Eleswrath: Dark Flame

Many worlds co-exist at once, over lapping through space and time. Humans refer to them as different dimensions, we refer to them with a name. Each of them have a name. Thaira lives in a dimension called Eleswrath, its like a flea market, so to speak. People from across all dimensions come daily here. An orphan, taken in my the king as a debt to her father, Thaira works as a maid in the castle, waiting for her 16th birthday, the day that will change everything. Things happen, and all of a sudden she's all on her own, the suddenly taken in by a strange group of people. Again, more things happen, and all of a sudden the kingdom of Eleswrath is in the hands of Thaira. Will she be able to fulfill her destiny? find out.

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1. Eleswrath and Me

Many worlds co-exist at once, over lapping through space and time. Humans refer to them as different dimensions, we refer to them with a name. Each of them have a name. I live in the one called Eleswrath. My world is the bridge between all others. The 'Passage ways' that bridge all the worlds together are known to us as shranken shafts. We just call them 'shafts' for short. These shafts are what connect Eleswrath to all the others. There is an unknown amount of 'shafts'. Some move around, from place to place, never staying still, while others are hidden among the trees or in rivers. You could say Eleswrath is a flea market; beings from all over gather here. Not many humans have ventured here though. Few shafts go to the human realm now. The few humans that do find their way in usually get themselves killed or go on the market, being sold to the highest bidder for slave work.

Eleswrath isn't that bad though, after all, I live here. Eleswrath is my home.

My name is Thaira. My kind are called Starlithians. Our genetic makeup are similar to humans, but we still have are differences. We have 3 small black dots at the curl of our eyes. They slowly appear as we get older and change color. When we are born, we are blessed with a spirit being. Though, they don't appear until our 16th birthday. These spirits are base on what we are meant to be. They take the form of whatever they feel like taking. Then they stay that way forever, or at least until they or their Starlithian die, then they move onto another host. Us starlithians also tend to take up both physical and mental traits. We are able to transform parts of us to be like our spirit being in times of great need. We also tend to have the same behavior traits as our spirit being. My kind are also blessed with one elemental power, which usually help us with what we're meant to be. Though our power, just like spirit beings, don't appear until our 16th birthday.

I don't know if you noticed, but we have the word 'star' in our kind's name. It is because we are believed to have come from the heavens; made from the very thing stars are made from. The wise ones, those who are so old, their beginnings can't be traced, call us star children. These wise ones, are believed to be the first to inhabit all the dimensions. They live up to their title, and some are believed to see into the future. Not many are around anymore. Many have decided to pass on to a higher place, content that their stay in our world has been long overstayed.


The day I was born was a very unsettling one. A medium was present, as was custom since only they had the power to properly name us, along with 2 midwifes. My mother had a hard time giving birth to me. While I was being born, the medium just sat in her corner and hummed with her eyes closed. According to my father, I did not cry, which was not unusual for our kind. As soon as I was wrapped in my swadling cloth, the medium jumped to her feet, and rushed over to my mother's side, with her spirit being, a floating eye, floated after her. My mother held me close as the medium moved her hand over my body and closed her eyes mumbling words that no one could understand. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled spreaded across her face. "This one is special, name her Thaira, after the great wise one who was here at the beginning of us and rose into the heavens to watch over us."

My mother died a few hours later because her body couldn't handle giving birth. I never knew her, but I know she was a great woman from what my father told me. My father was a great man; he was a knight and close adviser to the king of Eleswrath. I was seven when he died. He died in the great fight against the traitors. The king felt it was his duty to look over me, he gave me a job as a maid, and I've worked in the casle ever since then.


"Happy Birthday Thaira!" 5 girls chorused as they surrounded the girl in question, giving her a hug.

Thaira giggled and hugged them back. "Thanks guys, I hope you didn't waste any money that you should be saving to get out of here on me," Thaira drew back from them and looked at all of them.

"No we didn't Thaira," A brown hair girl said warmly, obviously the closest to Thaira. "But that doesn't mean we didn't plan something fun for your special day," For the 5 girls, when they said fun, they meant causing trouble.

Thaira smiled widely. "I can't wait to see what you guys have planned for me."

The girls ushered Thaira out, smiling. "This way," they whispered as they lend Thaira down the secret passage way they had discovered a long time ago and through the back gardens of the castle, and into the surrounding city.


I smiled, wondering what my friends had planned for my 16th birthday. I was the first of my friends to turn 16, so that meant out of all of us, I would be the first to get a hint to what my calling is. It was mid afternoon, and the sun's light was already fading. I was to get my spirit being and elemental power today at the exact time I was born. I don't know exactly what time, except that I was born at night. Keeping time here isn't needed. My friends steered me towards Boar's Head. It was the local pub, and only those older then 16 were aloud to enter. Plus, it was riddled with off duty guards, and people looking for some good old fun.

