I Don't Need Another Heartless Misery

Charlotte just graduated from high school, when her parents tell her she was adopted as a baby. According to her mom she has a twin brother, Harry, who lives with their aunt. What will happen when she travels across the country to meet her brother and aunt? Will she stay in the U.K. with them or move back home to South Carolina? Or maybe there is a special person?


2. Chapter 2 - In London

I dosed off about seven hours into the flight. I woke up to the flight attendant over the intercom telling us that it was fifteen minutes 'til landing and that it is 10:15p.m. on June 7.  I looked to my right to see Sarah with her headphones in fighting sleep with her bleach blonde hair pulled on top of her head messily with the shorter strands starting to fall out of her bun. I then look to my left and see that Miley had her orange beats on blaring while looking out the window. I hit the button on the side of Miley's beats and pulled out one of Sarah's earphones. Sarah jumped at my action and then looked at me, as did Miley.  I told them we should be landing in about ten minutes. They both immediately started wrapping their head phones up and shoving them into their carry on, along with other little things that they pulled out along the flight.

  Once we got off the plane and got our luggage we looked around for a sign with a driver to take us where we need to be. I scan the crowd of signs for a bit until I see a tall middle-aged woman with medium length rich brown wavy hair holding a sign that said 'Charlotte James and Company'. I pointed the sign out to Miley and Sarah. We begin walking in that direction, with each step I take making me grow more nervous. We then made it to the woman and I stuck out my hand and said, "Hello, I'm Charlotte James." The woman basically attacks me into a hug.  Then after the lady got done hugging me tightly she gave Miley and Sarah a hug as well. 

Finally, the woman introduced herself at Kelly. I kind of figured it was her. I mean considering the hugging.  After a small chat of introduction, the three of us began to yawn. That is when Kelly informed us that she rented a hotel room here in London near by so we wouldn't have to go to Holmes Chapel tonight and just sleep now. She also said we would leave about ten tomorrow morning.

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