Cold. Chilling, bone-aching, heart-stopping cold. That’s all there is; that’s all you know.

Awake and enter a world where all is icy and unknown; where you are severely injured and trapped in a frosty imprisonment, and every sort of memory is in oblivion, even your own name. That’s what happens when a young man awakens, you, in a hyperborean prison, every condition met as stated. It seems futile, trying to survive in the arctic room, as unprepared as you are; hypothermia is inevitable. But, you can’t give up, not after the vision you had of that beautiful girl, when you had succombed to the pain and fatigue. Though you didn’t know her in your mind, your heart seems to recognize her as someone very precious to you. For her sake, you can’t die, you can’t give in to the pain and the cold, which sits idly by, waiting to strike the moment you let your guard down. You will escape, you will remember, and you will find that girl and figure out how you ended up in the icy clutches of this hell

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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