I began to panic. "Guys, we can't go in there! We'll get caught! Remember what happened to Nixon that time he snuck in? He got a terrible lashing and it took 2 weeks for him to fully recover, and we had to pick up his job at the castle for him!"

My best friend Charisma rolled her eyes at me and smiled, "Don't worry worry-wort, we have it all planned out. Just act natural and everything will be fine," With that, she tugged me harder in the direction of the pub.

As we got closer, she let go of me, and I straightened myself up, following her closely as we neared the entrance to Boar's Head. When we arrived, the bouncer of the pub stepped out of the shadows and went in front of us, crossing his arms across his chest. He was a bald buff man, round tattoos covered his arms, and he wore brown trousers and had the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to show off his strength. "And where do you thing your going ladies?" He glazed down at us; sizing us up.

"Sir," Floral, a pretty blonde haired girl stepped forward and smile at the bouncer. "My friend here," She gestured toward me and his glance shifted to me for a moment before going back to her as she continued speaking. "has just turned 16, and to celebrate, we decided to take her to her first pub, and Boar's Head seemed to be the perfect place for such an occasion." She smiled sweetly.

"And where are your spirit beings?" He said, not convinced.

Floral opened her mouth to speak when Patience stepped forward, "Sir, our spirit beings are in our skirts," Everyone except me lifted their skirts a bit so the bouncer could see the legs of cats under each of their skirts. "We are maids that work in the castle, and I'm afraid that we don't get to go out much, so naturally, our spirit beings don't go out much. Plus, they took the form of cats to keep the mice away, and naturally, they're skittish. That's why they're in our skirts, you see." She smile a little.

Her explanation seemed to be enough for the bouncer. He signed and moved to the side of the door. "In you go ladies, and have a nice visit at Boar's Head."

Each of us walked past him, gave him a polite smile, and walked quickly into the pub.

The pub wasn't very crowded, but nor was it empty. There were a few guards, 3 to be exact. They were sitting at the bar talking amongst themselves, still in their castle guard uniform- as if they had just got off duty- while their spirit beings, 3 birds of prey, perched in the rafters, watching them. There were other customers around too. Most of them were men, while a few were women. A poker game was going on in the center of the pub, and you could tell that the game was getting pretty intense with all the yells coming from that table.

"Come on girls, lets go find an empty table," Nelly whispered to us. We nodded in agreement and headed to the table in the back corner, only to find that it was occupied. Instead, we went to the table on the far wall of the pub, opposite of the bar.

A bar hand, a lad that was a little older then us, walked over to our table, flashing a smile. "Well good evening ladies. Welcome to Boar's Head," he glanced down at me, "I heard that today was someone's 16th birthday and that you ladies brought her here to celebrate," his smile turned into a grin, "I hope to help you guys make this night special for her because I'll be your server; Jamous is the name, James for short," he winked at us, as if sharing a private joke with us.

"Jamous, stop conversing with our customers! Get them food already!" yelled the bartender with a smirk on his face. James flushed a bit and cleared his throat.

"So what would you like to have ladies?" he questioned.

We ordered what we wanted and Jamous Wisced away to get our food. Once he was gone, i decided I needed answers.

"Where did you get those spirit beings guys?" I whispered to them.

"Oh, you mean the cats under our skirts?" Charisma asked mischievously. I nodded. "These are fake, we made them. Faith came up with the idea and gathered the cloths we needed to make them." Faith blushed.

We continued talking about other things until Jamous approached our table with a maid trailing him. We hushed our conversation. Our food had arrived. The dishes were set down and we politely said thank you; earning a grin from Jamous, and then he and the maid left us to our meal.

We were eating quietly when the door of the pub opened with a bang. In walked the head guard of the King's personal guard. I silently cursed and hid my face. I knew him well. My father taught him everything he knows. He is one of the best fighters in Eleswrath, and is only 2 years older then me. Out of the corner of my eye, i saw him and his friends glance our way. One of the men that entered nudged him and pointed. I cursed again as the made their way towards us. We all looked up when they reached our table.

"Its nice to see you again Thaira," the head guard said to me.

"You too Patryck," I gave him a weak smile.

"Sorry Thaira, but you and your friends will have to come with us since you guys are all under aged." Patryck signed and gestured for us to stand up. Defeated, we all stood up and walked out of the pub with Patryck and his friends flanking us.

We made it about half way to the castle when it happened. Everything started getting blurry. It looked like everything was moving. A headache pierced through my head causing my sight to totally go. The pain and dizziness was too much. I stumbled and I felt an arm grip on to me. I went limp and started to fall. I felt myself hit the ground, bringing someone with me. I passed out, but not before hearing someone yelling my name. Patryck.


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