Eleswrath: Dark Flame

Many worlds co-exist at once, over lapping through space and time. Humans refer to them as different dimensions, we refer to them with a name. Each of them have a name. Thaira lives in a dimension called Eleswrath, its like a flea market, so to speak. People from across all dimensions come daily here. An orphan, taken in my the king as a debt to her father, Thaira works as a maid in the castle, waiting for her 16th birthday, the day that will change everything. Things happen, and all of a sudden she's all on her own, the suddenly taken in by a strange group of people. Again, more things happen, and all of a sudden the kingdom of Eleswrath is in the hands of Thaira. Will she be able to fulfill her destiny? find out.

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2. Consquences

Something or rather Someone poked my face. I rolled over in the bed, trying to get away from whatever it was and go back to sleep. The harsh poking came back, but this time, a voice followed. "Wakey wakey silly goose!" A high pitched, sing-songy female voice said. I groaned and shut my eyes tighter, snuggling into the bed. "Awwe don't you want to meet me? I'm offended."

Everything rushed back to me; last night at the pub, everything that followed that, and last but not least, that it was my birthday yesterday. At that my eyes snapped open and I sat up in bed with a start. Floating in front of me was a person, or a small winged girl to be specific. Her golden hair was wrapped in a loose, side, fish tail braid with her bangs pushed to the side, framing her face. She wore a crooked smile on her face, like she was sharing a private joke with herself. She was claded in a simple red dress, which suited her perfectly. The tiny girl's wings were beautiful; a design that was indescribable was etched onto them. I stared in awe at her. Wrong move.

Her crooked smile turned into a pout. "Are you done staring at me," I blushed, and was about to appologize when i heard someone stiffle a laugh. I froze, then turned my head to find the culprit that i had not noticed before.

Not even a yard away, sat Patryck in a chair against the wall. If looks could kill, he would be ten feet under already. He saw my glare and immediately stopped. Patryck cleared his throat. "Um, sorry about that, I didn't mean to interupt," he gave us an innocent smile. Ha, him innocent? Yeah right, i thought. "Anyway, please hurry up with your socializing please. The king would like to see you soon."

I blushed and turned my attention back to the winged girl, "Hello," I said cautiously. "I'm Thaira."

The winged girl smiled her crooked smile again. "I know who you are, after all, I am your spirit being," she paused so it would sink in, and it sure did. I gasped in surprise. My spirit being continued speaking. "By the way, call me Lottie. I took the form of a fairy, because in my opinion, I think its appropriate."

"What is my power?" I pressed excitingly.

Before Lottie could speak, Patryck interupted, once again. "We must not keep the king waiting, lets go." With that he stood up and started to make his way towards the door. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. Lottie landed on my shoulder, like it was the most natural thing to do. "I'll tell you later, when we have more time to speak."

I nodded, and followed Patryck. I can't believe my spirit being is a fairy. My power must me special then, since I have such a rare spirit being, but what is it?


We reached the throne room and Patryck knocked twice. then another four, and finally another five knocks after. The special knock, I smile to myself as I remembered the king teaching it to me after my father died, just in case I ever needed to speak with him. I haven't used it in a long time.

"Come in," a voice boomed from the other side.

Patryck opened the door and pushed me inside, and came inside after me. great, i thought sarcastically, Patryck gets to watch the King scold me.

The King was oldish looking. Maybe timeless was the right would to use. he had a slight beard going on; as was the current fashion. He had mostly gray hair, with black hair here and there, hinting at what his hair color used to be. He was strong looking, with chiseled features, and piercing hazel eyes. The King wore a deep green tunic, embroidered with gold thread, and brown leggings. he had a whitish brown fur lined cloak over the tunic and leggings.

As we walked in, servants bowed; first to the King, then toward us, and left the throne room to give us privacy. I frowned in confusion. Why did they bow toward us? The King smiled in surprise.

"You don't know, do you," They King said softly.

"Know what?" I asked in confused, then added, "your Majesty."

"Patryck, is my son Thaira. He's the heir to my throne."


If I wasn't in the presence of the King, my jaw would have dropped to the floor.

Patryck, the Prince? I thought in disbelief. But what happened to his spirit being then? Ohhh.... It dawned on me that in some cases, like if you were a heir to the throne, your spirit being and power tended to 'arrive' late.

Now that the King pointed it out, I did see the resemblance. Patryck had black hair like the King used to have, and was sweeped to the side. His facial features were also similar, chiseled, but a little softer, taking on some of the late Queen's traits. He took after his mother with the eye color. I remember the Queen when I was younger, her beautiful green eyes always filled with love.

I realized that they were waiting for my response. Instead of asking how and when did this happen, because that would be weird, i cleared my throat and looked the King in the eye without hesitation. I was one of the only servant in the castle that could get away with this and keep it up.

"You asked for me, Sir?" I tried to sound as innocent as you can while you know your about to get a scolding.

The King cleared his throat and put on a serious face. Uh oh. The King began to speak. "Thaira," he began slowly, emphasizing my name. "I heard about your little incident with your friends at Boar's Head. Patryck has told me that he and his friends discovered you there. Celebrating, I'm told?"

I glared daggers at Patryck. Tattle-tale. I thought to myself. He just smirked at me. It was no use calling Patryck lier. No matter what, I wouldn't be believed if I denied it ever happening. I nodded in defeat.

The King looked a little relieved that he hadn't had to yell at me yet. He signed. "Thaira. I've told you countless times. Stay out of trouble. To much trouble draws attention, and I hate to have to punish you. You know what your father meant to me."

I looked down, feeling guilty. I looked up. The King signed again and frown, thinking. His frown turned into a mischievous smile. "I hate to punish you, but something must be done," the King paused for effect. "Therefore, you are going into slight exile."

I gasp. how could he do this?! "I'm sorry, but this is a constant thing and you have to be punished or someone will notice. I can't have you do chores because that's what you do on a daily basis. And don't give me that look. I could have done worse."

I looked down again, embarressed. I didn't speak. "Here are the terms of your slight exile. There is a group of traveling entertainers visiting. You will go with them. You are aloud to be on palace grounds, but i must not see you doing anything but what the entertainers ask of you. You will be in their care for a month's time, and if for some reason we need you back, we will send someone to call on you. Once your time is up, you can return to the castle. You will leave tonight after dinner is done. A servant will come and get you."

I nodded in defeat. "Yes my Lord," I said meekly with a slight sigh.

"Good," He said a little bit relieved. I took this as my cue to go, and I quickly curtsied and turned around to the door.

The King stopped me half way. "Thaira?" I turned around. "Congrats on getting your spirit being." I nodded in thanks and smiled a bit, wanting leave quickly. "What is her name?"

Lottie spoke up. "My name is Lottie kind Sir," she said sweetly.

"What is your power Thaira?"

Before Lottie could talk, I spoke up.. "I don't know Sir," I said firmly. For some reason, I didn't want Lottie to tell him. Lottie seemed to agree with me on this, because she didn't speak up and tell him.

I walked out silently with Lottie still on my shoulder, and Patryck following.

What is my power?

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