wanted me to go with them to their final US concert.


"That's fine, we can cover your air fare." Liam said, and I could hear the smile in his voice as he said this.


"Whatever." I mumbled. 


Molly eventually tumbled down stairs and laughed at us as we continued to lie on the ground. She sat above us on the couch and talked religiously with us through the night. But all through the evening, my mind woudn't stop playing adventures that could happen when I did travel to London. My body was filled with excitement, yet I was scared at the same time. Another large thought came to my mind; I still had to inform my parents that I was going out of country, and that I didn't accept any colleges.

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