Torn(One Direction)

Madison Cooper is just your average, everyday teen waiting for her moment to shine. She wishes everyday she could travel the world instead of being stuck in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. When her best friend, Molly Strauss, forces her into going to a One Direction concert, her wishes may soon come true.


1. Chapter One




Chapter One


"Molly, how many times do I have to tell you; I am not going with you to some lame concert!" I snapped at my brown headed best friend for what seemed like the thousandth time this hour.


She gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. Her eyes turned murderous as she glared at me. "One Direction is not lame, how dare you even think of saying those words." She spat at me, the deathly look not leaving her eyes.


I only rolled my eyes at her and flipped my pin straight, bright red hair over my shoulder. "Whatever you say Molls," I sung at her, diligently ignoring the annoying part of my brain that enjoyed the tunes from the five boys. When I was along, I often found myself humming and singing along to their blasted song 'What Makes You Beautiful.' I flipped back down onto my bed, rolling over onto my stomach as I began to flip through the fashion magazine once again. As I flipped to the next page, I wanted to screech with fury. One Direction just seemed to be everywhere.


"What?" Molly said as she rushed back into my bedroom, a toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. I held in my laughter at the sight, her brown hair was placed in a messy bun atop her head, and she had a line of toothpaste running out of her mouth. "What's wrong?" She mumbled out the words as she began to brush her teeth furiously. 


"They're... they're..." I mumbled out, my voice clouded with shock and pure frustration. "There is no escaping those damn boys, is there?" I looked up questioningly at her.


She laughed silently at me; turning her back and walking into the bathroom where I could hear the water turn on. A minute later I heard her gurgling water before the sound of it being spat out filled the emptiness of my room. 


I simply loved my room, it was filled with posters of bands and artist I actually liked- ones that were actually good and worth my time to listen to. From the rap artist Wiz Khalifa to pop band Hot Chelle Rae and even a poster of country singer Luke Bryan. You could easily tell by my room that my music variety ranged widely. I had a large queen sized bed in the corner that had a simple, grey comforter placed delicately on it. Christmas lights dangled from the ceiling and they added the extra light that was need in my room.


"Why isn't Kaylie going with us again?" I questioned, closing the magazine as I turned my head towards Molly. I raised an eyebrow at her and nibbled my bottom lip with anticipation. Molly had mentioned going shopping later this afternoon, and even though I wasn't like most girls who dropped to my knees for one direction, I enjoyed shopping.


"Because," She said cheerily, bounding out of my bathroom with her hair now in perfect curls cascading down her back. She was in simple jean cut-off shorts and a loose white V-neck shirt. I smiled down at her studded vans that I had made for her. "Kaylie is going to Paris soon, don't you remember?"


"Oh, of course, how could I forget?" I mumbled bitterly. Kaylie was a straight-A student who aspired to be the best at everything she did, and Kaylie achieved just that. She passed her SAT's with flying colors, and Kaylie was even a year younger than us but was bumped up a grade due to her overly smart brain. Late senior year, Kaylie received a letter in the mail asking if she would like to study abroad for a year and then return back to the states and finish college at Princeton. Kaylie was not only smart, but stunning too.


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous, because I was. I wasn't the best student, but not also the worst. My dream was to travel the world; to escape my hometown that I feel like is drowning me. Thankfully enough, though, I recently moved out of my mom’s house and was renting a small apartment on the money dad gave to me. 


Molly's eyes softened as she glanced at me. "You'll get your chance too, just keep your mind set on your dreams and it will come true."


Sighing loudly, I smiled back at her. "I know, I just wish it'll be sooner, rather than later." I stood up from my bed, walking quickly over to my closet and stripping the oversized sweatshirt in the process. I quickly threw on a flowy white tank top and a long, pastel pink skirt. "Now," I began, turning back around towards Molly. "Since you offered the shopping trip, you're driving." I said, picking up my purse and walking out of my bedroom.


"I call driving your car!" I heard her shout.




