I Don't Need Another Heartless Misery

Charlotte just graduated from high school, when her parents tell her she was adopted as a baby. According to her mom she has a twin brother, Harry, who lives with their aunt. What will happen when she travels across the country to meet her brother and aunt? Will she stay in the U.K. with them or move back home to South Carolina? Or maybe there is a special person?


8. Chapter 8- And You Are..

~Charlie POV ~
I opened the door to see three boys looking at me. "Vas Happening?!" the one with black hair said. "Don't mind my asking, love, but who are you?" said an Irish accent that came from the blonde. "I could ask you just the same." I said. "Harry here?" the one with brown hair asked. "HARRYYY!!! Some guys are at the door for you." I yelled. "Oh! Hey guys" Harry said peeping his head around the corner. "Come In!" "Well Hazza why don't you introduce us to your friend here.." the one with dark hair said. "Yeah Yeah gimme a sec... Miles.. Sar! Come here I got some people for you to meet!" Harry said. Miles walked up to Harry and stood beside him.. He then grabbed her hand and laced their fingers together.. Hmmm.. How cute!! Sarah came over and stood by me. "Lads meet my twin sister,Charlotte, and her two best friends, Sarah and Miley." he said cheerily. "Ladies meet the Lads.. This is Zayn(he gestured to the one with black hair), Niall(the blonde one with the Irish accent), and Liam(the one with brown hair)" "Oh yeah I forgot you said they were coming!" Niall said. "What are we gonna do today?" Sarah asked. "Why don't we show you around todayy?" Harry said. "Sounds like fun to us" Liam said. "Okay let us go change real quick" I said running up the stairs. I then wondered where Lou was... 
I grabbed a pair of denim shorts and slid them on with a wide brown belt. I then put on a blue tank top with a pale green see-throw lace on over top. I then slide on my blue toms. I walked over to the mirror and put on some make up. Then finger combed my curly hair and walked down stairs. 

~Sarah POV ~
I ran upstairs. I picked up some faded light denim shorts had holes in them and put them on. I then slid on my black tank top that came to just above my shorts. It had rows of lace ruffles on it. After that I slid on black flip flops. I then quickly pulled my hair down from the messy bun I had it in. I grabbed my straightener and ran It threw my nearly already naturally straight hair. I then added some light make up. Glancing at myself in the mirror I noticed my once shoulder length blonde hair had grown to just below my collar bones. After assessing my appearance to my satisfaction I ran downstairs to join the others. 

~Miley POV~
I walked upstairs and grabbed my dark blue jean shorts that had an inch rolled up cuff on the bottom and put them on. I grabbed a white tank top and pulled it on then slid on a soft pink crop top over it. I then slipped on my pink tons that matched. I then heated my curling wand and curled my light brown hair making It even a little bit shorter than its normal length. After that I added a touch of pink eye shadow and some eyeliner and ran downstairs. 
Sarah came down right after me and we left on our journey shortly after.

 Harry and I walked slightly behind everyone else .. Holding hands. We aren't 'official' yet but I know I really like him and I think he really likes me too! Sarah was walking in between Zayn and Liam, who was beside Charlie and Niall. It was sunny out and warm. "Hey how does some ice cream sound??" Niall asked. "Mmmm.. Deliciouso!" Sarah replied. "Okay good there is a place just up the street!" 
Once we got there we all got waffle cones. Liam and I got strawberry. Niall and Harry got chocolate. Sarah got Reese's. Zayn got mint chocolate chip and Charlie got vanilla.  We decided to walk and eat them. 

~Charlie POV ~
I just finished with my ice cream come when I saw the park. I glanced at Sarah who was had finished her ice cream as well and was looking at me. We both went in a dead sprint for the swings. We sat down and started swinging when my phone started buzzing in my shorts pocket I slowed down and pulled out my iPhone. 

Message from Unknown: Hey Charlie I was wondering If you would like to hang out tonight?
I quickly saved his number in my phone. 
Message to Lou(: : Yeah sounds great what time?? :) 
Message from Lou(: : umm how about around 6? where do you want me to pick you up? 
Message to Lou(: : At Kelly's and 6 is good ;) 
Means sage from Lou(: : great its a date ;) See you then love.xx 
Message to Lou(: : okay see you then :) 

"Somebody's got a hot date tonight!!" I heard a voice say behind me. I turned around to see Niall looking over my shoulder. I felt the blush creep up in my checks. "Niall you snoop!" I hit him playfully on his arm. "Ow!" he fake pouted. "With who?" Miley asked. "Well who else does she know over here! You goof!" Sarah said. " Oh wait you wouldn't know who we are talking about because last night when he brought Charlie back you were fast asleep on Harry.." Sarah teased and Miley's whole face turned red. "Awweh" Liam, Zayn, and Niall said, and at that Harry flushed a little red too. "Sorry Miles couldn't resist!" she said and answered, " She has a date with Louis." and then It was my turn to blush again...

The rest of the day we spent at the park playing and messing around. At about 4:30 we headed back to the house. When we got there it was 5, so I went and got cleaned up for my date with Louis.

A/N so hope you like the chapter.. I think the next one will be the boys POV of the day and ya. Where do think Louis will take her on there date?? Should I ship Sarah with anyone? Umm don't forget to comment, like, and favorite!! I will try and up date again next weekend. And sorry if the formatting is messed up. I updated from my IPod. Any way Much Love - Dawnie.xx :) 
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