I Don't Need Another Heartless Misery

Charlotte just graduated from high school, when her parents tell her she was adopted as a baby. According to her mom she has a twin brother, Harry, who lives with their aunt. What will happen when she travels across the country to meet her brother and aunt? Will she stay in the U.K. with them or move back home to South Carolina? Or maybe there is a special person?


10. Chapter 10- Hysterics

~Miley's POV~ 
After Charlie and Louis went on their date we decided to watch a movie. We decided to watch 'Pitch Perfect'  and order some Chinese. I sat with Harry on the love seat and from left to right on the couch went Zayn, Niall, Sarah, and Liam. About 20 minutes later the door bell rang and it was the delivery guy. We got settled down and had most of our food gone when the door bell rang again. Sarah got up and went to get the door. I heard her scream. In reaction, we all jumped up to go see what was going on and saw her curled up against a wall in hysterics (like the extremely emotional tense of the word). She was blubbering and mumbling. Liam ran and sat down beside her asking her what's wrong and started making calm soothing noises to her. I turned my attention from her to look at what caused her to get in this state and saw a box sitting on the porch outside. It was wrapped in brown bag wrapping paper and tied with a rope string. Tucked under the rope string was an peach tulip and a small white card that simply said 'Buttercup' in a fancy print... "Impossible." I whispered. "What's wrong babe?" Harry asked. I turned around and saw very confused and worried faces. "I think I should call Charlie..."

(A/N) I know really short chapter but a filler ya know? Hope you like it and keep liking and favoriting.  Anyway sorry for the messed up format I updated from my iPod and yeah much love- Dawnie.xx :)
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