It girl

Well im Jamie i bet uve heared of me you know " It girl " no? lemme explain my school west coast is so shallow they could sink so every year they pick exactly 20 Hot freshmans to be uhm how do you put this " Sold? " in my opinion if you want money for your school do a god damn bake sale! but my school is famous for that shit well here is how it all started


9. Theres a lot of things you dont know about me


- Jamies P.O.V- Bleh is all i could say it was friday i was happy but sad why? cause if Kasidy pulls anything im gonna beat the crap out of her but she's like a sis so im sad that i have to that i woke my room was in a terrible condition pappers everywhere books how the hell did i sleep? i woke up and picked out my clothes then went to the bathroom and did the usual routine i stopped in the middle of my tracks and looked out the bathroom window i saw kasidy oh no she didnt i was so fustrated i shut the water and stormed out of the bathroom ugh that stupid bitch i wore my Neon pink knitted sweater and a black pleated skirt i put on light makeup made my hair in a fish tail braid and wore a pair of convers and ran downstairs " Finally Jamie you cover up " my dad said " Not the time dad just not the time " i grabbed and apple and walked out the door i was walking to school till i was bumped into by oh lord why Harry " Oh uhm sorry " Yea yea watever " well you woke up on the wrong side of the morning? " i chuckled " Oh and you probably woke up of the nice side of the morning by seeing Kasidy next to you? " i said with a smirk hes eyes widen " How did you know? " " Its for me to know and you to find out " i said and continue walking i finally arrived at school oh i am so ready to break that bitch bones.

- Harrys P.O,V- Woah what di dshe mean by that? oh well i walked to school and walked up to Liam, Niall,Louis and Zayn " Sup dud- " I was interuptted by Chloe crying into liams arms what happend? " Whats wrong babe? " Liam asked " I i its Jamie she she beat the crap out of Kasidy " my eyes lit up " What do you mean by beat the crap out of? " she was still crying in Liams chest " Well ok il explain how bad it is well you see Jamie well she used to take marcial arts so the thing is when ever she is pissed like really pissed lets say she just uhm looses it?" " Loose it how? " Zayn asked sounding very worried " Well  Uhm lets say that there is a bleeding kasidy on the floor broken teeth Jamies knuckles full of blood an broken body parts sounds good for you? " i looked at the boys there eyes wide " Oh mother of shit WHAT ARE WE DOING STANDING HERE LETS GO HELP HER HELLO!? " Zayn yelled we ran to the lockers but all we heared from the crowd " This is for the last 5 years of being a bitch " and then i saw jamie punch kasidys face and she walked away we alll ran and chloe followed " What the hell was that? " i yelled " Thats what happends when a bitch pisses me off " " But why didnt you tell me you were gonna beat the shit out of her and why?! " she just chuckled " First of all Chloe you saw my eyes getting darker and my jaw getting tensed you know when i do that im gonna beat the mother fucking shit out of someone and Second Kasidy brought this upon her self i told her that i didnt wanna do something i would regret but she didnt listening and well im not saying im regreting shes just lucky shes not dead " i was about to answer when i heard footsteps uwe all turned around and saw kasidy " You mother fucking bitch i am so not done with you! " i saw a smirk grow on Jamies face and Chloe seemed worried " Well then i think you your brain capasity is slowly decresing do you dont even know the bullshit your saying " Jamie spat " MY BRAIN IS WORKING FINE TY VERY MUCH " Kasidy screamed " WILL BOTH OF YOU STOP BEING TO SELFISH BITCHES WITH NO BRAIN " i yelled wait why did i say that Kasidy looked at me and walked up to me "We wouldnt be fighting if it wasnt for your sorry ass so instead of talking go have sex with some other bitch cause that is mostly all the fuck you do " she spat walking away " Ouch " Niall said " Well she really got you from inside out " Zayn said i was just speechless " I knew he was a bitch " kasidy i should have never played them and Jamie was right its obvious that she hates me ugh god!

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