Kidnapped or saved?

Jane once thought of the perfect life,she thought she would become the best singer or actress,but that was until she began to drink.And one late night,she gets out a bar and is too drunk to think.So she try's to make her way home,but it fails.The next day,she see's that she isn't home.Instead she see's another house.With one exception though.There are boys!!!


2. Going home.(kinda short?)

Harry's P.O.V


We didn't really have anymore space,as we had some junk for company.So we had to lay her down on all our laps.I was lucky though.I had her whole head.Her hair fell on my Jeans and her cheek touched my lap.I really did wonder what had happened to her.

"what do you think happened?"i asked the boys nervously scared.They all shrugged their shoulders but Lou."mate......i can't tell you that it's exactly that but,maybe...she was drunk like us,and maybe she was too drunk"Lou said"or she got jumped" Liam said negatively.I looked down at her and smiled slightly.I could feel her trying to escape the black.She wants to return and open her eyes.

We had unluckily reached traffic and that meant 30 minutes or more on the road.I was getting more and more anxious,it felt like every second her heart beated slower.I just couldn't take my mind off her,so to try and think of something else,i asked to put on the music."can you turn on the radio?"i asked.Paul turned it on.

The song "Valerie"was on.I loved that song.Louis was probably dying to sing along.But even though the song took some preoccupation away,i still thought about the girl.What will we tell her when she wakes up?Hopefully she doesn't freak out.

(45 minutes)

Finally we were home....oh god.




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