"No... no this one!" Molly shouted, pulling another dress from the clothing rack. I glanced at her, eyeing the black material up and down. I sucked in my bottom lip, which was a bad habit of mine, as I thought of how to nicely say no to her. Molly quickly caught on though from my silence. "Alright, fine then... I'll look for my outfit and you can look for yours." She said indifferently, not sparing me a second glance before she turned her back to me and walked to the opposite side of the store.


I sighed, turning back to the rack of clothing items and not bothering to chase after Molly, she needed to cool down a bit. I continued flicking my way through the clothes, ignoring any black dresses, which I'm not saying I don't like them, but I felt like they didn't fit the occasion very well. I nearly gasped when I saw the dress, and I quickly stopped shuffling through the fabrics and grabbed the hanger off the stand before running to the dressing room.


I exited bare foot, smoothing down the soft material on my legs as I walked over to the three way mirror.  It was a simple tank top dress that wasn't cut too low on the cleavage and ended mid-thigh. It was covered in a flower pattern with purple, white and pink roses. I absolutely loved this dress.


"Oh my god, that is too cute!" I heard Molly squeal as she entered the changing area. "Here, try this on with it!" Her voice was full of enthusiasm as she handed me a heavily studded leather jacket. I instantly fell in love with the feeling of the leather.


"This is it," I whispered. "What if I made it even more edgy with ripped legging and my Jeffrey Campbell boots?" I questioned her. 


She nodded her head frantically. "You'll definitely be the hottest one there." She winked her eye at me before she took her own clothing choices into a changing station.


Sighing happily, I turned back towards the mirror. No matter how much I dreaded going to this concert, I wanted to dress nice for it, because I knew the tickets weren't cheap for where we were sitting. And it wouldn't hurt to get noticed, either, ay?



As we walked into the food court, my stomach growled with hunger at all the amazing smells. My eyes landed on a Chinese place called 'Peppers Express' and my mouth watered. "I'm getting some orange chicken." I told Molly.


She glanced at me and smiled. "You and your Chinese food," She shook her head and laughed silently at me "I'm going to go get Chick-Fil-A, meet at the usual table?" She asked.


I nodded my head briskly at her, and then I quickly bounded to the Chinese place. Before I could make it to a stop, my body collided with another and somehow my foot entangled with my other and I tripped. I waited impatiently for the impact of the cold, tile flooring but it never came. I had my eyes closed tightly together, and when I made sure that no impact was coming, I slowly opened my right eye. My other eye shot open wide when I was met with the bluest eyes ever. It was a shocking blue that I couldn't even seem to find the words to describe. "Ah," I coughed as I felt his hands on my waist for the first time, and he easily lifted me back onto my feet. "Sorry about that, I was too focused on the food." I joked. 


His crooked smile had me melting at my feet. I wonder who this stranger was. "It's no problem, love." Dear God, it was a boy with an accent. They were seriously my weakness. I heard someone shout and the boy who saved me turned around to whoever was yelling. "Yeah, I'm coming, hang on!" I could literally feel my knees melting away, and I wondered if he'd have to catch me again. "Sorry..."


"Madison." I interjected quickly.


His eyes brightened but then it quickly went away when we both heard shouting again. "I'm sorry, I've got to go; me and my lads were just here grabbing a few things."


A small blush formed on my cheeks. "It's no problem, I'm sorry for running into you." I apologized once again. I felt like I had no control over the words coming out of my mouth.


"Maybe I'll see you around again," He smiled as he winked at me. 


"Yeah..." I trailed off, smiling back at him before he turned around and walked away. I watched him until I couldn't anymore. I blinked my eyes a few times, letting my mind come off cloud nine so I could order that dang orange chicken my stomach was craving.



I sat down in the seat across from Molly, who was happily munching away on her chicken. I stared blankly at my orange coated chicken as the recent events played through my mind. I could faintly remember seeing the blonde hair that stuck out from his hat, but my mind kept going back to his sky blue orbs. I felt like I could have gotten lost in them for days.


"Madi, are you even listening to me?" Molly asked, snapping her fingers in front of my face.


I blinked, letting the day dream I was having float away. "Yeah, sorry, what were you saying?" I asked her, letting a smile crawl onto my lips as I looked at my brown haired best friend.


She eyes me suspiciously before picking up her drink and taking a short sip. "I was just talking about tomorrow’s concert, I'm so excited!" She squealed. 


