Torn(One Direction)

Madison Cooper is just your average, everyday teen waiting for her moment to shine. She wishes everyday she could travel the world instead of being stuck in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. When her best friend, Molly Strauss, forces her into going to a One Direction concert, her wishes may soon come true.


7. Chapter Seven



Chapter Seven


Large tears threatened to spill over the brim of my eyes as I glanced at my best friend, Molly. Memories of past adventures flooded my mind, and I couldn't help the small smile that formed on my lips. It pushed through all the second thoughts and the sadness my heart wrenched with. I was going to London. Maybe only the summer at the moment, but what if I fall in love with the country and stay?


"Promise to stay in contact?"


I watched a single tear roll down her rosy cheek and I watched her quickly swipe it away. "I promise." I smile at her as I said the words.


She echoed my smile and briskly wrapped her arms around my body, a sobbed wracked through her body and I wrapped my own slender arms around her. I held the tears in as I closed my eyes and laid my head on her shoulder. 


Our embrace lasted for minutes, us not wanting to let go of one another because then the reality of my decision was going to come true and change both of our lives. With one last tight squeeze, we both stepped out of the hug. 


"Now, have fun- but not too much." Molly rolled her eyes and smiled at that. "And at the end of summer, pack for NYU and go there and enjoy yourself. I'll come visit you the second I come back at the end of August." I choked on my words as they came out. Was this really happening?


I glanced at my phone, noting the time in my mind. One hour. "Bye Madi." She smiled at me, but I could see the underlying sadness that was under that happiness. "Have so much fun and if I see you in the tabloids, expect a call from me." She pointedly told me. 


"I wouldn't expect any less." I joked. We both bubbled with laughter, but it soon faded when the joke began to ware. The more the time moved closer to the next hour, the more reality sat in. "Bye babe."


I turned around and walked towards the long line I still had yet to go through. I did not dare look backwards in fear that my mind would change at the last second. I did not dare look back because I feared I would see life flash before my eyes if I didn't make this decision. But most of all, I feared everyone would forget me. 


I shook my head, swiping the corner of my eyes that had large, clear tears forming in them before I glanced back at the line. 


This will be fun.


~     ~     ~     ~     ~


The seats were uncomfortable. 


I was alone in Dallas Fort Worth Airport, bored. I had my phone to entertain me, but Temple Run and Fruit Ninja quickly became boring and going through customs didn't take nearly as long as I thought. 


Unfortunately, the only downside of hanging out with One Direction for the last two weeks was that people noticed. Molly and I made tabloids a few times and some fans were happy, while some became enraged with hate. Hate towards us. I don't let hate get to me though, and since I don't have a Twitter or any social networking I didn't even see the whole force of it. 


I switched my thoughts over to London. What was it going to be like, who were the people I was going to meet? Were they going to be nice? I needed to stop thinking or I would start second guessing myself. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. London was a dream, and my dream was finally coming true. I couldn't wait to know what adventures it would bring me.


I looked around, and I immediately felt overwhelmed with the number of people. Families of all kind flocked in crowds of two or more, some married, some with kids. I grinned at the couples smiling and laughing with each other, some were cuddling up on the small chairs that the airport provided and I couldn't help but wish that I had someone to share that with. Sure, I've had previous boyfriends, but I never really felt connected to them. 


A presence sitting down next to me brought me from my thoughts, and I couldn't help but notice how close they were. Without looking at them, I scooted as far away as them as I could. The chair I was sitting on was a bench style so it was made for two, I could easily scoot away. However, I was shocked when the person moved closer. "Excuse me, could you please-" I stopped short when I looked up at the person. Crystalline blue eyes and shiny blonde hair. "Niall?" I asked, dumbfounded. 


"Surprised?" He grinned at me.


"What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be on your way back to London... wait, are the rest of them here?" Questions spluttered from every direction in my mind. 


Niall laughed at me, rolling his eyes as he placed his hand over my mouth as I started to speak again. I grumbled angry profanities at him when he didn't release me from his grip. "I thought you might want an airplane buddy for the long trip. No they aren't here, they are on their way back to London."


He removed his hand from my face and I sighed, taking in a deep breath of air and then smiling 'sweetly' at him. "Thank you." Then I reached my hand up to the back of his head, and slapped him. 


