It girl

Well im Jamie i bet uve heared of me you know " It girl " no? lemme explain my school west coast is so shallow they could sink so every year they pick exactly 20 Hot freshmans to be uhm how do you put this " Sold? " in my opinion if you want money for your school do a god damn bake sale! but my school is famous for that shit well here is how it all started


7. You think i didnt know?


- Harrys P.O.V- "Oh yes finally shes finally falling" i said walking down the hall when i felt a tap i turned around i my lips smashed intos someone but i wasnt sure who as i opened my a bit i saw kasidy she was going wild why not take advantage? i thought smirking i turned pining her to the bathroom wall i asked for an entrance and it was givin wow she is a really good kisser! I heared a sound but ignored it next thing i knew i was giving her lovebites on her neck,Kissing her like never before she was such a turn on she then pulled away with a smirk " You and me your place later " she said winking and walking away leaving me with the bigest boner ever i just chuckled and went to class i cant wait for that.


- Kasidys P.O.V- i cant belive i just did that but honestly it was amaZAYN! ( ;) ) i smiled walking to threw the hall with pride when i was stoped by Jamie ugh what now? " How dare you! " she yelled i smirked " How dare me? HOW DARE YOU! " i spat back " What do you- " she stopped " OOOOH " she said i chuckled " Oh so NOW you rember? " i said with disgust " Ok i know what i did was wrong but i was Drunk! and atleaset i pulled away leaving him! not like you who went all the way to have Lovebites on your neck! " she said pointing to my neck " Its not my fault im very apeeling " i said sounding very bitchy, she gave me a deathe glare before speaking " If you try anything else you will regret the day you met me " she said whispered walking away i chuckled " good luck with that!" i shouted bitch much?


-Jamies P.O.V- HOW DARE HER! ugh i was so pissed i left her in the hall chuckling till she yelled "Good luck with that "ugh i walked up to Chloe and Liam h did you know they were a couple?! " Well hello love birds " i said with a fake smile and the smile on Chloes face disappered. Oh shit! there thee good sides about having chloe as ur bestfriend but the bad side is if your fake smiling from a mile away she can tell " Ok spill it what happend " those words knocking me out of trance well this is gonna be something.....- 15 Minutes of telling her what happend - " And well yea " i could see the rage in chloes eyes " I swear i find that bitch i will personally kill her" she yelled liam holding her back " Babe babe calm down ok? " he said her eyes softened but i could still see the rage " Il talk to harry just caml down " he said she nodded and Liam walked to find Harry Chloe looked at me " So what are you gonna do if she does something else? " she asked very curios i sighed and looked at the ground " I dont know Chloe i honestly dont know "

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