Life with One Direction

Just on tour with your five best friends. When one of them wants to be more! Read this if you want to find out more(:


2. will you go out with me?

Lucy's POV.
Omg. He likes me. Out of all people in this world, he likes me. I'm not complaining though because I kinda like him.
"eh I don't know what to say." I tell him. "I'm sorry. I mean I didn't mean to like you it just sorta happened." Louis says looking sad. "no louis it's okay. I'm actually kinda happy because I like you too." I say. Then I see a smile grow on his face. "you do?" he asks, either relieved or surprised I'm not sure. "yeah I do." I say. "oh in that case will you Lucy Jane Smith go on a date with me?" he asks hopefully. "Of course I will boobear!" I reply.

A/N sorry for not telling yah her full name I'm sucha dope! Anyways please tell me if yah like it cus I have no clue:L I'm gonna update tomoz anyways(;
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