Kidnapped or saved?

Jane once thought of the perfect life,she thought she would become the best singer or actress,but that was until she began to drink.And one late night,she gets out a bar and is too drunk to think.So she try's to make her way home,but it fails.The next day,she see's that she isn't home.Instead she see's another house.With one exception though.There are boys!!!


3. where am i?

Jane's P.O.V



My eyes fluttered open and the light killed my vision.I didn't see anything.All i saw was bubbles and bright light.I tried rubbing them,but it still wouldn't work.So i just closed my eyes and kept them there for 5 seconds.

As i opened them,i saw that i was in a place that i didn't recognize.The walls were ripped,i was in an old couch covered in a smelly blanket,the floor was dirty,and the door

I immediately got terrified and my hands started to sweat."where am i?"i silently whispered.I guess i wasn't too quiet though.Suddenly,i heard footsteps.I decided to act as if still sleeping.I dropped down and recovered myself."hmmm so tell me girl if every time wee hm hm hm..."i heard HIM hum.OMG it was a he!!

I heard him approaching and i closed my eyes shut."are you ok now?"he asked.I didn't say anything.I couldn't."i guess not" he said.He sounded sensitive.His footsteps decreased in volume and i sat up.He was faced opposite to me.He had blonde hair and nice peachy skin.

"yes......i-im ok"i replied.He dropped what seemed to be a basketball.Then he slowly turned around,he had blue eyes,and his lips were pink.He stared at me for a while.Then he went running upstairs.


Minutes later,i heard more than 2 footsteps simultaneously running very fast.I got even more scared and just turned around."where is-"one of them said with a deep voice.I couldn't face them.I had to stay like this.But their footsteps became slower and louder.

I could feel someones hand making it's way to my shoulder."don't!"i yelled turning around.He was startled and he looked me in the eyes with shock."where am i?don't touch me!"i shouted.They all lifted their hands to their chest."we won't,we can't,why would we?"the same blonde one said.

"where am i?"i yelled.They were still shocked."where am i?please!tell me WHERE AM I?JU-","calm down,your safe."safe safe?really?i didn't consider myself "safe"with all these boys.

"if you calm down,i can explain"one with curly hair said.I was so scared right now."what is there to explain?that you stole me?"i protested."your JUST SCARED!WE WON'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU"another said.{louis}

I looked at all of them,my eyes were still sore and wet.My legs seemed broken and my head hadn't gotten together yet."show me a mirror"i calmly said.They all took one of the wall and handed it slowly to me.

I looked into the mirror and saw a broken,unhealed,dead girl who was miracley alive."what happened to me?"i asked with anger."you guys beat me didn't you?".

They all shook their hands and heads."no!"curly one yelled.His voice scared me,and especially now that he's yelled."then tell me,,,,,please"i replied crying.I sat down and covered my mouth.My tears streamed down my cheeks and the boys were walking up to me.I JUST WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH!


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