Kidnapping world leaders and all adults put into in slavery, what more could you want?! A teenage boy grows to hate all adults and decides that the way they are running things is all wrong. He tries to take over with the worlds teens at his side.


4. Chapter 4

The bonds of friendship dwindle with age...

But a little blackmail last forever



{Stephen Hunt}




A cool breeze licked Charity's face as she walked. The cool weather of Switzerland made her fingers numb and it annoyed her. "This is why black people live in Africa", she muttered. 

Caleb had instructed her to steal Demetrius' money in a day. It is practically impossible, she thought to herself. Practically.

Demetrius had owned Ingenious Industries, the rival company of the ODF. He was an illegal drug lord on the side and everybody knew it.  It was just that no one had any proof to catch him. Just another greedy billionaire. This meant that most of his money wasn't in his main bank accounts.

Everyone knew that when you wanted a good heist, you needed a Swiss bank account. This is why it was a bad idea. Everybody knew. The best of the best understood that you went for somewhere more remote and untraceable, maybe even dangerous, Vanuatu maybe. Its not an obvious place if you haven't heard of it.

Charity entered the  run down building where she saw who she was looking for. "Lucio Fabiano, long time no see." Her lips curled into a thin smile, one that even a naive child could not mistake as being genuine. Charity had two completely different personalities. Which one you saw was depending on who you were.

"Not long enough", Lucio glared at her. "Where is Caleb?"

"Not here", she said, as if was the most obvious thing in the world.

He sighed, "Then why am I here. You must be up to something because you are not exactly the most welcoming of people. I know for a fact you don't like me and quite frankly the feeling is mutual."

"I need your help, but make no mistake, I don't want it,"

Lucio scowled, "This was a waste of my time. We both know the answer." He turned to leave.

"I'm sorry, maybe I didn't make this clear enough for your pathetic little brain to understand. I am not asking for your help, I'm getting it." She had an icy tone to her voice. "You don't want me to tell the Italian government that you were the one who impersonated the Pope in England do you? They were greatly disrespected when you assaulted the Queen. The real former Pope is in jail because of you."

He gulped and a sickeningly sweet smile crept up on Charity's face. "That's a good boy", she whispered in his ear and patted him on the head like a dog.

"Fine, what do you need me to do?" he growled through his gritted teeth.



Charity looked herself in the mirror. Curly blond hair, blue eyes, a Gucci women's suit from the 2011 autumn collection and pale skin. She didn't even look black anymore. Wow, this boy works fast. He was good, really good, not that Charity would admit it.

She wanted to check out the bank in which the money was being held. Of course she couldn't do it looking like herself because there would be too much at risk. She called Lucio to Switzerland because she had seen his work before, you could be anyone with him at your side. Anyone, literally. It didn't matter about the height or weight, he could do it.  She wanted nothing less then perfection and he exceeded her expectations. The only other person to ever do that was Caleb when he hacked into the MI6 database and left no trace.

"Ok then, don't panic, you'll be fine," she told herself. This was her biggest heist yet and she was already in hysterics. She stared at herself for a few more seconds and left the bathroom.

Lucio was packing away his equipment when she came into the room, "Wow, you look like a rich woman, almost wouldn't believe you were a petty thief."

"Whatever", she said rolling her eyes at him.



Back in the US, the news had already spread about the new online game 'Revolution'. By 8 in the morning it already had 6 million gamers. Considering it was launched at 3, it was quite an achievement. Unfortunately, it could only scan the users with a camera on the computer or laptop but Caleb didn't let that slow his plans down.

Caleb attached the camera to his computer and opened up the game. He put on his pair of blacked out glasses and began. At 12 noon the glasses would be available in every gaming store. He had connections all around the world so he could make it happen on such short notice. The glasses were so you would have the full effect of the game. You would feel as if you were truly in the virtual world. Little headphones were connected to the ends of it so you could hear what others were saying.

When Caleb entered Revolution, he landed in the White House. He strolled outside and looked at the crowds who all cheered when they saw him. They were already addicted. There were different sections. Combat, hacking, theft and weapon making. Little did they know that they were actually being trained for a war.

Caleb spoke to them, "You claim to love this, you wish that this world was real. What if I said to you that this could become reality?"

The crowd went wild, chanting his name and Caleb smirked. Everything was going according to plan.



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