Kidnapping world leaders and all adults put into in slavery, what more could you want?! A teenage boy grows to hate all adults and decides that the way they are running things is all wrong. He tries to take over with the worlds teens at his side.


6. Chapter 6

The only thing we have to fear

is fear itself

{Franklin D. Roosevelt}



Inside Revolution

"Okay, I need to ask. How exactly are you training all of these people if we are in a video game?" Charity inquired.

"Well you obviously haven't trained yet have you?" Caleb glanced at her.

"Oh, I'm sorry but something else was occupying my time," she glared at him.

"Anyone in the combat section has the glasses. This means that the game is literally all around them. Think of it like a Nintendo Wii. You are told to clear a space around you and you are fighting by yourself. Most teens have set up clubs to practice with each other when not online to test out their moves."

Charity nodded and they continued to watch the fights.



Caleb's avatar was already seated at the wooden round table when Charity and Lucio entered. Lucio grinned as he sat down, "I feel like a knight as this round table."

Charity shook her head, "That isn't funny, don't say idiotic things."

He stuck his tongue out at her. "Stop acting like children. We are here so we can move into phase 3," Caleb said, clearly irritated.

They both stopped what they were doing and turned to look at him. Caleb handed them both maps with an x circled in red.

"Ooh, England!," Charity gave Lucio a sinister smile. "London too. Please say we're going. That would just make my day".

"It's necessary,"  he stated. Charity didn't even attempt to hold in her laughter.

Little beads of sweat started to make their way down Lucio's forehead. "London?!" He spoke at an unusually high pitch for someone of the male gender.

Caleb studied him. He was fidgety and shaking slightly. The sweat increased showing that he was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable. The rate of his blinking had increased and his azure eyes were darting around the room.

"Lucio," Caleb smiled. "Is there anything you want to tell me?"

"Um....I have to go," he looked at the floor and signed out of Revolution.

Caleb burst out laughing and Charity smirked. "He doesn't know that you told me does he?"

"Hey, I never made any promises not to." She shrugged.

They both stayed silent for a few minutes. Charity stared at the map for a while before realizing. They were going to kidnap Lara Shay. She groaned. Lara was like a mini female version of Caleb, she liked to test people. The only way they could even get close to her was by passing the bomb test. It was an obstacle course to see if you were worthy of her services. All that had tried had failed to complete it. There were two ways to end the game. Win or die. She was hoping to leave her till last, but obviously there was no option. She was the most troublesome pre-teen Charity had had ever had the displeasure of meeting.

"Remind me why we need Lara again?"

"How do you think we would be able to take over the world without a weapon that everyone is afraid of? They won't take us seriously."

"You are not an evil villain Caleb. Don't put it like that." Charity sighed.

"Fine, lets say making the world a better place," he smiled. His smile left as quickly as it came and his face darkened. "My way."

Charity huffed. "Fine, but you're doing the test."

Caleb's laugh echoed through the room. "I think you've forgotten one important detail Charity."

Charity looked up from the map and stared at him. I bet this is the part where I somehow end up agreeing to doing this instead of him and regretting it later, she thought. "What is it? Spit it out!"

"Oh, just that I am grounded and Lucio would die in the first two seconds of taking the test. You are the only one left, so good luck with that." He shook his head sympathetically.

Her eyes narrowed and she started to shake slightly. "I don't care how close we are, but if you ever make me do something like this again, I will slap you so hard you get amnesia. If I survive! Do I make myself clear?" By this time she had stood up and grabbed his avatar by the neck and slammed him into the wall.

Caleb's avatar appeared again, "So violent." He muttered.

"I heard that. Don't think that just because you are in another country that you're safe," she scowled.




Charity rolled her eyes and opened her huge travel bag, "What do you want Luc?"

"Number one, don't call me that and number two, why the hell am I in your bag?"

"Well, you were so frightened about going into England that I thought that I could sneak you in. It was easy to fit you in because you were sleeping and I had full control of your body"

Lucio looked at her in disbelief. For a smart person she was so dumb. Airports are able to see inside your bags and when he impersonated the Pope he was in a disguise. The only reason he was nervous was in case they got caught. If the police managed to get a hold of his real fingerprints it would ruin him. What he didn't understand was how she managed to get him inside something so small, he was 5"11!

 "Um, hello. Earth to Luc," Charity waved her hand in front of him. "Are you comfortable in there, because you are still in my suitcase?" She said as she held in a giggle.

He struggled to get out and fell on the floor,Charity had to stop herself from laughing.

What a way to wake up, he thought to himself.

A/N I'm going to try to make my chapters longer but for now this will just have to do.

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