It girl

Well im Jamie i bet uve heared of me you know " It girl " no? lemme explain my school west coast is so shallow they could sink so every year they pick exactly 20 Hot freshmans to be uhm how do you put this " Sold? " in my opinion if you want money for your school do a god damn bake sale! but my school is famous for that shit well here is how it all started


4. The party


- At Jamies Place -  -Jamies P.O.V- "What do you think i should wear " said Chloe " HMMM wear this pink dress with gold heels and hoop earings " Kasidy said i nodded in approval. She came out looking PINKTABULOUS! the black high waister belt really topped it off oh wait i forgot to tell you guys since we are now quallifing for this It girl shit we have to go to a party like ughh watever it was Kasidys turn i gave her a a black dress with sparkles ofcourse it was short like Chloe's with red wedges, she came out looking STUNNING! and finnaly it was my turn i wore a mini red strapless dress wich had SPARKELS!! with a black sweater fish net tights and silver heels  i walked out and they screamed " OH MY GOODNES YOU DROP DEAD GOERGOUS" " EW DONT SAY THAT HARRY SAYS IT AND I PUKE SO PLEASE NO " they giggled " fine... " my brother  Camron was obviously coming wich made it worst he had to drive us so i bangged on his door and we left.

we got there Camron ofcourse acting like a dick head we walked in and Harry was the first to make me gag my eyes out " Well dont you look extraordinary " then he whispere din my ear " If a star fell down every time i think about you the sky would be empty " i blushed a tiny tiny microscopical bit ,  i whispered back " And if every time i gag about you someone would die, there would be no more living species in earth." " Ouch  ,and also did i say you look ravashing tonight" harry said " and did i say you look particulary discusting tonight " i said walking past him ugh such a creep!

- Kasidy's P.O.V- After Harrys and Jamies word battle some two stupid brunettes tell me and Chloe " HOW DOES SHE NOT LIKE HARRY STYLES! OK IS SHE CRAZY!? "i was thinking YEA LIKE HONEY YOU AINT CRAY CRAY " WELL HOW DOES YOUR BRAIN MANAGE TO FUNCTION WHILE LIKING HIM!? " i said, it took this bitch 2 minutes and a half to reply " WELL.. HEY THAT WAS MEAN! "" IT TOOK YOU 2 MINUTES TO UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAID!?" i spat then chloe said " AND I THOUGHT BLONDIES WERE DUMB.. WAIT I JUST INSULTED MYSELF FUCK! " and we walked away

- Nialls P.O.V- I saw her i dont know what her name was but she was goregous and i think Louis saw her too cause he was approching her with me i am so gonna win her heart.



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