I Don't Need Another Heartless Misery

Charlotte just graduated from high school, when her parents tell her she was adopted as a baby. According to her mom she has a twin brother, Harry, who lives with their aunt. What will happen when she travels across the country to meet her brother and aunt? Will she stay in the U.K. with them or move back home to South Carolina? Or maybe there is a special person?


6. Chapter 6- My Name is..

~Harry's POV~

It's been over an hour where could she be? I was getting more and more anxious and nervous. She doesn't know the town or anybody around here. I hope she isn't in trouble.. "Don't worry babe." Miley said, sitting down beside me. Did I just say my thoughts outloud.. "Yes." Sarah replied plainly. I need to stop that. Should I call her? "Ehh.. give it another few minutes," Miley said,"she is probably trying to figure out her way back without help... It is just how she is." She said assuringly.

~Charlie's POV~

I look at the boy in front of me waiting for a name. He was wearing a black t-shirt and dark blue washed skinny jeans with black converse and a purple beanie. " My name...My name is Louis." he finally said smiling. I let out a huge breath I had been holding in, due to the random stranger in front of me and placed a smile on my face. He laughed,"Sorry I didn't tell you sooner.. you probably thought I was a crazy loon!" He said realizing my reaction. "Yes, quite honestly I was a bit frightened." "Would you mind joining me for tea?" He motioned to the cafe we were standing in front of. "Sure, Why not, I don't want to go back to the house just yet..." I said and then added with a mumble," nor do I know the way back anyway.." "Well when your ready I can take you." He said holding the cafe door open for me.

~Louis' POV~

I'm so glad she decided to join me for tea, I wanted to get to know her better she seemed so sweet and not to mention gorgeous. No Louis.. Harry probably won't approve. Just then the waitress came up, she was short with auburn hair pulled in to a bun, probably in her late twenties. "Whatcha want loves?" "I will have some hot Yorkshire tea and.." I motioned to Charlotte to say want she wanted,"Sweet tea.. uhh cold..please?" she asked unsure. The waitress nodded and left. I laughed a little.. it was cute. "What?" she said with a blush creeping up to her cheeks. "O-" Just then her phone rang. She looked at it and set it back down but it keep going off. "Who is it?" I asked hoping I wasn't being too nibby. "Harry" she said. "Can I answer it.. it will be funny.." I said kind of singing it. "Yeah answer it!" she said with her mood changing as she giggled.

 Harry- Thank goodness Charlie I was worried sick! 

Me- (in a deep scary voice) You have exactly an hour to leave 5 grand under the park bench or the girl gets it. (trying not to laugh)

Harry- What! Is this a joke.... Wait a sec..Lou? Is that you? Why do you have Charlotte's phone?

Me- Calm down mate! I bumped into her.. literally. We are at Jonah's cafe.

Harry- Oh.. Okayy. When will she be back?

I gave the phone to Charlie.

Charlie- Hey Harry.... I don't know probably soon, sorry I ran out like that... no that's okay Louis said he will walk me back.. ok.. bye tell the girls I said hi, and sorry I had you worried.. bye love you!

When I was on the phone the waitress brought our tea, soo about 5 minutes after Charlie hung up we had finished our tea. She told me Harry said I played soccer, so we mainly talked about that.

Then, we left the cafe Harry lived.. ehh about fifteen-twenty minutes from here. As we walked we talked about random things. I found myself smiling uncontrolably alot. I think I may be smitten....

~Charlie POV~

He was so cute and nice. I think he was flirting with me.. I think I may like him even though I just met him, but I can't shake the memories of my last few relationships. I was constantly being played.. or used, and lied to.. and cheated on. My last relationships were heartless miserys. I hope that if something does happen between Louis and I its not like any of them..

We must have walked in silence for the last few minutes because when I looked up we were at the house. I took a deep breath and opened the door.


A/N Sooo.. why do you think she was adopted? What about Lou and Charlie? anyway hope you like it! It may be a while before I update again cause track practice starts this week and I have some FFA things to do... but I will update as soon as I can - Dawnie.xx :)



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