Kidnapping world leaders and all adults put into in slavery, what more could you want?! A teenage boy grows to hate all adults and decides that the way they are running things is all wrong. He tries to take over with the worlds teens at his side.


3. Chapter 3

 A leader is one who knows the way,

goes the way, and shows the way.



{John C. Maxwell}

Computers ran in Caleb's family. It was just something they were all good at. That was how his parents met, when his father's company took over his mother's. Of course they weren't working for the ODF at the time. He couldn't imagine his mother building weapons.

Caleb launched his new virtual world online. Phase one was complete. There were 10 phases to his plan.

Phase 1: Create a virtual world that only people under the age of 19 could get into.

He had been planning this for over 3 years. He knew this day would come.

Caleb had done something to the software that enabled all cameras to scan themselves into the game. They could change their looks but the scan was just to verify your body's age. It was like a model of how he wanted the world to be. Teens in charge. He had created the perfect world to get the masses to help him in the Revolution. Not even he could hack into the site, even though he was the one who created it.

Since he was twelve he had been collecting contacts of who he deemed worthy of working with him.The only ones who could help him pull it off.  This is how he came about his team. They each had their own special talents. He looked though their profiles to see who he would need for phase 2.

Name: Micheal Danshov

Nationality: Russian

Age: 17yrs

Skill Set: Genetic Science


Name: Suzuki Tochigi

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 19yrs 

Skill Set: Martial Arts


Name: Lara Shay

Nationality: British

Age: 12yrs 

Skill Set: Bomb Engineering


Name: Charity Adelaja

Nationality: Nigerian

Age: 16yrs 

Skill Set: Theft


Name: Lucio Fabiano

Nationality: Italian

Age: 19yrs

Skill Set: Disguises


For a second time that day, Caleb called Charity Adelaja.

He met her on the day of his mother’s funeral in Lagos, Nigeria. Only people from her side of the family had come, not even his father turned up. Caleb had felt uncomfortable talking to any of them, and went off on his own for a few hours. He saw the security of a bank panicking at the fact that they had not seen anyone stealing all of the money in the vault. Then he noticed a young girl his age trying to cover up something in the sand, around the corner from the bank. She had buried the money to come and take back later. Smart girl he thought to himself. The bank would be searching anyone close by. If she could do that at eleven then what would she be able to do in a few years time? They became good friends and she helped him through the stage of mourning.

She was the only one who ever understood him. His only weakness.


"Hey, did you notify the crew?" Caleb asked her.

"Yeah, they're all ready when you need them. Are you sure you want to do this? You still have time to back out".

"You know I didn't want to do this, but it has to happen. They have been destroying this world for too long". They both went silent.

"Who is the first one you need. I'm thinking Suzuki's team for the kidnapping of the world leader's?"

"Shouldn't get ahead of ourselves now should we? That's Phase 4. Now for Phase 2, that's what I need you for".

"You are kidding right?" she wasn't asking a question but telling him what he meant.

"I need to use your skills", he begged.

"Fine, what do you want", she said giving in easily.

"I need you to steal  money from Demetrius Gomes ."

"Wait, wait, wait. Let me get this straight. You want me to steal money from a billionaire and risk going to jail for life, just for your little plan?", she questioned him.

"That's why you are part of this team, you're resourceful enough to find a way to do it without any complications."

She didn't say anything. Caleb waited for her to comment on what he had just said.

" You know we are probably going to get done for this, right?"

"Just do your job Charity; I expect the money by midnight tomorrow", Caleb ignored her comment.

"No, that's imposs-", she started to say but he had already cut off.

She threw her phone at the wall and it shattered like glass. Charity found the sim card then placed it in her seventh phone that week. 

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