I Don't Need Another Heartless Misery

Charlotte just graduated from high school, when her parents tell her she was adopted as a baby. According to her mom she has a twin brother, Harry, who lives with their aunt. What will happen when she travels across the country to meet her brother and aunt? Will she stay in the U.K. with them or move back home to South Carolina? Or maybe there is a special person?


9. Chapter 9- Date With Lou :)

~Charlie's POV~

  I hopped in the shower real quick. When I got out it was half past five.  I quickly dried and threw on some undergarments. I put my iPhone on play and it started playing Little Talks and I began singing as I got ready. I  slid on a cute sundress that was a floral print and strapless. I then slid on my broke in cowboy boots. I pulled my long side bangs back into a bump and let the rest of  my curly hair fall. My hair was nearly down to my bum now. I applied a few strokes of mascara and some eyeliner. I pulled my iPhone off its dock and checked the time.. 10 til.   I grabbed my purse and began walking downstairs. When I was on the last few steps the doorbell rang...

  ~Louis POV~ 

Not gonna lie I'm nervous. I was a little early but oh well.. Right? I rang the doorbell. I heard someone yell 'I'll get it!' and then a few seconds later the door opened to the girl that was asleep on Harry last night. "Hello, you must be Louis, nice to meet you.. I'm Miley" she said. "Nice to meet you" I said back,"Is Charlie ready?" "Yep I am ready" I looked up to she a cute  as a button Charlie. "let's go!" she said energized. " Have her back by 9:30 or else!" I heard who I assumed to be Harry from the living room followed by a small eruption of laughter. With that we walked out and hopped in my car.   "So where are we going ?" she asked.  "Well.. I was thinking we could go to the carnival?"  "Okay!" 

~15minuteslater~Charlie POV~

 "Here we are!.. What do you want to do first?" Louis asked. "Well what do you normally do first?"  "I hope your hungry!" he said and took my hand and pulled me off in the direction of concession stands.  We stood in line for about 5 minutes "How may I he-- ew it's you what do you want?" said glaring girl about the same age as me. "Besides a nicer waitress, I would like two chicken sandwiches with pickles and some chips, and a pepsi and dr.pepper" "Yeah give me a sec" she said glancing me over glaring and then turning around to grab the items. Louis paid the amount she told us. And then she handed us our stuff very snobbish like and glaring.  We went and sat down at a small table to eat. "Friend of yours?" I asked. "Yeah could you tell?" he asked laughing. I unwrapped my chicken sandwich and took a bite. "Mmm this chicken is so sweet!!" "I know and it sucks cause you can only get it twice a year, this week during the carnival and during the fall festival!" after that we talked and shared French fries. "so you want to go ride some rides?" I asked him. "Yes! Which one first?!" he said like a little kid and he was basically jumping up and down. "How about that one!" I pointed to one that resembled the egg roll. "I will race you there!" Louis said and took off running. I ran in a dead sprint right behind him. Considering I was wearing boots and a dress, I almost beat him there. "If I almost beat you here wearing a dress and boots, I'm gonna kick your ass on a soccer field!" I taunted. "Oh really we will see about that!" he retorted. "So what's the states like?" "Alot like here, but there everyone is so tense, here everyone seems relaxed, but that could just be because I'm not from here." "Oh, what was your school like?" "I had eight periods a day with lunch after fifth period and then after school I went to soccer or track practice. My school was a double A school, but it was a small town school for the most part. We had the hicks, the athletes , the brainiacs, the emo and goth, the floaters, the populars, the dope heads, the band geeks and choir nerds, the skaters, the bullies, and the ones who laid low. Sar, Miles, and I consider ourselves floaters. We went from hicks to athletes  to brainiacs to populars, well we had a friend or two that we associated with that were what you call 'popular', and then back to hicks and so on. we never wanted to wear out our welcome and tried to stay out of the drama. And Sarah even had a cousin that was considered 'goth' but we hung out sometimes, she was in the band and played soccer with us. But ya know typical high school drama and cliques an that kind of shit. I'm so glad to be out. What about you?" "Well setup was a bit different but the clique-y bullshit was still there and I made a few enemies along the way as you found out earlier.." "Yeah, look one more person then we can get on!! Yay!" -after we got on and rode about 5 rides- "That was fun!" I said stumbling off what I would call the scrambler laughing. "Yeah it was!" he said grabbing ahold of my waist and pulling me closer to him,"you wanna get a elephant ear?" "What's that?" I said turning around to face him in his arms wrapping my arms around him."It is fried batter like a funnel cake but flat and glazed.. It's really good" he said. "mmmm yummy sounds good!" he grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together pulling me back towards the food area. After we got the elephant ear and ate a good bit of it my phone rang 'Miley' I answered it.

  M: You need to get home now! 

C: Why?

M: It's Sarah..


A/N soo sorry it has been awhile I know I said I was gonna do the boys POV of the the day but since it has been awhile I just went on... umm so what has happened with Sarah? huh? any guesses? haha well much love and Happy Easter!!- Dawnie.xx :) 

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