Kidnapped or saved?

Jane once thought of the perfect life,she thought she would become the best singer or actress,but that was until she began to drink.And one late night,she gets out a bar and is too drunk to think.So she try's to make her way home,but it fails.The next day,she see's that she isn't home.Instead she see's another house.With one exception though.There are boys!!!


1. 3:47_a.m.

Jane's P.O.V


I walked along the sidewalk,my legs were weak,my hands were trembling,my head was spinning.I couldn't do anything at this point.I had drank soo much that,i think i wasn't even going the right way to my car.I had 12 cups of beer,and i had maybe smoked some weed.But that was the first and last time.It was my birthday.So of course i needed to show i was young.WAS.

As i walked,everything was pitch black,the only lights were the street lights and poles.But every thing else was darker than a shadow.I could barely see anything.I saw two of the same things,it was blurry like a windshield.I couldn't take it anymore.

I had only walked about 6 minutes,when finally,it was my breaking point.I fell on the sidewalk scraping myself,my body fell deformed,my feet lost the heels,and my head went dashing to the stone pavement.From there.................a blackout performed.

(5:14 a.m.)


Harry's P.O.V


Me and the boys,(including security)had just come back from the Brit awards after party.We were soo excited that we had won an award for global success.We saw how our album went across the world.But besides that,i was pretty drunk,as well as for the boys.But i wasn't so drunk,i could still tell what i was doing.I was just a little tingly,but i was still ok.

So as i looked out the window,i came up to see a young girl,lying on sidewalk,she kinda looked dead.She was bleeding.She was twisted,but her head was facing the other way.At one point i actually thought i was seeing stuff.Until i saw her pale skin.

"stop stop!"i yelled,Paul looked back at me."what is it?"he said as the car braked."there's a girl right there"i replied pointing to her.Paul followed my finger with the boys,he saw her and got out."stay here"he said before leaving.I couldn't stay here,i had to go.

So since i was curious,i got out the car not caring about who's toe i stepped on or who's shoes i messed up.I just needed to see if this was true.I got out and paul didn't look so happy."i told you to-"i cut him off."i know but,i saw her,i just want to see what's wrong"i complained.He sighed and let me see.

As he turned her around,i could see the scratches and bloody marks on her body.Someone probably assaulted her."she's dead"paul said with such meanness.I couldn't believe that he was really being like that.I looked at her chest and i could see her heart pumping slowly."no she isn't,her heart still beats."i said kneeling down and getting a better look.

Paul did the same,i could tell he saw it pumping too."so what do we do?"he asked.I didn't have the answer for that question,i mean,the hospital was about an hour away,and our house was just around the block.So i must take her home,we could lose her if she doesn't get taken away somewhere safer.

Hopefully this goes well.

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