Niall let out a loud groan as he brought his hands to grasp the back of his head. He looked at me like I was crazy. "What was that for?" He quizzed me. 


"That my dear, dear Irish friend," I began, fumbling my fingers in an evil manner in front of my face. "Is for making me incapable of speaking." I smiled at him. 


Our eyes met each other and I felt something begin to stir in my stomach. A smile fluttered onto Niall's light pink lips and I couldn't help but mirror his expression. 


"How much longer until the flight?"


I glanced down at the ticket I was gripping tightly in my hand and read the time. 3:45. "Well, not too long actually. The flight is supposed to be here at three forty-five, so I would guess we'd start boarding soon." I said as I glanced outside the large, floor to ceiling length windows that showed the entire terminal in the airport. A large, jumbo jet sat firmly in its place as workers ran to and from its bottom compartment. "The plane is here, so it has to be soon."


Niall nodded his head and grabbed my ticket from my hand and I gaped at him. "Hey, look at that. We've got seats right next to each other!"


I snorted loudly as I leaned over his body to reach for my ticket that he was waving around in the air. I cursed my short stature when I couldn't reach. Moodily, I jumped up from my seat and stomped my feet to stand in front of him. I crossed my arms over my chest, a pout forming on my lips. I looked down at the Irish boy with large eyes, hoping I would get my way. "Can I please have my ticket back?"


Niall's whole playful demeanor changed, and I was hoping it was at the sight of me. I knew how to get what I wanted, when I wanted it. I always thanked Molly for teaching me the 'puppy dog' eyes.


He let out a large sigh, relaxed his body and handed me back my ticket. I smiled inwardly, twisting my body back around in the chair and crossing my legs. "You’re welcome?" He questioned out.


I craned my neck to look at his face and I smirked at his raised eyebrow. I turned my head to the side, a look of innocent confusion coming across my features. "What?" I acted.


He rolled his startling crystalline blue eyes and I saw a smile escape at the edge of his pale pink lips.


I opened my mouth to come back with a smart remark, but was quickly interrupted by voice. "Flight 182 to Chicago O'Hare is now boarding. First class attendees please form a single file line at the check in desk. If you are not first class, we will call your sections in a few moments." The voice clicked off.


I turned to Niall, who was already standing with his backpack slung over his shoulder. I stood up beside him, grasping my carry-on bag tightly in my hand. With a deep sigh, I looked around the airport one more time. I wouldn't see this place for a while; I wouldn't see Dallas for a while. A serene feeling bubbled inside me. I was coming to peace with my decision. A large grin formed on my lips as I shook my head and let out a hearty chuckle. Who would have thought One Direction would have made my dreams come true?


"You ready?"


I glanced at Niall, the blonde haired, blue-eyed Irish member of famous, number one single and album boy band. The biggest band since the Beatles. "I was born ready."



~     ~      ~     ~



Now these seats where insanely comfortable.


Like I could curl up into a ball and die kind of comfortable.


After landing in Chicago, Niall was quickly recognized and mobbed by fans. Luckily though, considering we were in an airport, there weren't many. And the idiot had decided to travel without a body guard or anything. I'm still wondering how he got away with that, considering how Paul is. I shrugged at my thoughts as I brought my knees up to my chest and glanced out the small window. The window I fought Niall for. I threatened his bag of potato chips.


Being over the ocean I felt like it could swallow me. A vast seas of blue much like Niall's eyes. The last time I flew, I was stuck in the aisle seat and I didn't really care much for my surroundings. I was more into the latest fashion magazine and blasting the latest hits in music into my ears.


I looked over at Niall, who had his face towards me. His eyes where closed and his mouth was slightly open. Soft snores echoed from his chest, almost so quiet I could barely hear. I sighed, reaching down under my seat for my bag. I pulled out my iPhone and plugged in the white ear buds, placing only the left side into my ear. I quickly pressed play on the song that first came up, and it just so happened to be the song I've had stuck in my head for a while.


As I began humming along to it, I was shocked when I felt a tug on the earphones. I blinked, looking to left and was surprised when I looked right into Niall's eyes. "Listening to our music, huh? What happened to not being a big One Direction fan?" I could tell he was holding back laughter.


