Kidnapped or saved?

Jane once thought of the perfect life,she thought she would become the best singer or actress,but that was until she began to drink.And one late night,she gets out a bar and is too drunk to think.So she try's to make her way home,but it fails.The next day,she see's that she isn't home.Instead she see's another house.With one exception though.There are boys!!!


4. Wowww......

Jane's P.O.V


I had finally managed to get it together and work on my temper.But i still wasn't convinced about these guys.So i let them explain the reason for why i was here.We were sitting on the couch upstairs,now there was a bigger difference,the place was better and it surely smelled greater.Also,i think i was in the basement.I sat on one sofa alone.While the rest all sat on the other together.Now they thought this was some kind of movie?They had popcorn.....

"ok.........before i start,what did you do yesterday?"the same curly one asked.I didn't remember!I was drunk,i know that,but i don't remember what happened!All i did know was that i wasn't home and i was beaten."i don't know"i said.They all looked at each other,as if saying:oh god,she was drunk,i guess."are you sure?"he asked."yes"i finished."well,ok,umm,we were all coming back from a party and-",i was shortly remembering my party,my birthday party."wait!"i yelled."i was walking to a place and i think i fell"that was all i could remember.They all seemed to get happy with that information." i was saying"he said with a smirk.I chuckled a little.WHAT?why would i chuckle at a moment like this."you find it funny huh?"he smiled.I wanted to smile back wouldn't feel right."i guess"i replied."well....yeah,we were coming from a party and,well,i saw you there on the sidewalk,laying down,looking dead,for god sakes i didn't leave you there.I practically saved you!"he blew my mind.I stood up and touched my face."why did you?"i asked with curiosity.He laughed and turned around. "i guess you don't think a famous person shouldn't save someone just cuzz their famous"whoa,he was famous?"what?your famous?!?!?"i nearly yelled.He quickly turned back at me."you didn't know?","no".I looked at the floor.The boys all laughed,they were making fun of me."well,we are,and we saved you".I rolled my eyes and smirked.

"oh wowwww,now you feel all rewarded because you saved a useless girl yayy!"i said sarcastically,then i turned around and walked downstairs.The tears filled my unhappy self.



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