Kidnapping world leaders and all adults put into in slavery, what more could you want?! A teenage boy grows to hate all adults and decides that the way they are running things is all wrong. He tries to take over with the worlds teens at his side.


2. Chapter 2

Strike 3

Every true, eternal problem is an equally true,

eternal fault; every answer an atonement, every

realization an improvement


{Otto Weininger}



The stars shimmered faintly in the sky as Caleb walked into his building. Such a rare sight, considering the amount of light pollution in the city. You usually had to go down into the countryside to see that kind of view, he thought.

"Hey Jack, how's the wife?", Caleb stopped to chat to the building manager.

Jack Newman's wife had broken down when their child was murdered; he was surprised that he still came to work.

"Much better Mr Callas, up and about as usual", he smiled but Caleb could still see the pain in his eyes.

Caleb returned the smile and made his way into the lift. He stayed on the bottom floor for some minutes as he couldn't find his pass to get into his apartment. When he finally slotted it in and the lift moved, what he found upstairs alarmed him.

In the living room were his father and a woman who was at least seven months pregnant laying on the sofa.

He cleared his throat and they turned around, "I'm guessing this is your new wife then?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"Yes, isn't she lovely?" his father grinned like a little boy, but you could tell that he was quite uncomfortable with the situation.

"Hello", she said, barely a whisper.

A few seconds passed in silence and Caleb burst out in a fit laughter. Ethan was perplexed at his son's attitude. "Oh my, well hasn't someone been very bad", his voice was laced with bitterness. "You are only marrying this woman because you got her pregnant and you had the audacity to try and say that it was all for me! Well at least you are trying to take responsibility over one of your children. Lord knows you didn't look after me." Her eyes glazed over and she was on the verge of tears.

"Caleb! Apologize this instant." His father stared at him with steely eyes.

He matched his father’s look. "Fine", Ethan seemed relieved for a second. Caleb walked over the rug to the other side of the sofa and spoke. "I am really and truly sorry." His father was very pleased at the fact that he could control his son. But Caleb being Caleb, he wasn't done just yet. "I am sorry that you are marrying a man who doesn't love you and is thinking that doing this will fix past his mistakes. I am sorry that your child has the same genes as this man, but most of all I am sorry that they have to grow up with such a worthless father."

A slap whipped across Caleb's face with a sound resembling thunder.

Caleb's eyes were filled with hate. He turned around and walked silently to his room. It took a lot to make him speechless and his father did just that.

As he shut the door to his room, Caleb dumped his bag on the floor. He sat down on his bed with his head cupped in his hands and sighed deeply. Some minutes later, his father stormed in after reassuring his wife that he loved her.


Caleb didn't move an inch. He played dumb but he knew what his dad meant.

"Hand over your pass to the building, I'm grounding you".

"You're kidding right? I have things to do!"

Caleb had a quick temper just like his father.

"Well, you have no excuse. I provide the food and you have no school. Why do you need to go outside? Now hand it over before I have to take it."

He pulled out his pass from his coat pocket and chucked it at Ethan who caught it with ease. His father left for his bedroom, Caleb ran his hand across his head and a single tear slid down his olive coloured cheek.


It was 1am and Caleb still laid awake. He wasn't the kind of person who watched a lot of TV but he needed something to distract himself. The first channel he came across was a British news channel and he saw that they were talking about the ODF so he turned up the volume.

"....and they have been building weapons to bomb Europe. Saying they were computer scientists was a cover up for building their nuclear bombs. It is official. War has been declared, I repeat war has been declared against the US."

This is going to be WW3. This shouldn't be happening. It's the last straw, Caleb thought to himself.

He picked up the phone and dialed, waiting for an answer.

"Uh, do you know what time it is?" a groggy voice said.

"It's time Charity. It's time".

"No, this can't be. Are you serious?" she said, suddenly sounding very alert.

"It's time to start The Revolution".

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