I rolled my eyes at him, attempting to hold back my smile, but failing miserably. "That was a few weeks ago, when I thought you guys where just a bunch of stuck up British boys- that was also before I knew you were from Ireland." I quickly added the last statement when I saw him open his mouth. "Technically, I've been with you boys from the start- thanks to Molly. No offence, but it was One Direction this, One Direction that. I just learned to block it out, so I never learned much about you guys." I suddenly felt guilty that I ever thought any of this stuff about them. They were the sweetest and most down to earth people I've ever met. "Now, I may just have to say I'm a fan. The music is catchy."


"You better like our music, if you didn't I might have to throw you out the plane right now." I knew he was joking when he began to laugh. "I actually have a question for you." He said when our joint laughter died down.




"What would you have done if you didn't come back to London with us?" His eyes held bubbled of curiosity.


I contemplated with the question for a long minute. What would I have done? "I’d probably be working. As you know, I applied for colleges and got accepted into a few, but I just can't see myself going to college yet." I nibbled on my bottom lip, debating if I should tell him the real reason I wanted to travel this summer. Who was I kidding, I could trust Niall. I may have only known him for a few weeks, but it felt like I've known him for years. "The reason I wanted to travel this summer was that I was hoping I could find myself. When I was in high school, I wasn't exactly the best student ever. The first three years of high school I partied, got drunk, got high and was, well, to say the least a complete bitch. I even got in trouble with the law a few times. But over the summer before senior year, something snapped inside of me. I still don't know what it was, but I changed; and it was for the better. I think I was just rebelling, against my dad. I've always been known as little Miss. Rich Girl at my school. Through the entire course of three years, my dad never gave up on me. He always told me that 'His little girl was somewhere inside'." My eyes widened when I took a deep breathe.


"Sorry, I ramble too much." I winced as I apologized to Niall. I looked over at him, shocked when I saw him looking right at me. Our eyes connected and those damn butterflies in my stomach returned. I was unfamiliar with the feeling, and I still wasn't sure what it was.


"It's fine." He whispered. "I'm happy that you trust me so much to tell me all these things."


I smiled at Niall. "I know we've only known each other for a few weeks, but I feel like I've known you all for years."


A wide grin spread across his rosy lips, but he said nothing. A silent agreement was said between us with a nod of his head. I reached for my headphones and gave him one. I placed the white bud in my left ear while Niall placed his in his left. I instantly relaxed when Ed Sheeran’s 'The A Team' flowed through the little speakers. Feeling uncomfortable, I brought my legs up to the right of my body and leaned my head on Niall's shoulder. From the corner of my eye, I could see a small smile light up on his face as he leaned his head on mine. With great courage, I grasped his hand in mine, our fingers intertwining. Niall squeezed my hand as we hit a bump of turbulence in the air.


I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling. Everything felt right in this moment.


~     ~     ~     ~     ~


"Wow..." I breathed as the crisp air of London hit my body. I was glad I decided to wear a jacket on the plane, because it was definitely colder here than it was in Dallas.


"Like it so far?" Niall asked me as he grabbed our bags and placed them on a rolling cart.


I looked over at him, noticing the bright smile on his face. I've seen him smile many times, but I haven't seen a smile like this before. This smile could light up an entire room. "So far, I love it." I admitted truthfully. Even though we were only in the airport, it was already such a large culture shock. People dressed, talked and even stood differently here.


I looked up at Niall when he cursed under his breath. Scrunching an eyebrow, I looked at him in confusion. "Looks like we've got company." He flicked his head to the right and I instantly understood what he meant.


A large group of paparazzi and fans where coming from the large hallway on the left of the airport commons. I squeaked when I felt someone grab my hand, but relaxed when I realized it was only Niall. He smiled down at me apologetically. "Just act normal, I'll get you out of here." He said to me as he began walking towards the exit of the airport.


I gasped when more air of London's cold temperatures hit my body. It was even colder out here than it was inside the airport! Niall stopped walking when we reached a large, black SUV. I smiled when I instantly recognized Paul as he took the bags from Niall and threw them in the trunk. Niall opened the back passenger side door for me and I climbed in, scooting over to the other side so Niall could get in after me.


"Welcome to London." Niall laughed jokingly.


