It girl

Well im Jamie i bet uve heared of me you know " It girl " no? lemme explain my school west coast is so shallow they could sink so every year they pick exactly 20 Hot freshmans to be uhm how do you put this " Sold? " in my opinion if you want money for your school do a god damn bake sale! but my school is famous for that shit well here is how it all started


1. Run away


- Jamies P.O.V- I woke up by my owl alarm clock my mum came in asking " Honey what would you like for breakfast and don't forget its your first day in High school " she said giving me jazz hands ughh " Well the usual " what i meant was suprise me i got up being lazy as usuall some people say my style is a bit too revealing but then i say Oh honey puhlease! i wore a fitted privateschool shirt with black checkerd  and short with suspenders with a tie and Black Glasses with a pair of silver heels i took my jansport neon Orange bag and i went downstairs "Hey mum , Hey dad " " Honey to reavealing " Do we have to ths every morning dad " well when you start covering up then no " " ugh " well thats what my days life  i sat down while my brother came downstairs " Hey mum Hey Dad sup sis " " Bleh! " me and my bro not the best relationship he was a senior i was just starting ughh i finished and so did he wanted to give me a ride so i gain " Popularity points? " such a dick. 

I came down i know some of my friends who were starting here with me i saw one of them Chloe " CHLO!!! COME GIMMIE SOME SUGAH!! " i giggled a bit she waved and we did that slow mo run thing ya know like in those romantic movies we were bffs since diaper time thats right she was my boo bear! " So what up Jami? " she said " Oh and btw love your outfit "she added, " Why Thanks boo bear " she was so gorge her stunning hazel hair her blue eyes she got curves she was like a super model or something! we walked together and we met our other best friend Kasidy " KAS KAS! " we yelled in unison " JAMI CHLO!! " she yelled back i love these guys.

" How you been!? " she said " Well me and Tristan OFFICALLY DUNZO! " i said doing fake tear we all laughed, hmm lemme  do a recap Tristan OLD school hottie , player and of course ex. we walked around we went to the secratary " Uhm sorry but were new and we would like to have our locker assigments and schedule please " she nodded " Names? " " Jamie Cooper, Chloe Bandel and Kasidy Jones." i answered she handed us our papers and we walked to our lockers we had so much luck half of our classes are the same and were" LOCKER MATES !!" I screamed we giggled and walked to our first class " Ugh i Hate chem " Kasidy said " You can say that twice " Me and chloe said in unison we walked in and got alot of stares from girls but Mostly dudes it was soo creepy.

we sat down i was at the back Chloe infornt of me and Kasidy infront of Chloe, Kasidy's long black hair was moved by the wind they were really curly so it was pretty hard for her and my red hair as chloe always says is like little red mermaid then walked in 3 ok looking boys but for the rest of the class they were like gods the curly haired one sat next to me, Buzzcut boy sat next to Chloe and Noutain hair dude with that cray blonde streak of  his sat down next to Kasidy and class begun iw as taking notes when curly over there asked me something " So.. whats your name? " " Uhm i dont think thats your buisness Curly. " i smirked " Ouch fiesty i like that " " Well i dont like you " i said and the bell rang immediatly this was gonna be a long year....

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