Torn(One Direction)

Madison Cooper is just your average, everyday teen waiting for her moment to shine. She wishes everyday she could travel the world instead of being stuck in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. When her best friend, Molly Strauss, forces her into going to a One Direction concert, her wishes may soon come true.


4. Chapter Four

Chapter Four


After an hour, Molly had finally emerged from my closet with the 'perfect' outfits for us to wear. A little while after Harry hung up, he sent me a message saying to meet him at 'Bentely Park'. He had told me it was south of the townhouse where I lived. I remember driving by it a few times on my way to work and marveling at the bright colored playground equipment. A large smile stretched across my face, for some reason, I was really excited to hang out with the five pop stars.


"Get your head out of your daydream and get ready." Molly snapped as she rolled her brown pupils at me. When I didn't move, she cocked her hip to the side and placed a firm hand on it. 


Sighing, I stood up from the warmth of confines of my bed and examined the outfit she picked out for me. I actually, for once, approved of the outfit she chose. A wavy, see through red and blue striped tank top that was paired with a navy blue spaghetti strapped shirt underneath it. High waisted blue shorts and red vans completed the outfit. I glanced at the outfit next to mine, smiling at Molly's choice. I actually like it, too. Hers was a pair of denim shorts and a shirt that read 'running wild' across the chest and tied at her stomach. She had paired it with a pair of my beloved worn down white converse that know looked crème.


Glancing at the clock on my bedside table, I quickly stripped my top off when I realized we told the boys we'd meet them at the park at two o'clock. It was now one-thirty, and the drive was at least thirty minutes.


When the clothes were placed smoothly on my body, I ran to the mirror and brushed through the tangled mess on my head. I applied a quick layer of mascara and was ready. I looked back at Molly, who thankfully, was ready. Normally that girl takes forever to get dressed. I knew deep down inside she was holding back her excitement because let’s face it, Molly was obsessed


"Ready?" I asked her, picking up my keys and wallet. She nodded her head at me and I grabbed her wrist. Laughter echoed from her and I only shook my head at her. When we exited the front door, I stopped and turned back around towards the blue colored door and stuck the key in the lock. When I heard the click, I was satisfied and bounded towards my car that Molly was already waiting beside. 


"I don't understand why you don't park in the garage." She snapped, opening the door as soon as I unlocked it. "I mean, seriously, you've got this damn expensive car, aren't you afraid someone will steal it?"


"Nope, I don't really worry about that here, it's a nice area." I answered with a shrug off my shoulders. "Plus, I've got the Range Rover in there." I added with a role of my eyes. 


I tried so many times to refuse the cars my dad gave me, but he insisted upon me taking both the Range Rover and the BMW m6. I hated it because people looked at me like I was some stuck up rich kid who got whatever she asked her daddy for. I, for the most part, lived off my own money that I made at the job I worked at. 


"Oh right, Daddy's present for graduation." Molly rolled her eyes. She envied me, but I wasn't sure why when her parents themselves made a bucket load of money and gave Molly anything she wanted. 


Sighing, I rolled my eyes at her and exited the highway, glancing at the clock and noticing we had five minutes till two.


-     -     -     -     -



"That's a really nice car." A British voice spoke and a low whistle followed. 


I jumped in surprise at the voice and turned around to find a curly headed boy. "Hello to you too." I snapped at Harry who chuckled at my scared expression. 


"Did I scare you, love?" He asked, smile lighting up his face and showing his teeth. I mirrored his expression when I saw the dimples that formed on his cheeks. I oddly wanted to pinch his cheeks at how adorable it was. 


"Just a bit." I responded with a laugh. 


Harry chuckled, running a hand through his curls and placing a pair of black sunglasses over his eyes. "I didn't realize you could afford a car like that, aren't you like, eighteen or something?" He mused and I saw behind him that the other boys were closing in on us. 


Raising an eyebrow at him, I cocked my hip to the right and placed a firm hand on it. "Don't judge a girl by what she looks like or her age," I joked. "But no, I can't. Daddy can though." I added in a sweet voice, letting my eyes grow wide. 


Harry could only get out another laugh before someone jumped onto my back and shouted, "Hey everyone!" I instantly recognized the voice as Molly's.


"What the hell!" I snapped at her, grabbing onto her legs that wrapped around my waist so she wouldn't fall.


Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn had all circled around Harry by now and were laughing at us. I began to lose my footing caused by the sudden weight that Molly put on me. She's a skinny thing, but her jump was so unexpected I couldn't prepare myself for her. 


I soon felt the grassy ground beneath me and Molly's weight on my side as she landed sideways on me. Letting out a loud groan, I lifted my hand and formed a fist and hit her on the shoulder. "You’re such a dimwit sometimes." Despite being slightly angry at my brown headed best friend, I couldn't help the laugh that bubbled in my chest and soon echoed out of my lips.


