Kidnapping world leaders and all adults put into in slavery, what more could you want?! A teenage boy grows to hate all adults and decides that the way they are running things is all wrong. He tries to take over with the worlds teens at his side.


7. Chapter 7

On The Jet to England

"Okay, Lucio, check-list please."

"Wow, Charity, did you say please or am I hearing things?" Lucio said in awe.

" Lucio, understand this. I am a thief. I steal things. As in I will steal your lungs and see if you can survive without them if you don't get serious. I am about to put my life on the line here, and you are testing my patience. Check-list."

If she was being honest, Charity was scared but she would not admit it. Not being able to sleep was one thing but she could not accept the fact that she was afraid of a twelve year old girl. Even when telling herself this, her eyes still watered but she would not cry.

Lucio held his hands up, "Fine, I don't plan on dying this young. Okay, code-cracker."


"Laser beam visualizer spray."


In another ten minutes, they had finished and found that everything was in order. Charity was hoping that they had missed something to buy some time. 

"Charity, how are you going to take all these things through British cust-" 

He was interrupted by the plane starting to shudder and jolt. Lucio and Charity both fell to the left as the plane started to tilt. Lucio crashed into the wall head first and his body came after him. Charity twisted her body while mid air and grabbed a chair. Her feet gracefully landed on the wall. Slowly, she lowered herself into a crouching position and looked out of the window. She was horrified at what she saw. The plane's wing was on fire and rapidly falling apart. 

"He told her. That senseless jerk told Lara we were coming!" Charity screamed with anger radiating off of her.

"Calm down! We just need to get off of the plane and fast. Accidents happen all the time when flying."

"I don't think you understand. That evil little brat is trying to blow us up. The game has already begun." 

Charity carefully stood up, pressed herself against the overhead lockers then reached for her parachute. She strapped it on herself and grabbed the bag full of equipment. 

"Um, where are the other parachutes? " Lucio started to hyperventilate.

"I only brought one," she said calmly as she crawled over to the exit.

"What?! Are you just going to leave me here?"

"I'm too pretty to die," she shrugged and with that she jumped out of the plane, leaving Lucio to plummet to his death.


Charity started to twist and turn. She couldn't sleep. All she could imagine was Lucio screaming her name as she fell to the ground. She refused to feel regretful, if Lucio wasn't prepared for Lara then that was not her problem.  This was a game of survival and it was everybody for themselves. If he wasn't smart enough to realize that all planes provided by Smith and Sons came with more parachutes than it had seats, then he wasn't the guy she thought he was. Research and attention to detail was what kept to alive in their line of 'work'. She wasn't willing to die for someone who could get killed so easily.


Lucio woke up. The day earlier had been so stressful.

After searching the plane, he found two extra parachutes.  Unfortunately, one of them was ripped. He had to choose between his own life and the pilot. The right decision would have been to give the pilot the good parachute and let him live, but Lucio had never been one to make the right decisions.

He knew that this time it was different. The memory would forever haunt him. He watched as the plane shatter like glass and its fragments make its way to the bottom of the River Thames. He had never felt like this before. The image stayed in his mind and a pain in the pit of his stomach. This was guilt.

He tried to move but his leg wound opened up again and he tripped. Lucio shut his eyes. It was going to be a long journey.


London, England

While Lara's father was off showing the government his new weapon plans, she was busy sketching her own. A weapon was needed for the Revolution if they were to be taken seriously and nuclear was the way to go.

She had already started planning because she knew that Charity would pass the test because Caleb had chosen her as a comrade. Charity may have been unpredictable but she was smart and that was all Lara needed to know. Although she was at the mere age of twelve, she was very wise. Lara didn't trust her and would never underestimate her, but she would still work with her.

From an early age she understood that trust was overrated. To trust was to make yourself vulnerable and whatever happens, your vulnerability will be your demise. It did not matter the persons intention, they would hurt you. It could be death or betrayal, either way you are weakened. The strongest of people stood alone.

Lara's laptop started to ring. She turned around in her swivel chair and picked up the Skype 3-D call. A hologram of Caleb's head appeared above her laptop and she smiled. "I haven't seen your face in a while."

"You're twelve. Any period of time seems long to you," he chuckled.

She glowered at him. "I am thirteen in a week I'll have you know!"

"Right. That totally makes a difference," he muttered under his breath.

 She turned back and started to sketch again, trying to ignore Caleb's last comment.  Lara sighed, "Stop procrastinating, why are you calling me? You know I will tell you when I finish the project and right now you are disturbing me."

"Okay, first of all, respect your elders." She rolled her eyes. "Secondly, I wanted to know how Charity and Lucio are doing."

Her eyebrow rose. "Being grounded is really getting to you huh?"


Lara cut him off. "Rhetorical question. Right, lets get down to business. Charity is fine. More than fine in fact. After she got to central London, she disappeared off of my radar for approximately twelve minutes and fifty six seconds. The next thing I knew, she had a lot of money on her and was checking into a five-star hotel. None of her bank accounts were used and there were no reports of such a large amount of money stolen. She is currently getting closer and closer to my location"

"A thief to the core," he shook his head. "And Luc?"

 "Hmm," Lara turned back to look at him.

Caleb stared at he with a blank expression on his face, "What?"

"He escaped the plane after Charity abandoned him on it. He obviously hasn't been parachuting before, or his knee would not have hit the ground first. Lucio got a pretty bad cut from it too. The idiot still hasn't disinfected it yet. He doesn't seem to know where he is going."

 "Bring him in."

Lara's nose flared, "I may owe you a favour Caleb but understand this. I am not a damn babysitter for those....Those children you call a team."

"You are the youngest of them all, I don't think you have a right to go calling them anything. It would be hypocritical. Just bring him in and stop with the immaturity," he frowned, his face darkening quickly.

A look of fear crossed Lara's face but she was fast to correct it. "I will do as you ask, but do not ever put me in the same box as those people." 

Caleb and Lara's eyes locked. "Goodbye Caleb." Lara cut the call and stood up. She was no longer in the mood to design.

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