~     ~     ~     ~    ~


After the movie ended, I stretched my arms high above my head and let out a loud yawn. I looked around the crowded living room, laughing when I looked at Harry. He was sitting on the chair across from the love seat I was sitting on. But what was funny about it was that he was upside down, his curls hanging down from his head, his cheeks red from the rush of blood that was coming to his head. I rolled my eyes and giggled at him.


When Niall and I reached Louis and Harry's flat, I was quickly bombarded with hugs. We all caught up and I was quickly told I would be rooming with Niall, because apparently he was the only one who lived alone because no one wanted to live with the boy who ate so much. I loved that part, because that meant Niall had a lot of food, and I liked food.


Liam had quickly decided for us all that we were going to watch a movie, and thus we began watching Toy Story. I loved that movie, and I cried when the last one came out. I was forever a little kid at heart. So while Liam and I fangirled over the movie, the rest of the boys sarcastically quoted the movie over and over. I guess Toy Story was a popular choice in the One Direction households.


"Do you have a Twitter, Madi?" Louis asked me.


I rubbed the tired from my eyes and looked at him. "Nope, anything to do with online social networks I don't have. I don't understand them." I admitted to them. Truthfully, I always wanted one, but never had the patience to understand how to use one.


"Say what?" Zayn sat up from lying down on the floor, his eyes wide.


"How do you not have a twitter?" Harry asked incuriously, his face mirroring Zayn’s shocked expression.


I shrugged my shoulders, unable to answer his question.


"Then we're making you one." They all chorused and Niall shot up from the couch to go get his laptop.


He returned a few minutes later, placing the laptop on my lap. I glanced at the screen, seeing the website Twitter was already pulled up. Rolling my eyes and letting out a long sigh, I quickly typed in my necessary information. When I came to the username part, I was stuck for a minute but quickly thought of a good name. "How do I make a tweet?" I asked the boys. Niall, who was standing behind me, quickly gave me a quick run through on the usage of twitter.


MadMadixx: Thanks to @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles @Louis_Tomlinson @zaynmalik & @Real_Liam_Payne I now have a twitter! x


I instantly got five new followers, and I smiled when I realized it was the boys who followed me. I also got a notification that I was mentioned in a few tweets.


NiallOfficial: Everyone go follow @MadMadixx ! She's a very close friend of all of us


Louis_Tomlinson: Go follow @MadMadixx because she likes food as much as Niall!


zaynmalik: Go follow @MadMadixx


Harry_Styles: @MadMadixx has some of the brightest red hair I've ever seen. You can see her from miles away!


When I saw this mention from Harry, I instantly glared at him. Over the course of the few weeks, he'd been joking and nagging me about my hair.


Real_Liam_Payne: @MadMadixx and I just fangirled together over Toy Story!


I was quickly overwhelmed by how many followers I gained in such little time. The boys laughed at my expression and I kept refreshing my profile, watching the numbers grow with each click.


MadMadixx: Thanks everyone for following!


I quickly logged off and handed Niall his laptop back. I relaxed back into the sofa, curling up with the blanket that was on my legs. Everyone except Niall went into conversation with each other as he came to sit down beside me. I lifted the blanket up and handed it to him so he could cover his legs. "What's up?" I asked him, smiling.


"Well," He began, fiddling with his fingers. "Actually, tomorrow I'm heading to Mullingar for a few days. I haven't seen my family since the beginning of the tour. I just thought I'd let you know. Harry said he wanted to hang out with you though. I don't think you'll see much of Louis, Zayn, and Liam for a week or so. I think Lou is heading somewhere with Eleanor and I'm sure Zayn and Liam are going to be with Dani and Perrie a lot."


"Thank you for telling me." I thanked him. "When will you be back?" I asked.


"Probably Saturday." He answered.


I nodded my head and let out a loud yawn. This jet lag was already getting to me. Niall patted his shoulder and I briskly leaned my body against his, curling the blanket tighter around me. I closed my eyes, letting out a small sigh of content.


Louis_Tomlinson: Look how cute they are! @MadMadixx and @NiallOfficial .


Grumbling, I glared at Lou and flipped him off after I looked at the picture he took. When he smiled back widely, I pouted and closed my eyes and leaned back on Niall. I heard snickering, and I could only imagine what they were doing now.


But I ignored it, because I was quickly falling asleep.


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