It girl

Well im Jamie i bet uve heared of me you know " It girl " no? lemme explain my school west coast is so shallow they could sink so every year they pick exactly 20 Hot freshmans to be uhm how do you put this " Sold? " in my opinion if you want money for your school do a god damn bake sale! but my school is famous for that shit well here is how it all started


2. Dafuq is " It girl "


- Chloe P.O.V- I sat down putting my books on the table when i saw someone " Uhm sorry is this seat taken " " No sit ,sit " he sat and smiled while our teacher Mr Borlin was talking i tuned him out cause he was seriously boring ,well it was kinda in his name i giggled a bit in my mind so me and Liam were talking and he as really nice, " So.. whats your fav artist " but i could'nt respond cause the bell rang and i  was in a hurry to get to my  2nd class before lunch so i got up and wooshed out the door without saying bye oops.

- Kasidy P.O.V- Its so weird how dudes style their hair these days ,theres this dude who walks in i dont even know what he is trying to pull but hes failing it's like some sort of moutain with blonde streak and.. it just looks like a skatepark on his head  to be honest and for some reason he wants to sit next to MOI! like HUNEY PUHLEAS! then hes doing all bad boy? dafuq? " So Vas happenin?" what the serious fuck? " uhm is that even english? " " well i dont know " i shaked my head in dissapointment " Wow tought croud " " you betcha! " and the bell rang so i did as hell possible to get out of there.

- Jamie's P.O.V- I heared someone screaming my name i turned around to see Harry following me ugh dosen't he give up! i finally arrived to my locker and so did Harry i saw two other boys who were in my class waiting there " You too? "  " Well mine is just fine " said chloe  " But mine well lets just say its  the term "complicated " " she said " Well i on the other hand is stuck with a curly masacare "  i said " Hey! im right here you know " harry said " Oh sorry that was kinda the point " i spat back " Ouch Harry's getting R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D! " said Zayn " Oh i second that " i  said " Well ok do you guys know about " It girl " Harry said schuckling " Oh yea that thing were you bid on hot chicks?  Right ..." said Zayn " I find that to be so disrespectful to girls like if you want money for your school MAKE A BAKE SALE HONEY!" " Well i know who im hoping for " he said as he winked to me i justed gaged just gaged the bell rang " OH TY MOTHER OF JESUS!" i said taking my book and running to math " HEY WAIT UP!! " i heared Chloe and Kasidy say in unison.

We entered class and i saw someone i did not wanna see my ex Tristan and ofcourse his player senses kicked in he was checking me out like he has never seen me before, do boys ever change?


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