Rolling my eyes, I picked up my fork and brought a piece of the heavenly food to my mouth. "Yeah, it's going to be so fun." I mumbled, taking a bite out of it. 


 "Cheer up Madi," She demanded me. "It's going to be the best time of your life, and I'll do anything to make you admit that."




Section eleven, row one, directly in the middle. I could literally feel the heat off the lights beaming onto the stage. How much did these tickets cost again? I stood stock still in my spot, knowing that if I was calm, I could very well possibly be knocked down by all these screaming fan girls. "God, these kids don't know-" I began, but stopped short when I looked over at my best friend, who herself, was fangirling. Inhaling a deep breathe, I clenched my right hand into a fist. This will all be over soon... I hope.


"Oh my God! I can't believe I’m here!" Molly squealed, grabbing my hand and jumping up and down. "Why aren't you jumping?" She shouted at me and her eyes filled with unmistakable excitement.


"Because," I began, ripping my hands from hers. "I have yet to be entertained." Turning back towards the stage, I crossed my arms over my chest and cursed myself that I didn't bring a light sweater or something. Despite it being the peak of the summer and it was ninety-four degrees outside at seven o'clock; I was freezing. However, I knew once the concert started and everyone starts jumping around, it would warm up in here and I will be surrounded by a mess of crazy teenage girls.


A sudden rumble of cheers and screams had me jumping slightly, and then a beat filled the room. I looked up at the stage and quickly, five boys entered. The crowd went insane. I looked over at Molly and she was mirroring what all the other teenage girls were doing; shaking from the excitement. 


As they got further into their song, it so happened to be 'What Makes You Beautiful', I began tapping my foot and adrenaline coursed through my veins. I stared wide eyed up at the stage. Molly grabbed my hand and I began jumping up and down with her. The coldness my body once felt was no longer their as the heat began coursing through me. 


I eyed one of the members in particular, the blonde one with the Irish accent, and I couldn't remember what Molly told me his name was for the life of me. I found him the cutest out of all of them. And then there was the one with the brown curly hair, and I wanted to think his name was Harry or something. I marveled at the one with blackish brown hair, he had amazing tattoos. I always wanted to get one but I was always afraid of the pain.




When the concert was over, I waited for Molly outside the arena while she used the restroom. I was all giddy for what was to come next. Every time Molly and I go to a concert --which is pretty frequently-- we play dares on each other, and soon we created ’Concert Dares’. Basically, we see how far the other will go with the dares we give, and the first person to say no to do a dare, loses. 


"I dare you to sneak backstage and find one direction!" Someone shouted into my ear. 


I let out a loud squeak of shock, causing people to look over at me like I was crazy, and turned around to the culprit. I slapped Molly on the shoulder, scolding her. "Don't scare me like that!" I snapped at her. "And..."


"If you say no, I win!" She sung, smirking slightly at me.


"Find then," I said, crossing my arms over my body and tapping my foot. How in the world was I supposed to do this? There was heavy security everywhere... maybe I shouldn't do this dare, it could end really badly. Like jail, I'm eighteen and that wouldn't look good on my record. Being headstrong, I looked flippantly turned to Molly. "Fine, this is how we'll do it..." I began, then went closer to her ear and whispered the plan.


She nodded her head excitedly, as she let a frightened look come across her face. "Help! That man just took my wallet!" She sounded so real.


When I saw the security rush towards the way she was pointed, I took this as my chance to dash down the long hallway at the back of the arena. I kept glancing over my shoulder and not paying attention to where I was going. My eyes widened when I saw a guy in all black running towards me, yelling 'Stop!’


Ignoring him, I kept running, but I soon collided with a warm body. I let out ‘oomph’ and squeezed my eyes shut as I waited for the impact. When nothing came, I slowly arched my eyes open and gasped at the sight. Did I travel back in time? Am I back at the mall? I felt like I was looking into the sea as I stared at the boy who caught me. He had his hands gripped at my waist and I saw the muscles in his arms flex as he held my weight. 


I was about to speak but was cut short with shock when he spoke his first words, "Nice to meet you again."

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