Molly grunted at me and rolled off from on top of me. She stood up herself but me, being the lazy person I am jutted out my bottom lip and reached my hand up. I blinked my eyes and let them fill with tears. I was only looking at Molly, hoping she would be the kind best friend and help me up since she was the reason I was on the ground in the first place.


I was shocked, however, when a firm, muscled hand enveloped mine. I looked up, wide eyed at whoever grabbed my small hand. Bright blue eyes and a cheeky smile entered my vision. "Thanks." I beamed up at Niall as he lifted me up and onto my feet. 

"You're welcome." He smiled back.


I dusted off my shorts and pulled my shirt that had ridden up back down. As I turned back towards the entire group, I wondered what we were going to do today. "So," I began. "What's on the agenda today?"


"We thought we could just hang out here, it doesn't seem too busy and we don't feel like being trampled by fans today," Liam said.


"Carrots!" Louis suddenly shouted. I blinked my eyes from shock and turned to look at him. 


Laughter escaped from my lips and soon everyone, including Louis, where laughing. My laughing was so hard that I had to bend over and clutch my stomach. Small tears streamed out of the corners of my eyes as I thought about what he just did. 


"So, you really like carrots?" Molly enquired Louis when she sobered up from her round of chuckling. 


"Of course, I mean, who doesn't like carrots." His bubbly voice said. 


I wanted to say 'I don't' but I didn't want to burst his happy bubble. "Madison do-" Molly began, but I quickly cut her off when I kicked her in the back of the leg. She turned to glare at me, but I acted like I did nothing as I crossed my arms over my chest. 


"Madison what?" Zayn spoke his first words of the evening and I was quickly mesmerized by his smooth voice. I turned to look at him, and when I noticed that his eyes where already looking at me, I smiled at him. 


"Nothing," I shook my head, hoping the topic would drop.


"Swings!" Molly gasped, her eyes widening as she pushed her way around us and ran towards the blue swings. 


I rolled my eyes at her. "Sorry, she's such a little two year old." I laughed as I began walking towards the park equipment. "Just so you know, she is fangirling inside, but she's staying calm because she doesn't want to scare you away." I winked at them before I myself, ran crazily to the swings and began to push my feet off the ground




"This was seriously some of the most fun I've had in a long time." I sighed as I collapsed onto the grassy earth. The sun was setting in the horizon, leaving the sky with a purple and red hue. I could see the beginning remnants of big white stars high above. 


We all played around at the park for a few hours, getting to know each other and even playing a game of tag. To say the least, I wasn't lying when I said this was some of the most fun I had in a while. Living alone had some perks, but also many downfalls.


"I'm hungry." Niall whined, rubbing his hands on his stomach. I chuckled at him, but agreed. I was starving! I also learned today that Niall was always hungry.


"Me too," I said, and my stomach growled loudly just to prove my point.


"You're always hungry." Molly snapped at me as she lifted her weight onto her elbows. 


I shrugged my shoulders and stood up from the ground. I dusted off my shorts and reached my hand out for Niall to take. We'd grown oddly close this afternoon, we just clicked. He gladly took my hand and I lifted him up as much as I could. When Niall was standing up, I tried to take my hand from his but he only squeezed my hand tighter into his. A small blush formed on my cheeks when I relaxed into his hold. "There's a great pizza place just across the street, do you want to go there?" I suggested.


"Pizza sounds wonderful!" Liam exclaimed. 


I smiled at him and began walking, Niall right beside me. When we entered the pizza shop, I was welcomed by the soothing smell of cheese pizza. My mouth watered at the taste and we quickly seated ourselves. I also noticed that more attention was brought onto us, and I began thinking that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. 


"It's fine." Niall whispered into my ear as he sat down beside me into the large booth. 


I turned to look at him, a small smile forming on my lips. "You sure? I mean, we can get take out and go back to my townhouse." I suggested becoming slightly uncomfortable with the noticeable stares that where looking our way. 


"Trying to get me to your house, eh?" Niall laughed, winking.


I'm sure my cheeks turned bright red at his comment, and I quickly slapped his shoulder. "I didn't mean it like that." I hissed. 


"Okay you too, stop flirting now." Louis teased and I looked at Niall. Sure enough, his cheeks where also a light shade of red. 


Was I really flirting with Niall?


"How does a cheese pizza, a supreme pizza and a Hawaiian pizza sound?" Liam, the sensible one, asked us.


We all threw in our agreement before he placed the order. We all fell into comfortable conversation and learned even more about each other. I found out that Harry loved cats and Liam only had one kidney. Zayn was vain and Louis was obviously the child at heart. He said he never wanted to grow up, and I even joked that maybe he should go find Peter Pan and he could take him to never land. They all laughed at my joke and I couldn't help but let pride bubble in my chest. Who knew that me and Molly could gain this much attention from five pop stars?


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