I Don't Need Another Heartless Misery

Charlotte just graduated from high school, when her parents tell her she was adopted as a baby. According to her mom she has a twin brother, Harry, who lives with their aunt. What will happen when she travels across the country to meet her brother and aunt? Will she stay in the U.K. with them or move back home to South Carolina? Or maybe there is a special person?


1. Chapter 1

 Hello, My name is Charlotte James. I'm 18 years old and just graduated from high school last week. Last night my mom told me some... at the least to say.. life changing news. She told me I was adopted when I was a few months old. Yeah, but thats not all.. I also have a twin brother! Like really!? Why did she not tell me sooner? To add to all this I'm going to spend the summer with him and our aunt. Which, I am excited about, but the thing is they live in freaking England and I am leaving tomorrow! I asked about my birth parents and everything, but my mom just kept telling me to go pack and that Kelly, my aunt, will tell me all the details when I get there.

Soo, now I'm sitting in my room with a million emotions running through my head while throwing my clothes and other necessities into suitcases, when there is a knock on my door. I yell come in and in pops my two bestfriends, Miley and Sarah. They both walk over to me with a michevious looks on their face and then Miley yells,"Get the long ass look of your face your going to England!," and then Sarah pipes in and yells," with your two bestfriends!!" At that moment a huge smile plastered my face.

** The Next Morning **


I woke up to my iHome alarm going off and the time saying 5:57a.m. I quickly turned it off and went to hop in the shower. After I got my shower, I grab my light gray underarmor sweats and slid them on, pulling my old blue soccer team shirt on with it that said 'The Real Football Players' on the front over a soccer ball pattern and then had 'James' and my number, 16, right below it on the back. Then, I quickly grabbed what was left of my toiletries and threw them in my suitcase and closed it. I dagged my two big suitcases down the steps, then ran back up to my room and picked up my very full carry ons. As I walked by the tall mirror in the hallway, I took a quick look at myself. My rich curly brown hair came down to my mid-back and my bright blue eyes were brought by my shirt and the little bit of mascara  and eyeliner I added right after my shower. I wasn't the smallest girl, but I was very toned from playing soccer almost all year-round.

My thoughts then wandered to thinking about how much me and Harry actually look alike and other things we may have in common.

"Charlie!! We need to go!" my mom yelled at me from downstairs. I quickly ran down and handed her the bags in my hand and then locked the door and followed her out to car. As she put my bags in the trunk I climbed in and pulled out my white IPhone 5. I looked at the time to see it was fifteen after seven. Just as I was about to dial her number I got a call from Miley:

Me- Heyy!

Miles- Hey! When are you coming to get me?

Me - in about 15 minutes

Miles- okayyy.. I'll be waiting, Bye! Love you!

Me- bye! Love ya too!

Right after I hung up my mom climbed in and started the car. The radio came on and was playing 'Little Talks' by Monsters and Men. I started singing along, I was always singing exspecially in the car to the radio.

After we got Miley, I called Sarah and told her we would be there in five and then hung up.

We got to the airport just before eight, so we went and had some pancakes at the little cafe in the airport. It was twenty after eight when we got done eating, so we went and checked in or bags and all that airport stuff. At fifteen 'til we boarded the plane after saying goodbye to my mom and waited for our flight to take off.


A/N Heyy! this is my first fanfic, so please give me feedback i would love here what you have to say! Thanks.xx




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